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Oops. Actually, looking at it, oops was pretty much the theme of this week. This story by Alex Thompson published on Gapers Block's Book Club contains a Brontë reference: It was a night of this type of dreaming. Holly Golightly leaned suavely beside Jane Austen's Emma and a tortured Brontë character. Katniss Everdeen snacked on a raspberry parfait and reminded me to have a good time and not "think of all the people dying for your entertainment. " Only Patrick Bateman seemed unnecessary, populated as the night was by smiling men in suits passing out business cards. The Telegraph interviews the actress Jessica Brown Findlay: “The gothic side of Jamaica Inn excited me. I’ve always loved things like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre where you see the darkness of how people react in really forbidding landscapes,” she says. “There is an incestuousness to the story. Joss wants to protect her deep down, but he’s also a sexual threat. If you were going on a long trip, what would you say to your family and friends before you left? If you knew that you were going to see someone for the last time, what would you say to them? When your children moved away from home, what did you say to them? In each case you probably gave them some instructions of words of advice. This passage is part of the final instructions that Jesus gave to the disciples the night before he was crucified. It follows the passage about the vine and the branches, but it goes even further. Instead of talking about abiding in each other or loving each other, it talks about serving each other, which goes hand in hand with loving each other. Jesus knew that the disciples would not find love in the world. He knew that the world would largely hate them and his message. In fact, the world still hates his message today. You only have to remember the recent controversy involving the student who went to school wearing a T-shirt with the message “Life is empty without Jesus” printed on it to see that this is true.

Nevertheless, we, like the disciples, are called to love each other and our fellow man in spite of opposition.

When we love each other, we will experience the joy of obeying God. When we love one another, we also allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and grow in us. How it grows will depend on our connection to each other, to God and to his church. Unfortunately, it is not available online without a subscription, so I will quote where needed. The citations are at the bottom of this post. Eastell then wrote to P&G statistician Ian Barton, "I think that to avoid criticism in the future it would be good if we could say that we had done the analyses independently. " However, Mike Manhart, director of clinical development at P&G, did not agree, saying that letting the academics do an independent analysis would mean that "industry loses the opportunity to demonstrate its ability to be a true partner in scientific endeavors. Relationship of Early Changes in Bone Resorption to the Reduction in Fracture Risk With Risedronate. More and more black womyn have been embracing their natural hair and the result has been a mishmash of stories, both good and bad. The conversation always seems to get really politicized. how we choose to wear our hair is seen as a reflection of our beliefs and politics rather than just a personal choice that is ours and ours alone. Two black male occupants fled from the vehicle.

As of press time, the other person who fled from the van had not been caught.

". I love all kinds of animals but I am especially fond of cats.

There are cats and dogs in many of my books.

You may have also noticed a white dog in my stories. Our beloved Tock, a white Samoyed, was the inspiration. Desolate Brand NameA deserted brand rested on the counter. Alone, it could not move about. There was no heart-to-heart, no clatterNot even gossip to weight it down with guilt. The brand became genericOf its own accord. A brand name, insignificantWith no one to call out to it.

The night grew into the severest ebonyIt had ever know—Failing to see beyond the room,Beyond any hope—It sought its own demise,But remained helpless on the counter.

WITH LOVEV. The tools of the trade for crafters: buttons, and pom-poms, and chenille stems—oh, my! One of the editors at my magazine is in charge of all the "crafty" stories, and I raided her well-stocked cubicle for these shots. Our amigo, Juan Calypso, over at Viva Veracruz, has donned his Beelzebub outfit. So far, he has not tempted me with "all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. He is in Las Vegas. And one of his first stops was Fry's Electronics. He described, in almost sensual detail, the joy of walking the aisles of one of the best electronic stores in the United States. I hope to follow in his footsteps next month in Oregon. Jeg planlegger for årets prosjekt på terrassen. Jeg er ikke særlig begeistret for sommerblomster, balkongkassene ble skrudd ned forrige vår og skal IKKE opp igjen. Ikke hadde jeg noen andre potter der heller, bortsett fra de to ved peisen som jeg satt Margeritter i. Men det ble jo like vel noen potter rundt i hagen gjennom sesongen. Jeg oppdaget GRESS! Aldri hadde jeg trodd jeg skulle falle for gress, jeg som fjerner mere og mere plen rundt huset, men i potter, der passer de godt.

