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Two posts recently have generated a considerable degree of interest and debate. There are still unanswered questions and gaps in the information relating to these events. There are also a number of facts which I feel are now indisputable, but see no good reason to further aggravate the situation. Initially it had been my intention to therefore remove the photograph, but leave the post intact. Had they been directed at me I would have let them stand. I have a thick skin. These posts were deleted promptly. I had never seen this movie before. It's fun to watch, even though I find plenty of sadness woven through the plot. studios from bankruptcy, helping it grow into a major studio. But it's a damned nice old hat & just about as good as movies get, with super cinematography, extraordinary choreography, & songs by Harry Warren & Al Dubbin that are a timeless delight. It's sooo bad. I bought this DVD and watched it because of Lee Van Cleef, but nothing could make me watch it again. The trailer, on the other hand, deserves an award for making the movie look like something you'd actually pay money to go see. Hulu has this available online:DVD Talk calls it "pretty feeble entertainment". Goin Hard in that Ransom. Here's a throwback episode of Sasquatch Watch Radio with guest Philip Spencer of Kentucky. The truth shall set you free. This was a month after President Obama shook hands and met with Raul Castro and the State Department announced that Cuba would be taken off the list of state sponsors of terrorism despite its continuing bad acts. Dr Khor said on Wednesday that the Government is encouraging people to be more aware of water wastage and switch to appliances and products, such as washing machines, that can save more water. For an hour on Wednesday morning, water supply to water coolers and toilets was cut off, and students washed their hands with water collected earlier in pails.

"Today, everybody can readily get clean water with the turn of the tap," Dr Khor said.

"But we've also been witnessing really extreme weather patterns, which may affect this ready supply of water. Both Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs wrote and published their autobiographies to advance the abolitionist cause.

Your essay should be double-spaced, and should reflect careful attention to proper grammar, sentence structure, and writing style.

To the Tin Roof Yard of Fun this evening. Sadly I'd been at work all day, and so missed most of the fun. Hope many turn out for this event, to raise money for a great cause!.

Our friend Eugene took Gordon out chainsawing on Sunday.

Eugene is very experienced with the saw and has taken a safety course, so he ensured that Gordon was doing things properly, and sent him home with all his limbs intact. That looks like a devilish grin under the face shield. The tree must be trembling with fear!Going. Going. This week I am showing you my Valentine's for this year. Back at Christmas I saw lots of these EOS lip balms being used as gifts. I missed the bus on the Christmas ones, but I made myself a note for Valentines. Once I started making these I was on a roll. I really just looked at my cricut image books and went to town. I think I could have kept going, but I ran out of lip balm. Below you can see the parts I used. You will also see a tag in that picture I thought I would put the words on that, but went a different direction. So I was thinking about this circle- you could do an olive.

Or even an egg.

I'm ambivalent this morning. Uusally I'm an optimist.

I always try to find the positive, even when I'm pointing out the negatives in our society.

The mere fact that I find the outrage at the outrageous still exists is re-inforcing. Yet, the focus on trivialities, the contortions of the situational morality, and the exploitation of the abject ignorance of the American electorate is beginning to prevail. Want to know why the mainstream print media is going bankrupt? Try this piece of critical "news" from the blog of the Chicago Tribune:Anniversary Dinner DateYes, folks, that's reporting by the newspaper of record in my old hometown. Just back from a dual-jet trip to Copenhagen, the royal couple step out in DC for a quiet little dinner. Linkara finds some truly dreadful material this time, but the full list he reviews is Green Lantern Corps. ‎. From Kuwait Times. Smile? . More than just a cozy and pleasant place to stay, The Pod is a budget hotel that's located at the heart of Singapore, where you can easily reach one of the top shopping places in the city: the must-visit Haji Lane. With the modern and sophisticated interior, The Pod claims itself as Singapore’s latest boutique capsule hotel catering to discerning travellers who desire fuss-free and convenient living. Our festival last week suffered the same problem most festivals do. Few festivals are blessed with auditorium seating. Cow pastures. Football fields. Parks. All have been put to the service of the muse Euterpe. In Melaque, the venue of choice was our jardin. Our town square. Designed for worried parents sitting on benches in the evening monitoring their children swim upstream in a sea of testosterone and estrogen. It is perfect courting territory. But lousy for more formal entertainment. But that worked only for about the first two rows of spectators. Utter tosh, of course, since wherever that litter is found would still require clearing of other litter. However, via the upside down libertarian, we find a real smoke-related saving which could be made if hateful lemon-sucking tobacco control morons were truly interested in such things. This isn't the kind of money Henry would recognise, of course, because it's the tangible stuff which, you know, actually exists. Or, to put it another way, how much the country would save if the NHS were to reverse such a pointlessly quixotic policy and treat their smoker taxpaying funders with some fucking respect. Everyone heard the news of GitLab Outage. Yes, we should use "tools" to do the administration work, and always test those tools in DEV environment first. For SharePoint, although I have some tools to help manage site collections, the easier way is to build some "PowerShell" scripts toolsets. Apart from that, in my opinion, the most important part is to split the huge database into many small databases, and keep those databases light-coupling. Yes, it's just like what SharePoint does with site collections. So the damage only affect a small group of users, and it's not too hard to "recover" the changes.

