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Last week, Martek Biosciences, Corp. Martek Biosciences Corp. One of the great joys for me has been seeing some Christian women I know join the blogging ranks. Sounds familiar. The Pilgrim Penguin told me she's "finding blogging harder than I expected.

It's quite a restrictive medium.

Short doesn't mean easy!!"Yes! It's much harder to write short than long. The Abyss: by Alex da Ponte, Memphis musician. Lyrics:Woke up earlier than I should I would get up if I only could But something heavy is weighing me down Wrote a letter that you’ll never see I guess I really wrote it for me ‘Cause the abyss is calling me You said it wouldn’t take too long But I think now that you were wrong I’ve had enough time to write you a sad sad song Will I be happy or is this it? Or have I had all I’m gonna get? You said I’d be fine, I guess you don’t know shit Can you feel me? Can you feel me? Am I still here You’re like a werewolf after the change I’m screaming please just remember your name Look in my eyes and see I’m the same I’m in this tunnel and I can’t see There’s no light at the end for me The abyss is calling me Can you feel me? Can you feel me? Am I still here. The waft of mint takes me back to summer mornings in grandma's garden. And then, years later, to velvety nights in the house in the hills we rented in Italy the summer before last, - we'd open wide the double doors leading to the balcony after our escapades for the day, and the marriage of sage, rosemary and mint would hit you like a fragrant herbal bomb. Despite permanently loving a 'bland' palette of muted whites, greys and beiges, I seem to be regularly drawn to certain colours that beckon for a miniature exploration. Minty greens are on the tip of my tongue right now. Love, Rebecca P. S. via my greyish and cold sunday started with the discovery at fantastic frank of this cosy apartment located in a century old building the fireplace, the light, the deep window niches and the beautiful light are just perfect for my lazy sunday morning mood! Have a wonderful day.

is this one that I picked up at Material Girls last week.

I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek. It's by Rosalie Quinlan and is so stinkin cute, I couldn't wait to get home and drool over every picture and every word. I just never get tired of vintage and she uses the perfect pink in her projects. These canisters are just adorable. Gant Rugger Varsity Jacket Not too long ago, Gant Rugger rolled out a Varsity Jacket that set men's style blogs on fire and who can blame them. It's right up there with apple pie and motorcycles because it's more than a jacket, it's a status symbol. For some of us, the Varsity Jacket represents a time when we roamed the halls as the big man on campus, proudly showing off our Letter as some sort of super emblem of our athletic abilities. While for others, the jacket brings a negative stigma of Jocks and Cheerleaders who ruled the school and acted as though no one else existed except their little cliques. Either way, the power of the jacket cannot be denied and that is why I wanted to shed a little spotlight on it.

Senior YearRudyStreet Etiquette And if you're still in the market for a Varsity Jacket, sorry but the Gant Rugger one is currently sold out at Blackbird.

Made in the U. S. A. As I was paying for our groceries at the grocery store yesterday, off in the distance I heard someone yelling quite frantically, "Wait, wait, wait!" Lo and behold it was Hubby. As he got closer, I could see that he was grasping two bunches of beautiful yellow ranunculus to his chest. The state of California, and its flagship university system, the University of California, have been under extreme financial pressure lately. They are threatening to sue if their pensions are not increased. 'We believe it is the University's legal, moral and ethical obligation' to increase the benefits, the executives wrote the Board of Regents in a Dec. 'Failure to do so will likely result in a costly and unsuccessful legal confrontation,' they wrote, using capital letters to emphasize that they were writing 'URGENTLY. The executives fashioned their demand as a direct challenge to UC President Mark Yudof, who opposes the increase. ". So very cold here, severe wind chills. I was out there and all my exposed parts seem to be fine. We finished upstairs! Hooray for us! Busy day yesterday and today is looking busy too. I need more hours in my day! I did okay on my November List. November List: Resume selling “stuff” on eBay. It all takes time, now after the yard work is done I will have some more time. Not yet but soon. Craft Sale in mid November. "via. I found some lovely freebies today. Here they are: templates first, then kits & stuff. Ruby has the letter R template on her blog. Traci has a hot Freestyle template on her blog. Silke has a nice template on her blog.

Misty has a fun template on her blog.

