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Hope it clears your basic concept.

regardssaif ullah. via I love the work of dutch designer Jetske Visser raw materials. some coal black and beautiful soft colours something to admire on a sweet sunday.

Have a wonderful one!.

Watch: Logan in retrospect Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Thought to share a poem I wrote many years ago, the blog post title, just like the picture - have nothing to do with the poem, lol, "I blog what I like" after all. "To protect the inviolable field of the rights of the human person and facilitate the fulfillment of his duties, should be the essential task of every public authority. Nevertheless this Sunday offers cause for hope. Ivan Hernandez Carrillo described two incidents that took place this morning in different parts of Cuba: In Colón Father Nelson Santana stood before regime mobs preventing them from attacking the Ladies in White at the exit of the church. "You can march to your homes in peace this Sunday there won't be more repression," said Father Nelson Santana to Ladies in White of Colón. In Matanzas, Cubans blocked the regime's mobs from storming the Church in Cardenas. The mob outside was threatening to kill all the activists inside the Church. some nice an-bu bikes I didn't see beforecheck the site for more An-Bu eye candyVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visor. In general, our business is focused on providing construction and industrial project needs, quality products, manpower and efficient services which cover civil/structural, mechanical and electrical works.

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Earth Day is on Wednesday, and if your plans are anything like mine, they probably involve heading outside to pick up litter. This is a great way to help children understand that one little piece of trash can easily turn into many, many pieces of trash if we all litter, but it isn't the most exciting activity. Young children love super heroes, so I've created an Earth Day super hero mask that your students can decorate to wear while you pick up litter. Get the look. + Old Navy Trim Straw Fedora Hat + Cheap Monday Psychometry Sunglasses + ASOS Collarless Quilted Leather Biker with Ribbed Sleeve + Susan B. He was all ready to go for a ride in the baby buggy all propped up with a pillow and he even has his bib on. Giving this a try. I'm still having blogger/photobucket problems. Had the chance to go camping last month. First campout of the year. It was a cold rainy day so I used my little charcoal cooker instead of the tractor tire rim. The water logged tractor rim. It's also scrumptiously delicious. I am very excited. I love it so much, in fact, that I never buy it. because I have a hard time controlling myself in its presence. I was very delighted with this friendly little loaf, and had two warm pieces with my leftover soup for lunch. Gov. Bill Walker has removed the "acting" from Sam Cotten's job title. On another front, the Peninsula Clarion reports that Karl Johnstone, chairman of the state Board of Fisheries, has resigned. Nevertheless, they escape notice because most kinds are too small to be seen without the acid of a microscope. However, nematodes have been found to be parasites of virtually all animal and plant life. We saw the maturity that Kundratek needed to have in his game in order to be able to make the jump to the next step which is the professional ranks. Another different color mix for me today. Starting from the bottom up: leopard peep toes, brown cords, black turtleneck, pale yellow tank, khaki cropped jacket, and a jeweled brown-toned necklace.

I was a bit on the casual side for work today, but to be honest, I have been quite stressed out the last few weeks, so today I just decided to let it slide a bit.

Last week I sang the praises of the window seat. Well, here's a window shot of the night sky and bright lights of Manhattan. The dark rectangle in the middle is Central Park. This year, we mixed things up a bit by spending Thanksgiving on vacation in Florida with my immediate family and my Aunt Janell's family. Since we knew we'd be inside the park at Disney World all day on the real holiday, we celebrated Thanksgiving a few days early on Sunday. We slept in, went to church, visited the Orlando Temple, ate a delicious Thanksgiving feast on paper plates, and then played games to round out the night. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Matt's mom sent Jake this cute Thanksgiving bib and we made sure to bring it to Florida with us. My cousin Matty and niece Tasha were the best of buds. Outside Janell's in-law's condo where we spent the week. The dollar is even losing value against the euro,the currency of a make-believe country.

Anybody Still Counting? The Pentagon inspector general's chief investigator of procurement fraud and official misconduct, quit his job and pleaded guilty last month to violating U.

