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It is for both the instructor and the students in the class.

The overall goal of this blog is to create a platform in which ideas can be sparked, exchanged and discussed while simultaneously allowing students to expand classroom conversation into the real world and speak to various audiences via the world wide web. Gerrit-Jan, artist. A video from last week, getting Merlin warmed up to ride. Lungeing is getting the horse to walk, trot, and canter in a circle around you. Time and work heal things. Clan Names: Madlala Madlala, Mpumuza, Bhengu, Sishi, Khabalidaka, Nodlomo!. Izithakazelo Zakwa Nzima Mdumela, Dabula, Nzima, Hlase, Shiki onjenge hlabathi, Mabhala ngosiba abanye bebhala ngepensela, Nkonjane ebika izulu liphenduka. Have you heard the hilarious "Like a BOSS" phrase? I couldn't help but change it to emboss, and then had to be proper with an "an. Whether dry embossing with folders or using embossing powder with your stamps, the choice is up to you for submissions this week! Here are the challenge rules … ✻ Please make a new card or creation. m. PST to enter your creations. ✻ Good luck and happy stamping! An InLinkz Link-up. I have had a few posts about my goodie bags, they are ready for sale already and you can find a pic and what is in there HERE there are pleanty left and I am making them up each time they are ordered so each one is different, a few bloggers have emailed me to say how pleased they were with them too!HugsLisa xXx. Yeah! I finished my Hexie Runner!This was such a fun project. It's too wide for the top of the piano, but that was never the intended location. The sideboard is in a really dark corner of the living room, so I may never get a decent photo of it there.

I'm getting ready to decorate for Fall, and this might be too Spring-y to keep out.

But I love it, so we might have to let it slide.

The bright and breezy morning dictated a birding morning on the other patch at Pilling, a spot neglected of late, when several decent, wind-free mornings meant we could catch finches and pipits out on Rawcliffe Moss.

I began at Fluke Hall looking and listening out for overhead birds but where little was happening, perhaps odd Chaffinches, Meadow Pipits, and Skylarks, but no obvious or substantial movement.

If there is a morning diurnal migration taking place at Fluke it is usually quickly apparent, and in a south-easterly like today can sometimes involves a heavy movement of birds flying west to east along the sea wall.

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