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In this final petition, the Church brings before the Father all the distress of the world.

Opening the camp to the public is a way to make the people understand and support their military. We, in the military, owe it to the people to explain what we are doing. In the first place, they have mandated our existence and have paid in taxes for our service. Related posts in Mindanao Examiner’s official website and blog entitled “Philippine Army Winning the Hearts and Minds in Mindanao.

Bob:Thought you might like to spread the word.

Maybe we can all watch another increase in the value of our cars take place this year. Should be a good way to spend a cold winters night in the northeast!Kevin.


Russell Peters. From Toronto.

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She decorated the tree from Critters in the Forest with sequin ornaments and the friendly little birds are from Making Frosty Friends! Some of those great Let's Bokeh in the Snow papers are still available in our shop.

bron- church of hoppersbron- bikeexif. bron- beauty of speed. It was truly a transcendent evening of music. The moments of atonality and dissonance were very much balanced with moments of resplendent melodic beauty. The ultimate moment of the evening came about half-way through the performance. I moved my chair quite close to Mary's, and we sat quietly listening together, each in our own worlds, but certainly joined in the same sensual experience of listening to the music and watching the musicians, one of whom we have known since he was a little boy. At a certain point, we leaned our heads together, our index fingers meeting quite subtly as our hands rested on Mary's right leg. I turned my face into her hair and simply rested there. The familiarity of her physical proximity and warmth, coupled with our simultaneous but separate enthrallment with the music, was a moment of such beauty and subtle intimacy. Those few minutes were truly a golden moment for me out of our eighteen years together. It was a demonstration of the simple but powerful oneness that can be experienced by two people who have been together long enough to be so energetically united.

There were no words, nothing to convey, apart from the pressure of two fingers touching, the closeness of one another's aura, and that feeling that someone you love is present with you, along for the ride, and taking in the exact same experience in her own unique way.

We all know about my undying love of white kitchens. well this one certainly makes me swoon. Teeny Ideas shared a lovely curbside-find door turned mirror. You know how sometimes you get a new cookbook and right away one of the recipes just catches your eye?? As soon as I made my first flip-through of "Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day," I just knew I was going to be making the Peanut Butter Banana Bacon Sandwich. It sounded fun and new and tasty. And guess what? It was all of those things! I finally got around to making it, and it was a really fun dinner. "Freeway Blogging": A problematic but inventive method of political protest. Jonas Phillips is the third resident of Asheville, North Carolina to be arrested in recent weeks for displaying a pro-impeachment sign. While different considerations apply to protests on "public" property, it's significant that Asheville authorities are finding it difficult to identify a specific offense with which to charge Phillips. That difficulty is symptomatic of institutional dishonesty: The Asheville Police Department can't afford to admit that it arrested Phillips because of the content of his sign, rather than because of some danger he protest posed to the public. He asked for my ID and I obliged. I asked him if I was doing something wrong, and he said that his Sergeant was on the way and he was going to wait for him. So, I went back to my sign holding over the interstate. "If Phillips had been obstructing pedestrians, or imperiling motorists, Officer Crisp could have addressed the problem by warning the cooperative protester to leave. He didn't issue such a warning. A few minutes later the Sergeant, Officer Randy Riddle, "showed up with a paper in his hand," continues Phillips.

So, the best way to assuage fears that Obamacare is bad healthcare policy is to bring out your supporting doctors like this one at the Barney Frank meeting:Didn't Play one on TV EitherC'mon, really.

What gives these people the right?. Lots of news, plus the Dutch Harbor report, today on The Brig. The IPHC scholarship fund is intended to assist U. S. and Canadian students "connected to the halibut fishery and its industry. " I didn't do it deliberately - I actually mostly just wanted to get away from theme months. As such we're going to try a kind of hodge-podge of taking a look at as much as time permits. Where have all the Sylvia warblers gone? Blackcap and Whitethroat adults returned in good numbers during the spring, but judging by recent ringing results productivity in both species appears to be surprisingly low. Evening sessions are particularly good for catching both species. This must be a bird in crisis if this situation is reflected more widely. Hi everyone, it's Jan from Poppytalk and I'm excited to do a little "minty" guest post today on Design is Mine. One of my favorite features here on Design is Mine are Summer's collections series that she does so well and so I am inspired in that vein for this post. Summer asked me to choose from two colors, blue or mint green and I jumped at the mint green because it just happens to be one of my favorite colors right now. This version might be a little darker than mint, because I'm so in love with that retro vespa green at the moment. Samuel Taylor ColeridgeThe quiet words of the wise are more to be heededthan the shouts of a ruler of fools. Vatican North: The UK establishment is apparently home to as many, if not more, pedophiles than the Roman Catholic Church, with an appalling concentration in Whitehall. The practice, concealed since the Thatcher government if not before, has been at best passively condoned by politicians and senior government officials. ' The current Education Secretary, continuing decades of cover ups, insists there is no need for a public inquiry into the cover-up or the crimes – especially in that investigation would show that Madame Thatcher's administration actively hid the crimes of MPs and peers. Now They Tell Us: “Printing more money could have prevented the Great Recession.

