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There are probably some "wingnuts" out there that could find creative ways to screw these up too. Well. Updating our charts. most of today looked like corrective sideways waves back and forth. such an inspiring atmosphere and so much details to admire at these shelves filled with beautiful greens, accessories and needings to take care of the growing seeds and grocery plants at this studio where they celebrate the first signs of Spring! I really love this indoor cultivation trend, our window sills are filled with jars with all kinds of seeds and I could admire this inspiring place above, with all its inspiring original accessories, all day to get some new ideas. It really makes me smile to see how we can make it possible to affirm this trend even if you live in a home without a garden or balcony and to realize you our own inside garden in small indoor spaces.

great stylingwork by Daniella Witte for Livet Hemma and so inviting to celebrate spring.

Juan Francisco Casas is back with new artworks and some nudes.

Casas recreates photographs he’s taken using only blue ballpoint pens.

At the cathedral, one adult was crouching in the tiny space above the platform with its head obscured, so I was unable to determine its sex. I was away last week and Nick M and Tony G were both very busy. courtesy of singtao. Reportedly because Ah Sheh turned down TVB series EMPRESS LU her contract was extended until next year. She denied that and stressed that originally it would have ended at the end of February. She also denied that she made the jump to Media Asia, but she hoped to have more attempts in film in the future. Ah Sheh revealed that her contract will end in February and joked that she had to start thinking about her future.

The media jokingly asked if she would marry.

She said, "I want to. Actually I hope to make more attempts in film. " Tommy Leung Ka Shu was rumored to join Media Asia and thought about asking her to join as well. To the openings last night.

What follows is a few photos along with some bits from the press releases.

Solo artist Susanne Nielsen, collaborative duo Rob Hunter & John Louden, and art collective GANGHUT will exhibit side by side in three summer exhibitions at DCA. All have separate spaces but share certain sensibilities, and are all closely connected to the flourishing art scene in Dundee. GANGHUT: Hands Across The FireGANGHUT are an artistic collective consisting of twelve artists who have studied or lived Dundee. They are renowned for their camaraderie and for their impressive building projects that transform spaces. After quite a lot of learning I have managed to spin enough yarn for a scarf. Its been a bit of an epic scarf project, as the first yarn I spun was fairly chunky and the next yarn I spun was thinner, and the next one was lace-weight and so on.

This was probably my most fun quilt to make.

My mother-in-law took a class from a local quilt shop and this was the pattern. So I borrowed the pattern from her when she was all done and did the quilt on my own.

It was such a blast.

Every block was different, so I tried a bunch of blocks that I had never made before and playing with a new set of colors each time was great fun too. I loved doing the checkerboard border, the paper-pieced leaves, and the appliqued scarecrow and pumpkins, as well as all of the embroidery on them. American Quilting in Orem, Utah designed this quilt and did the machine quilting when I finished piecing the top. They used a swirl pattern that kind of reminds me of wind. This was so much fun! I would do another one if I could!. I found this canvas album a while back at Hobby Lobby and came across it in my stash. I decided to create a she girl on the cover. Painting on it was easy, not as easy for rub-ons. Sandy, Utah resident Mark Shurtleff was thousands of miles away when he received the news that his son and daughter had joined the ever-growing ranks of Americans whose homes have been violated, and families have been terrorized, by SWAT raids. The Berserkers who invaded his home “showed up in masks,” Shurtleff protested, relaying the account provided by the victims. A dozen officers wearing body armor and carrying assault rifles “burst through the door screaming and yelling at my kids. Because someone asked for the recipe. The term "Fuckeye" was coined by my writing group, because these are labor intensive. The real name is "Buckeye", and they're called that because the candy looks like the seed of a horse chestnut tree, also known as a Buckeye:BUCKEYES:Filling:six parts powdered/confectioner's sugarthree parts peanut butterone part regular butterDo this by VOLUME, not weight. You can decide how much of the stuff you want to make, and work backward: if you want ten cups of filling, use six cups of powdered sugar, three cups of peanut butter, and one cup of regular butter. If you want to make just a few buckeyes like a test recipe, use six tablespoons confectioner's sugar, three tablespoons of peanut butter, and one tablespoon butter. You get the idea. An easy way to do this is to pack the filling into a bowl, toss it in the fridge 'til it's hard, then scoop it back out with a melon baller or really small cookie scoop. You know the place. It's in every project. Where you knit and knit and knit and knit and nothing happens, and then after a week of knitting with no obvious size increase, it's suddenly two inches too long?Yup. And now Blogger isn't letting me upload photos. Imagine a lacy purple scarf here. No obvious change in length on the scarf or in the ball of yarn. It's like I didn't do anything. The Blue Shimmer swatch is almost done. This has gotten some attention in the secular media, such as this Washington Post article and of course, on Catholic blogs such as Domenico Bettinelli's. This may have been obvious to everyone before me, but I think I see why the media is excited about this.

