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I know I have discussed this before but since I was discussing the subject again last night with my good friend Stephen Lewis I shall discuss it again today. The Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon.

Now many of my kinky girlfriends are into Alan Rickman in the character of professor Snape as an ideal dominant or Jonny Depp as captain Jack Sparrow but for me it will always be Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.

A National Park Service announcement that said it would only allow the sale of fish deemed sustainable by outside groups that do not currently recognize Alaska’s fisheries as sustainable is drawing criticism from Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska. Murkowski said in a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services, General Services Administration and National Park Service that while they are relying on the Marine Stewardship Council and Monterey Bay Aquarium to determine sustainability, government policy does provide leeway to permit “other equivalent groups” to be tapped for this service. Murkowski said she has asked for a meeting to hear their explanation of how this policy was developed, “and to discuss how to ensure that federal policy on sustainability clearly recognizes seafood produced in Alaska.

” Murkowski also noted that this federal policy is “directly inconsistent” with federal guidelines that state “the government does not endorse any particular labeling or documentation system or program over another.

” The National Park Service recently introduced new sustainable food guidelines as part of its Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative, requiring food service operators within these parks to begin offering healthy food options and to incorporate more sustainably sourced ingredients. The Alaska Constitution mandates that all fisheries in the state must be managed sustainably. Republishing a recent post on the Brussels Brontë Group. Our primary purpose is to offer a visitor an opportunity to talk Brontë. The current one is “How I met the Brontës”. Other pages include “Gallery” for photos and “Scribblemania” where Brontë inspired prose and poetry can be shared. After further investigation, it was revealed that after an argument, Hardaway grabbed her boyfriend and struck him in the face and body. Authorities say Hardaway then grabbed a knife and threatened to cut her boyfriend’s throat and kill him.


"The suspect is described as a Black male in his late teens or early twenties, wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt, black and blue shorts and a backpack. ". A Louisiana man died while diving in the Dry Tortugas Saturday. Wimberly’s dive partner said it appeared Wimberly panicked while underwater. She said he grabbed her and pulled her to the bottom with him. She was able to shed her dive equipment and do an emergency ascension to the surface. Once on the surface, she yelled for help. She was taken on board the boat and a rescue diver from the vessel then retrieved Wimberly from the water as well. There was a physician and a physician’s assistant on board the vessel. They performed CPR on Wimberly, but were unable to revive him. This weekend we are doing horse driving camp at the place we take riding lessons. It was tons o' fun today, with some drama thrown in. This is our Fjord horse Sandy being a very good girl. Let's just say that at the end of the day, I gave her a new nickname: Satan. Harnessing is fun. I didn't know what to do with the bit I was holding here. We finally got everyone hooked up, though! Sandy was driving like a dream. Oh yeah, tons of fun. Then we hooked her up to the two wheel cart. Good job! I was checking over the girls' basketball conference standings to see how Eden Valley-Watkins came out in their Friday night game with Kimball. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball, belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball, Central Minnesota Conference. CHAPTER FOUR Need for growth or marketing infrastructure CHAPTER FOUR Need for growth or marketing infrastructure CHAPTER FIVE Establishment of a world food preservation centre. Sir, We have a number of issues that impact on our sense of responsibility as landlords and business persons in the town. "Try Harder," a piece by the extremely talented ceramic artist Ruan Hoffmann. maybe someday our tongues will tangleour legs will dangleour kisses will meltour touches be feltour wetness to mingleour passion to tingleour affection in each others eyesour heart strings in tiesour warmth to hold to sleepour moments to forever keep. Be ashamed to find yourself idle. Benjamin Franklin Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger. By the way, today's St. kraftfuttermischwerk. I'm playing in the living room. What are you doing this weekend?z. The first day, I remember looking over the rolls. There were two Krystals, one Alexis, one Fallon, and no less thanthree Dominiques. Objective truth gained an esoteric, almost occult status along with subjects such as ghosts, bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, pagan paediatrics and other unexplained phenomena. Many didn't believe that objective truth even existed. The dwindling numbers of people who insisted that real facts were 'out there' were pushed to the fringes of society and labelled conspiracy theorists. They saw it as their duty to promote even the most rudimentary facts and reintroduce them into the public arena. By the end of the decade, many people claimed to have had a "close encounter" with an IFO. Some even reported that they had been taken aboard such craft. My favorite of the nine is attached to this post. Novak is one of my favorite players. He's a great athlete, has a very cute personality, and of course provides bountiful brief lines sightings. There a more pics in the queue, so look for another update in about a month and a half to two months. Enjoy!. D. Sitwell, in order to keep the nasty little boys who are still attacking me in order. ' -so wrote Edith Sitwell to friend and love of her life-scorned, artist Pavlik Tchelitchew Another honorary doctorate in February made her Dr. Dr. Sitwell.