I just love stars. Kim has her Sprung mini-kit here. It is an absolute must-have, no discussion. via. Incredibly Cool Crafts In love with the artwork we created with this stamp set? Get ready to make it yourself! Purchase the materials listed here along with your deeply discounted Stamp of the Month set to get started!. A while back, I got one of these nakd bars in my Vegan Cuts snack box and I loved it! Right away, I went to the Vegan Cuts site and ordered myself a box of mixed flavors and a box of just chocolate flavors. One by one, I ate my way through my stash. When I got an email recently from Natural Balance Foods offering to send me a box of nakd bars to review, I wrote back immediately! You can't sit around on an offer like that, ha ha. Evidently nakd bars have been established over in the UK, but are just now making a push in the North American market. That's a pretty good idea, because it makes it pretty affordable to try them out before you see them at the grocery store, or decide to order more online. The laugh line was always, "We're from the government and we're here to help you. " It simply is never so. The far-reaching hand of the new administration into the pockets of what were previously free enterprise business ventures under the guise of helping the economy is doing things well beyond the limits established by our Constitution and the rule of law. Read this item:It's Gone. All Gone. That is the impact of that seemingly benign act of bailing out Chrysler, then forcing bankruptcy and micro-managing what the government thinks is acceptable. Now this could stir things up. It's still taking shape, but you can read about it on the new APC website. 'The A. P. These coaches are also active paddlers having their own adventures in their spare time, be it in the UK, Europe or on expedition. ' It is being formed by Olly Sanders of Rock and Sea Adventures and Rock and Sea Productions. The discussion will cover case studies of good and bad practice, successes and failures, and discuss ways inwhich more productive relationships might be fostered in future. The discussion will exclude issues of the ethics of trading antiquities and the looting of archaeological sites, and will be chaired by the Society’s Director, Dr Chris Naunton. blogspot. co. Almost every year the kids put together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. We have such a great time when we go to the store and pick out what we think would bless a child who has next to nothing. It also allows lessons for our children to learn about giving instead of always being the one receiving. We figured that this is the hardest age to buy for and the least likely to receive a shoebox. Unfortunately we will never know who receives our shoebox, but we hope it makes them very happy and feel very loved. Sometimes I actually feel like I have "fans". but the truth is that you all keep it real when you write and so do I so we all stay on the ground and I don't get carried away. Still, getting any feedback on my writing makes me know it is all worthwhile. The "very long form short story" I am currently writing in chapter form is taking shape and I am not stuck on the details of where it is and where its going but rather real life has taken a toll on my blogging as of late, but I WILL get back on here soon. For the love of Carrie is a mix of truth and fantasy that by the time it is done I will be going for "getting published" more than I ever have, so bear with me. Just Desserts By Jeff. C. Not all cake tastes good Consider the urinal cake It awaits no bite. Abstract ThieveryChange Can We Re-Elect Fuck Your Parent's IconsGracious Consent QuaternityQueen of HeartsRed, White and BlondeRepeatStare Into Your Future SimulacrumTransparent BluesUntitled BlasphmeyJeff C. I love plate racks and dressers. Why hide away all your fabulous dinnerware - it's too lovely to be hidden!.

Once in a while I have a really fun and memorable day here on the farm.

On Monday, my friend Trisha arrived with her twelve year old son Garrett. It was school vacation for Garrett and he has been wanting to see our animals. Along with Garrett, Trisha was traveling with the one and only June Hiatt - author of The Principles of Knitting. June was doing an appearance at Webs on Tuesday so the visit to the farm dovetailed beautifully. I'm not sure how many people turned out. You know it's true. Stay safe. Stay safe. Thanks kjc, I love it. We are in between karate sessions right now, and when we start up for the summer session, we will be moving up to the next class level, because Zachary was promoted to his Green Belt! I love watching his roundhouse kicks, and up punches, though his favorite part of karate is still the obstacle course, and the jumping jacks. He's also got an impressive burpee. Awesome job Zachary!. There are so many brilliant artists out there but so little time to explore all their work fully.

Please check back here often as I will be updating this list continuously as more people post.

The links are numbered so you can keep track of what you have seen. This is a newly inked version of an old drawing I had lying around. It's only subtle there. The problem I always had with drawing armpit hair is that when it's there it's all I notice about a drawing. Don't analyze why, that's not important. But it is why I haven't done it in the past. But to apply that aphorism to Trump’s past week might not do the barrel justice, veterans of past campaigns argue. No one, he argues, has done it quite as spectacularly and with such a large potential for damage as Trump. “Donald Trump is Todd Akin. “But that is really not fair to Akin, Mourdock and Angle. Thanks to Bzzagent Juno, I had a free coupon and I ordered this product from my local Meijer store, not knowing what the quality would be. It's a canvas photo wrapped around a box. It was ready the next day and I just LOVE it. Now I want one for everyone on my list. This is my son Jeff and his beautiful daughter. Enjoy the Lebanese Cuisine and learn how to make Chicken farika.

Heat some ghee in a pan and add onion and cook until golden brown.

Then add the farika and cook for a few minutes before adding the chicken stock.

Make a hole at the back of the chicken breast and stuff in the farika mixture.

Cook for a further ten minutes in an oven and serve hot. They were made to special order only, and of course are housed in Wideline Featherbed frames. The cycle parts appear to be identical to the Dominator twin models, but in fact much is different, starting with the petrol tank, which is deeper and has a larger capacity than the twins. o.


Bizarro is brought to you today by Paradise Pie. So much for my intentions to blog daily while away from home. Typically, we get up early and hit the beaches – snorkeling, sun bathing, napping. It's a tight schedule and by the time we get home, we're exhausted and barely have the energy to clean up and go to bed. Holidays can be hell. More later, lots of stupid pictures to share. .