Over the years, they've reported on internal struggles among Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, etc.

In fairness, that is a story. e. I'm a little torn about what I want to feature in today's preview.

On the other hand, there is one quilt I especially want to mention, partly because I'm pretty fond of it and partly because it's going to be the focus of my demo tomorrow during my Open Studios session at Quilt Festival in Houston.

The thing that's tipping it for the quilt is the fact that I rushed to make an alternate block to demonstrate tomorrow and I'll be damned if I'm not going to show it off in this space. OK. Today's featured project is called The Modern Baby Quilt. If memory serves me this was the first project I designed and finished for the book. Truth be told, that's the way I work, one project at a time from start to finish. For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power". Observation: Paul was confronting the Corinthians about their sinful lives and the way they were living. They were apparently proud, bold, and thought they knew everything. They were full of sin and making excuses for it. Paul was going to do a power check. Application: When there is sin, arrogance, pride, rebellion, etc. in our lives, our power level will be draining quickly. Samson woke up one day and realized his power was gone. We are often proud of ourselves because we know so much Bible, but we need to do a power check to see if God is really still working with us. Some news from the milk industry in china. The scandal over tainted milk, which has sickened tens of thousands of children, is expected to force a consolidation of China's fragmented dairy industry. My take:After every major crisis, there are also opportunities abound. Gibson found Brianna dead in the pasture yesterday evening. I don't know what killed her. It was the hardest livestock loss I've had on this farm. ¡Hola! This is Rock And Roll Revival. This is a corner to remember those who remembered or remember the Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll in the whole wide world. Thanks God for the best music I've ever heard. Emiliano M. A. Barbara presenting a Plaque to the Guest Ringmaster, Sky King. With his mentor Cheerful Gardner visiting on the on the Kelly-Miller lot. by Frank "trinketman" Turk kingdomboundbooks? OK: let's remember that I'm the guy who has openly called CBA a "cess pool", and that I'm the one who has called Joel Osteen a person with an android-like smile. I'm the guy who usually starts this little fight, but today I'm going to take the other side of the argument.

That's not actually "Christian" stuff: that's stuff people buy to make themselves feel somewhat giddy about being a Christian.

You have a keychain? I have a Christian keychain – Jesus loves even me, baby. I am also not going to defend CCM. The Nan, Laurie and Steve would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas. Despite trailing Gladding in saves, Wayne Granger was named Sporting News Fireman of the Year. Granger also led the league in games pitched and games finished. Any rear end failure would prove disasterous to the driver!. By wizard Here’s a story I have to tell you. It happened to a businessman in Japan. Let’s call him Geoff. Here’s what Geoff told me. So here was Geoff in the middle of Tokyo on a business trip. Lucky him. It meant that his employer would foot the bill - thank goodness. That was due to a mix of Islamic State counterattacks against government offensives, and an increase in insurgent and terrorist incidents due to a new spring offensive by the militants. IS launched some devastating bombings and hit the south again as part of this new campaign, which hadn’t been done for months. ANTIQUE GLASS FISHING BOUYS NOW ARE NOW USED ARTISTICLY AS GARDEN ART AT OUR SOUTHERN MAINE COTTAGE. Unlike the ever-changing Connections Abound, the Lost and Found page is used to connect bloggers in the same vein as an alumni page. Outdated and long-standing messages are moved to the subject archives. Check the submissions page, FAQ, and ways to get involved for additional information. They are done with matte board and covered with design paper. I think these are perfect for gifts. For the rim I used the Estelle lace and for the bows I used sheer ruffled edge in pink. Thank you for looking and have a lovely day! Hugs, Cheryl. In Microsoft Access, if you want to do more than one LEFT JOIN, you have to use parenthesis in the FROM clause. So, for example, instead of just plain old:SELECT a. columna, b. columnb, c. columncFROM tablea AS a LEFT JOIN tableb AS b ON a. .