Not only will we be bankrupted by their idiocy.

Sending a little more Bloomin Love your way today with some added Stampin Write Brush Marker hand lettering. Because we all need to make a special card for our girlfriends, that lets them know how much we care about them, and how much we support them. The set includes some nice matching sentiments. Here is a close up of my coloring. I also used orange ribbon and a beautiful piece of lace trim for accents. The inside of my card is clean and simple, stamped with a sentiment from the set. Hope you have enjoyed this card I've shared today made with fabulous images from Art Impressions stamps. Aren't these adorable! They are mini carmelapples dipped in mini chocolate chips and coconut. I set them atop these pretty vintage plates thatbelonged to my Mom. I always think happythought when I use these little plates they remindme of when she used them when I was little. You can find instructions on how to do these cutelittle bites here at Family Fun.

xoxo to stop and pull over by my house to takethis photo, it looked just like the trees were onfire.

Love the fall!. He lives a low-key, independent life. But then he is offered a chance to try a brand-new experimental “cure” for his condition. I apologize for being away so long. I hit a depressing spot and then was sucked into a whirlwind of packing, moving, and unpacking. Firefighters are very sexy when they move heavy things. I'm now living in a big house with my Mom, brother, the mother of my daughter, and my daughter. It is cramped, but free babysitting, and I have my own room. It is purple. I've been yearning really badly for my friend Jessica to sprinkle me with that gentle dominant personality again. Must be since I had this dream. When the dust settles that totality of the evidence is disregarded as legal vultures attack small parts and create doubt that is often only credible when viewed in isolation. All funded by a system that is viewed by many lay people as a way to employment for lawyers who when exposed to scrutiny are less that the paragons they appeared in earlier times. AA Thomas was very different imo as his motive was very weak when viewed against those closer to the Crewes. As for Team Bain's claim for riches from the Taxpayer, perhaps a reversion to historic principles in cases of witchcraft could be employed. At long last, I finally have a free second to post about our weekend! We went to the Oktemberfest parade in Marshalltown this weekend. It was a great parade, kind of long for Jenna, but otherwise good. Brody loved to move and groove to the marching bands and we got a potload of candy. In other news, my dad, on the way to the Iowa State football game was wearing-gasp-a CYCLONE shirt. Never in my life did I think I would have seen that. What happened to Go Gophers?!?!Here are couple pics from the parade:Lovin' the parade. I have finally gotten my hands on the Kimber Solo! I have been eagerly waiting for any dealer near me to get one. On Wednesday the Manager of Bill’s Gun Shop and Range in Robbinsdale, MN contacted me and told me that his dealer’s display model was in. Rather than just have it sit in the display case they were going to make it a range rental pistol so perspective customers could actually shoot the thing before deciding to order one. Wow…this makes a lot of sense! Even better, he offered me the opportunity to be the first one to shoot the pistol. It took about a nanosecond for me to accept that offer. The first thing to strike you about the Solo is that it is a very handsome little pistol and “little” is the operative word. Those who have them don't need to take a goddamn class. It'll take more than an annual class to flush that. Add flour and mix all the ingredients well to form sticky dough. Set in the fridge to firm little. Cover mixture and keep in the fridge to firm enough, and then divide the filling into small balls.

Divide also the dough into small balls and stuff it with the filling balls.

Roll the filled dough balls in chopped pistachio, place them inside a muffin holes and press gently. The notices, required under the Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, provide a two-month advance word to employees possibly affected by layoffs. “We’re going to have to do something for NYRA," a source involved in the talks said. No shit, Jack. It has been awhile since I have blogged over here.

Destination ImagiNation.

An Elegant Vintage Christmas Card Creating with Really Reasonable Ribbon Champagne Silky Crush Ribbon Hello, Ribbon Lovers! Think fast: what do you love about the holidays? Like you, I cherish the time spent with family and friends. And I love holiday baking! But one thing really makes Christmas stand out to me, and that is the abundance of beauty that fills our world at this time of year. It seems like every where you look, there is something wondrous to catch your eye and capture your attention. It's just so. elegant! And with that in mind, I created this elegant vintage Christmas card to share with you here today. Bizarro is brought to you today by Unique New Year's Appetizers of Omaha!Here's a fun idea from my mythical buddy, Derek.

Among the most notable features of the tower is the number of tourists who take this kind of picture of it.

He waved when he saw me, like he had not seen me in a hundred years, I waved back. It took a second and you could tell we both realized at the same time that we had not met each other, at least in this lifetime. He drove off and I went back to my research on past life regression therapy.

Later that night I went to a very cool concert at a Osho meditation center, that a lady friend of mine lived at.

The guy preforming had all these old ancient musical instruments that he used to make the most amazing sounds into music. From the very first song, I fell into a deep trance and in a second I was in the steppes of southern Russia, now known as Ukraine. I was huddled around a small, buried in the ground fire. .