Og hvem vet, kanskje det like vel blir en eller annen blomst i tilegg.

Look like new. Never been used. Very rare. Ok friends, I've got another batch of messy pouches in the shop HERE. Each pouch is hand painted, made from canvas and one of a kind. I should have another batch in the week or two. javascript:document.


I'm joining Marty's Table Top Tuesday and on my table top is part of my collection of Le Cruset and Descoware. It's also on my stove top, on my granite counter top and on my butcher block too! It cooks like a dream and looks lovely on the table. I love, love, love it!! I think that Descoware came first. It was a favorite of Julia Child and as you know by now, Julia Child will always be a favorite of mine! I have been collecting pieces of both Le Cruset and Descoware since before I was married. I taught myself how to cook using The Joy of Cooking and Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes I & II. I have a Le Cruset cookbook and I have made all of the recipes in it too. My Le Cruset dutch ovens have been used often and are well loved. My first attempt at Boeuf Bourguignon was made in that big dutch oven. Descoware has some very cute oval casseroles. I don't think that Descoware has been made for a very long time, but I don't care, I still love it!!This little one is my favorite. It's sitting on top of my treasured Julia cookbooks. Love it. I found these photos last night too. I bought it and immediately showed up at Pro Circuit for some suspension work, pipe & silencer, bars and whatever else I could talk them out of. I rolled it in the shop and Mitch says where the hell did you get that, we don't even have team bikes yet? So the deal was made to leave it for them to fit a bunch team race goodies, this is how it came back to me. Minus the Ti it was pretty much a full blown race set up, built motor, full suspension work, frame painted, the whole deal. Although it wasn't the fastest bike they ever built for me it handled the best for sure. - Photo. Should you gently sift through your memories of early summer, you might recall some talk about a politician and his affair with a woman from South America. Coward's particular wit and style beaming into homes across the land of Eisenhower and Donna Reed. Reed's television show didn't premiere until a few years later, let's not quibble over insignificant details, my darlings. Everyone knew he was a confirmed bachelor, and he certainly appeared to be very close to several male friends. Good morning,I think it's a well known fact that I love a good entrance hall. and this wonderful space, from the LA designer Windsor Smith, in the new House Beautiful is a new favourite. Great elegance. Beautiful, simple colours. Dramatic architecture. And a lantern!- “I’m a traditionalist at heart, and this is my David Adler foyer,” says Windsor Smith, who chose statuary marble and Bateig Blue limestone for the floor. The Entry Round Settee, from Windsor Smith Home, is upholstered in a Rogers & Goffigon silk.

We won't worry about all'a that now, though.

Here she is in all her glory, as her creator intended. Pattern These Patterns are also available:If Aunts Were Flowers. If Sisters Were Flowers. If Grandmas Were Flowers. If Teachers Were Flowers. Here's another card that I made last week for Verve's latest release - seriously LOVING these new sets! This one uses a super cool, fun, hip set called Relax. I can almost hear the happy sound of waves tumbling toward my favorite sandy beach! The palm tree leaves are paper pieced and the trunks are colored with Copics. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mint is very popular in the Middle Eastern cuisine. The mint tea is as refreshing as the pesto. It is use to flavor the non-veg stews and as garnish to couscous or tabouli. Mint Pesto is a raw sauce, to Indians it is familiar as a chutney. A little goes a long way. Today yet another delicious dip for the Arab Meze serial is here. Remove to a serving bowl and place it along with the other items on your Arab Meze menu. Yet another dip is ready to enjoy in just about a whiz!. He belongs somewhere in between I think, exactly where I'm not sure. He's been presumed to have the most talent, yet he hasn't run the figs to validate that. He seems to have a long way to go mentally, and he has only one more race with which to get there. .