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As some of you know, I have a long term interest in medieval cooking. One feature of that cooking is the absence of chemical leavening, our familiar baking powder and baking soda. Or so I would have said a year ago. I have been trying for some time to figure out what it was. In a recipe for a leavened fritter, al-Warraq writes: "If there was not enough yeast in the batter, wait until it ferments well. Baker's borax was used by bakers to make bread shiny. One of the best things about blogging is the great questions people ask. BEFORE When we purchased our house, there was a metal slider window in the upstairs hallway. AFTER A picture window with lights that match the other windows is now in its place. BEFORE A two-over-two double-hung was in the downstairs bath. BEFORE Another two-over-two double-hung was in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Here is Darryn installing the replacement sash and the trim.

AFTER BEFORE Yet another two-over-two double-hung, found in the master bathroom.

Here is Nate installing the replacement sash and trim. Notice the matching window on the other side of the room. m. This just gave us time to zoom in the camera and capture this moment a few minutes later. She did looked tired, and she had certainly led us to quite a few false alarms over the last few days. But in daylight they are a deep reddish colour. Last week we noted the shutdown of PharmaLot, a journalistic blog edited by Ed Silverman that was one of the few that reported fearlessly on the pharmaceutical industry, warts and all. The drug, Fasudil, is manufactured by Ashai Kasei Pharma Corp of Japan for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, an often fatal disease of the lung arteries. via. Happy Birthday Scott!Hope all is well at the Wayside Ranch in KS. Unmanned and unlit. USCG photoThe U. S. The vessel was first sighted more than a week ago in Canadian waters. The Ryou-Un Maru has been drifting unmanned and unlit at sea presumably since Japan's massive tsunami more than a year ago, the Coast Guard says. The Coast Guard has dropped a data marker buoy near the vessel to track its location, and a cutter is heading out to assess the situation. The museum immediately proved popular, and new additions were acquired. Sorry. It's ranting Wednesday, instead. So I went to the Air Force Base this morning. Yeah, RIGHT. Assholes. What I didn't know is that my blood pressure is so high that not only did I wind up on BP medication, but the doc is sending me to an optometrist to make sure my eyes haven't sprung any leaks. ” Love & War: Faced with an unacceptable prospect, the GOP has a simple solution: Change the rules. A week or so before the convention, Republican rules can be changed by the delegates by a simple vote, one which would allow many/most them to vote for whomever they wish, particularly if they no longer wished to vote for Donald Trump. Sounds crooked? Ha, not nearly as much so as the Democrats and their Father-Knows-Best superdelegates. Once Upon A Time In The West: Voter suppression in Phoenix was apparently intentional and we know who benefited from the lower turnout. Gotta Go: Within the structure of the TTIP, the US insists that the EU's Precautionary Principle must abandoned. The principle is enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon – the foundation document of the entire EU project – and holds that whenever there is even the possibility that a policy or action could harm humans or damage the environment, that policy or action is prohibited. Bunch'a tree huggers. All Due Deliberation: Every analysis of American political history strongly suggests that rational deliberation has little to do with the political process. Thank you for all the kind messages of support.

I am visiting Ben this weekend and will pass them on.

It will be called ReleaseBen. I am working with 'Jailhouselawywer' and as soon as we have the link it will be posted here. Watch this space!. V. This week's web chatter. Via Ravengrim, we find that one of the world's newest democracies has gone all bonkers. It’s a new year. So if you cultivate or harvest, manufacture, supply or distribute tobacco and tobacco products, you’ll be jailed for at least three years and up to five years.

If you possess tobacco, and if you can’t prove that you’ve imported it for your own consumption, you’ll be jailed for at least one year and up to three years, but only if you reveal from where you got your tobacco.

If you don’t reveal your source, you’ll receive an additional sentence, jailing you for least three more years and up to five more years.