” Eat The Kids: “The global financial system owns our societies, banks, politicians, the whole lot.

The American public has a great distrust of evidence.

Just So Story: Mitt Romney again insisted he will not release additional years of tax returns, arguing he doesn't want to give President Barack Obama more ammunition, which seems tantamount to saying that his tax returns would contain such ammunition.

My Way/Highway: Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to demand more central control over the finances of EU member states if Germany is to fund further bailouts.

Reference Point: John “Learn to be an American” Sununu was born in Cuba, the son of Palestinian/Greek father and a Salvadorian mother. Notice, there was a lamb for each household. But we have just one Lamb, because we are all one household. This is the Lord, the Lamb of God, slain at Passover!This is the Cross, and the Mass, the Eucharist, and our daily journey with God!Let me just call attention to part of the Mass:After the Eucharistic Prayer, Jesus is present on the altar,We pray the Our Father, and exchange the peace. And just before we do, the priest shows the Lamb,Saying, “Behold the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world. ”As St Paul says, this is our Passover feast. I denne her rammen på baksiden er det plantert fem Hemerocallis. Til høyre bak har jeg plantet en Crimson pirate, den blomstret i hvert fall ifjor. Men i den her kassen er det verre. Flava blomstret en kort stund i sommer men de andre fire lar ikke seg overtales to noen verdens blomster. Jeg må nok innrømme at plasseringen ikke er den soligeste i hagen men den hvite veggen pleier å fungere bra som erstatting. Renfrewshire’s Eilidh Briggs got a hole in one at the short sixth. The final-day matches are Renfrewshire against Dunbartonshire & Argyll and Ayrshire against Lanarkshire. If Renfrewshire win, then they will go to the Scottish county finals at West Division champions in September. If they don’t, then the pocket calculators will be needed to sort out a potential logjam at the top of the table. My brain has been consumed by Sterin's baby shower, in which I am hosting. I've had so many great ideas swirling around in my head - I feel like I'm back to my wedding planning days. Which I LOVED. I'm a natural born planner - sometimes to a fault. More "Ran Paul" here and here. This clip is profoundly Not Safe for Work. From USA Today: And the sonic screwdriver goes to Peter Capaldi. The Scottish actor was named the new star of the British sci-fi franchise Doctor Who on Sunday during a live broadcast on BBC America. He will replace the departing Matt Smith, whose time in the time-traveling police box the TARDIS ends later this year. "It's so wonderful not to keep this secret any longer," said Capaldi, a lifelong fan of the show. ". Okay, I'm still not quite up to par from the weekend but I'm alive and "well". I've been pretty busy with Ren faire and family life. I've got two finished objects for you so hopefully that will appease the need for a long blog, I'm too tired to write too much, sorry. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Lola Fashion Accessories, a fabulous online shop stocking a wonderful variety of celebrity-inspired jewelry and accessories. Spectacular selections include statement earrings, ID bracelets, body chains, ravishing rings, and bib necklaces. All items at lolafashionaccessories. Bronze pave bead spike bracelet. Chain link silver diamond dangle earrings. Gold and Crystal LOVE charm bracelet. My kindergarten-bound daughter has been working hard on her reading skills this summer. I'm so proud of her progress, and can already see a bookworm emerging. On one of our recent trips to the library, we finally got Adrienne her own library card. She's really excited! To help her take responsibility for her card, I thought I'd make a cute place for her to keep it between library visits. The backpack box that was posted on Splitcoast a week or so ago was perfect. Now I voluntarily carry one because of what I perceive as the continuing threat to my family from international and domestic terrorists. That's not appropriate for every kind of citizen, though—mine is both a burden and a responsibility, because of the new nature of terrorism in the United States. Today, I made a pouch with an applique of "Asagao", morning glory. I like this flower very much. The "Asa" means morning, and the "gao" means face. It is a flower that blossom in the morning.

By the way, I put thin adhesive interlining on a cotton, and cut it as a shape of morning glory.

TNTCatgirl: Every day is a day closer to the RV - and we all need to keep that frame of mind- staying positive and happy! It's not easy, it's in fact extremely hard, but my attitude determines my altitude!GJHHonor: what we wanted to hear About Iraq being removed from the Ban whoowhoo​o. .