I am so inspired artistically by so many different things.

It can be a photo, patterned paper, a quote, anything really! And I live by the quote "Anything is Possible" I wanted to share with you a layout I have recently made using a CSI: Color Stories Inspiration Challenge.

I often enter challenges, that make me think outside the square. Whether it is a sketch, a color scheme or journalling challenges. This particular color scheme caught my eye: To enter I had to use the colors, the sketch, two pieces of evidence and one of the testimony. AND OF COURSE some UNITY Stamps!! Here is my layout. I love to layer my stamps on my layouts and have them peeking out behind things. Hey there it's Maria L here with your Growing in Unity girl for this week! This week we have the fabulous Mindy Miller. Here is a little something about Mindy:"Hi, I'm Mindy Miller and I'm so excited to be the Growing in Unity gal this week. I am a native Kansan and currently reside in the capital city of Topeka. I began scrapbooking in college and was quickly addicted. I enjoy scrapbooking, card making, and a variety of other paper crafts that I share on my blog: mysecretheart. typepad. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. T is a very great fault in any ministry if the doctrine of justification by faith alone be not most clearly taught. At the same time, it is a dangerous state of things if doctrine is made to drive out precept, and faith is held up as making holiness a superfluity. We must teach plainly that the faith which saves the soul is not a dead faith, but a faith which operates with purifying effect upon our entire nature, and produces in us fruits of righteousness to the praise and glory of God. It is not by personal holiness that a man shall enter heaven, but yet without holiness shall no man see the Lord. Since returning to the UK, I've been working on actually using my filo, rather than spending too much time trying to find the perfect dividers or layout. I enjoy thinking up different ways to use my Malden, but to be honest this is sometimes me just procrastinating on actually getting stuff done! So, for the time being I'm not going to change anything, and I have a sheet of lined paper in my projects section where I will note down any ideas or tweaks for later consideration. I'm curious, how long do you normally stick to a certain layout before deciding to bring in any changes? And as it's a Friday, please feel free to discuss anything filofax related or ask any questions that you might have. Congratulations Peggy. I'll be sending you the simple living stitchery. If you send me your postal address, I'll get it in the mail in the next couple of days. I'm sorry there is no second prize but for those of you who want to stitch this, here is the pattern. The stitches are mainly back stitch and french or colonial knots, with running stitch for the border and the dotted lines. Happy stitching everyone. Lochinver Station has been on the market for many months and the only buyer to emerge is the Chinese entity that purchased the Crafar farm shambles that was under capitalised, run down with serious animal health and welfare issues and falling production. Shanghai Pengxin purchased that conglomerate and installed Land Corp, the state owned farmer to manage it. Reports claim, a significant turn around on all fronts for The Ex Crafar empire. This weeks Pink Friday theme is Harvest Home. thus the autumn inspired goodies this week. I made the vase above using beautiful fall colored vintage millinery and silk ribbon. Please take a moment to check out the other wonderful sellers at Make Mine Pink for their take on "Harvest Home". Tomorrow is Friday Flea Market too. Anybody who knows the story on this bike please fill me in. I'm also looking for a picture of the whole bike or at different angles! Thanks!. By hughgee So I was spending some time in Mexico at a language school and living with a Mexican family, right. Six weeks to be exact. It was a weird, far-out experience, for I'd never previously been to Mexico. The second strangest thing I encountered was the bugs: they were bigger, faster, and nastier than anything you'd find here in the States. But the strangest thing I encountered actually wasn't Mexican at all. It was this gal who came from my neck of the woods. Well, the same country at least. Happy Holiday from London. Charlie & Louie the family dogs. .