Catholic Schools, like private schools, have a letter from the Senate asking for input. When looking at the Regime's proposal, there are many opportunities for non-public schools to lose eligibility for services across the board. Therefore, it is important that we speak on behalf of the Catholic school students, who have always been entitled to equitable services since ESEA first came into law under President Johnson. The Regime has gotten rid of the DC Opportunity Scholarships, what is to stop them now. senate. I ordered a package of bees yesterday. It was a celebration and a treat. I didn't have any honeybees this past season and I missed keeping them, very much so. The garden missed them, too. Their hive has stood like a tomb out there for too long. It's empty and in need of cleaning and clearing. It was slowly covered with invasive honey suckle all summer. Hello everyone, Swarup here with some mid week inspiration! Today I have a mixed media piece for you using Faber Castell products. Gelatos, Big brush pens, etc. I did try to get the process on camera. so there is a video for you ! The stamps are huge and perfect for large sized artwork like this. Hello Ai fans! I am using one of the newly-launched Try-fold stamp sets in a different way today. We will have a brand new challenge for you starting on Thursday. Your weekly dose of SpurgeonThe PyroManiacs devote Monday space to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. "Do you really believe the trends Spurgeon fought against were the same kind of thing as today's postmodern, post-evangelical, 'emerging' approaches to Christianity?" my friend asked. Answer: Even if I lived well into my eighties, I could probably post Spurgeon excerpts twice a week from now until I die and still not run out of material where Spurgeon was declaring his contempt for modernism. All of it would demonstrate conclusively that the various paradigm-shifts convulsing the evangelical movement today are nothing but recycled versions of the same old errors that were being foisted on church leaders by so-called "advanced thinkers" in the Victorian era.

That movement ultimately grew stronger despite the opposition of Spurgeon and others like him.

Sales were a bust this morning. February doldrums, I suspect, plus it did actually snow a bit. But lordy, the last couple of weeks have been so full of fabulous finds I can’t even care. In all the excitement over what we are calling the Kathryn Sale I haven’t even shown everything I did bring home. Do you ever find something that’s quite absurd for you to buy, and yet you are absolutely smitten by it? We were at one of those sales that purport to be an estate sale and yet consist mostly of baby items, and KK handed me a colorful wooden object. “This is cute,” she said, and in two seconds I was a goner. Evidently this is a ‘clutching toy’ - aptly named, because once I picked it up I couldn't let go. "Hanging up my calculator" - that's how I will remember this week. Although officially retired some years ago, I continued working part time. My brain is willing, but the rest of me has been saying for sometime - no more, it is time. There are film critics who, whenever they review a movie about time travel, rehearse the antinomies of retrocausation.

This was a weakness of Roger Ebert.

But that's a mistake.

Likewise, if a person traveled into the future and stayed there, that would be coherent. But changing the past is incoherent. Check out this photo of a rare "red/brownish-phase" macfarlanei Western Screech-Owl. Pattern. How about another. Happy hump day!.

Hi friends! Have you missed me? I've only been gone a few days, but it feels like forever! Today's sweet wheelbarrow image, Spread a Harvest of Hope, is one of the newest images from My Favorite Things.

I colored with Copic markers, then added the grassy ground underneath with Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol. Speaking of How'd They Do That tutorials, I've just posted this week's tutorial, Photographing Your Papercrafting Projects. Deputy Pima County Attorney Kathleen Mayer argued that requiring all passengers carry proper identification could help officers when they suspect a passenger is acting illegally. Traditional Moroccan Okra Chickpea Tagine. This quick and easy okra and chickpea stew tagine is full of Moroccan flavors. The name “tagine” refers to the two-part, cone-shaped casserole dish in which countless slow-cooked Moroccan dishes are prepared. You don’t need to prepare this in a tagine dish, it works well in a large saucepan, but if you have one, here’s a chance to use it.

Bring a large saucepan of water to a boil.

Transfer the okra with a slotted spoon to the ice water. Drain. Tie cilantro sprigs together with kitchen string. scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers. Looks nice. Each unit is separated by a wall and has it's own dog run. The sleeping quarters is indoors and heated, and the run is outdoors, but a roof keeps the weather out. There is a flap seperating the indoor from the outdoor so he can go out whenever he wants. If it works out at Christmas, I will use them in the summer as well. They have a nice play area set up with a kiddie pool for the dogs and lots of running room during the summer months. Prices are extremely reasonable. What is really nice is it is separate from the big dog kennels. There are several buildings which keeps it from sounding like a dog pound when you walk through it. .