S. banking laws. It was not related to his job and thus was unofficial misconduct. Casablanca: Martin Wolf, in the Financial Times, expresses dismay that hedge fund managers make a lot of money even if they don't do a good job. Has this boy been living in a closet? If CEOs get paid extra when they fail, why shouldn't hedge fund managers? All this was explained by Galbraith's little book on fraud. Pour encourager les autres: The Associated Press president Tom Curley says that the unprecedented 'accidental' deaths, the bombings of news facilities, and the imprisonment of reporters in Iraq is less than happenstance. As he was led away by Homeland Security, He alleged that the US is rounding up journalists in an attempt to control information. The anime is based on the guardians Lady Vishnu aka Hashibushu in Buddhism legends. Shurato Ten-ō Hyūga 天王ヒュウガ one of those righteous Hashibushu who had been framed for immobilising Lady Vishnu and had to team up with Shurato. As a matter of fact, the joints are rather loose so I had to cement some limb joints in order for more steady stance.

The plastic for the main body is black and the armour parts in yellow as Hyūga's Shakti was inspired by tiger.

I had paint grey for Hyūga's weapon which is a form of nunchaku. In the anime the nunchaku split between a surujin and a chain whip, able to be used as either a throwing weapon or a rope. His defensive weapon is the shield on the left arm. Ok, two quilts doesn't exactly constitute mania, but I am having a lot of fun making these mini quilts. The one I'm featuring today is just a smaller version of this quilt. There's something that makes me feel strangely clever about making something look like its sewn when it's not. Maybe, I've always secretly wanted to be a magician, but lack the white rabbit. Anyway, this mini, like the maxi version, was made using the templates and instructions for the Modern Baby Quilt that I designed for my book. When I was a little girl I had a doll that was supposed to be as big as I was. She'd like this quilt.



I HAVE LONG BELIEVED that people whose lives depend on rope should always have a sharp knife at hand.

The more you sail, the more you realize the need for a knife. That need doesn’t arise often, thank goodness, but the occasions when it does are usually characterized by strong winds, heavy seas, threatening rocks, and a crew paralyzed with panic. The kind of knife I’m referring to must be capable of slicing quickly through the largest rope on your boat. That may be the anchor line, a halyard, a sheet, or even the dinghy painter. If you have ever seen a crewmember pinned against the cockpit bulkhead by a mainsheet across the neck after a sudden jibe, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And if you’ve ever gotten a finger caught around a winch while trying to free an override in the genoa sheet in a surprise squall, you’ll appreciate the need for fast relief. ONCE IN A WHILE somebody will ask me how many words I have written during my career as a professional writer. I can honestly say I don’t know. Millions, certainly. Maybe even millions of millions. But I don’t know. Only amateurs count the words.

These voluptuous beauties all exude self-confidence and a love of themselves, which is so refreshing.

Doesn't Aurora's work make you want to rush over to the ADFD shop and color one up yourself? There are six women in the Aloha Beauties collection. I know we have covered some of these options recently, but I'm sure you won't mind me drawing them all together in one post. DiY Planner is a great site for planner templates of all sorts of layouts and sizes. There are dozens of specialist templates on the site. With full explanations and descriptions against each one. I've also contributed some templates to the site as well, this was before I discovered Philofaxy and before I became a contributor here and we then started to host our own templates. You select the style and type of template you want as well as the size and it creates the templates on the screen which you can then print out on demand. Other options for printing your own diary inserts are using Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iCal and Outlook, and any other electronic calendar application you might have, there are almost too many to list. Its still a work in progress. I'm actually still trying to figure out why her button won't link to the site. So try copying it to your blog and see if it links back here. It wouldn't work on my blog. I'm trying to get it fixed, but I don't really know what I'm doing. Bear with me for a few more days while the bugs get worked out!. I don't think it has any intrinsic significance. The fact that somebody is famous for being famous doesn't make his beliefs or lifestyle any more important than men and women who live and die in obscurity. IMMIGRANTS ARE AMERICA AND NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL, BECAUSE HUMANITY KNOWS NO BORDERS. Everything. But then again, they've already made that clear. At least this Scum March is socialist de Blasio's problem, and isn't happening in America. Pomegranate Molasses is hardly new. It has been a popular ingredient in the Middle East for a long time. However, it is relatively new to western cuisine and I see it appear in more and more recipes. It is also more readily available in many Eastern and Asian markets. But for quite a few, it is still not that easy to get it. Stir until all the sugar is dissolved. .