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Colin was down again today and took more photos which he has kindly let us use. Note the lightning conductor. 'Surprising Europe' is an intersting series of documentaries exploring the realities of life in Europe for African migrants. To anyone interested in the subject I invite you to check this out. TrailerWebsiteAnd one of the series below on African identity in Europe:You can find all documentaries that already were on air via Youtube. Today is my second installment working with Papertrey Ink's new line of stamps, dies and papers for February called Monthly Moments. This line was designed for scrapbookers and pocket page scrappers, but of course can be used on cards as well! I made another pocket page, reviewing our highlights from February. Pics are of us on my hubby's birthday and my daughter Kati on the morning of her school Valentine's party. Ha. I will figure out a way to get Taylor into a few pictures as well. More of Gordon's kitchen creativity. Bunk beds? High rise? Intergalactic landing platform? I have no idea. Uhhhh.

Okay, so, this was supposed to be a bat, but I thought it looked more like an inuksuk.

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I guess someone's been taking meetings again.

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They are as varied as types of laughter, as dreams.

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First Step: Using R software and open new script. Carissime, procedono i preparativi per i kits della classe che terrò a Modena questo week end. Potete scegliere se seguire il corso di sabato o di domenica. A presto quindi carissime e felice ricamo a tutti! XXX NIKY. So until next time, have fun!. Really pleased with this card, it was very simple and quick! The butterfly was from a sheet i got from Hobbycraft, I added some flat backed gems to the wings The backing card was from a set of DCWV papers I swapped with my friend Helen And the Ribbon was actually from a box of bubblebath that i have brought to make some christmas pressies with!Hope you like it, just a quick blog today as i have a new set of shelves that i need to squeeze into my craft room and there is a lot of moving and sorting to be done!!hugsLisa xXx. Sage flowers. It's Friday again.

What a week it's been here.

Hanno is not feeling well but is taking Jamie to kindy every day and I've been working away like a trojan, dividing my time between writing, editing, housework and cooking. Consequently, there are not many links this week as I haven't had time to read as much as I usually do. As my mother used to say, at least we know we're alive. It appears that Amazon. Here's the blurb:There is a cancer at the heart of the mighty Cerani Empire: a plague that attacks young and old, rich and poor alike. His body servants have been executed, he ignores his wives, but he is doomed, for soon the pattern will reach his face. Kathy’s award-winning paintings have been featured in Watercolor Artist, American Artist, and The Artist’s Magazine publications, as well as the Splash - Best of Watercolor series. She is a Signature Member of the Northwest and Montana Watercolor Societies and Women Painters of Washington.


This is a Lebanese recipe for making fresh fig jam. The recipe uses Mastic which is an ingredient extracted from the Mastic tree which is in the Pistachio tree family. You may find it at greek and middle eastern stores. It gives the jam a really nice and unique flavor. As a substitute you may use Anise seeds instead. It's nice and simple so that you can use the basic image for elaborate embellishments such as puff paint, lace, layered paper, fabric or prepurchased embellishments. I am full speed ahead in Oktoberfest food mode! So, this meal was a must do. There are gaping holes in the back of the two real pumpkins from the damn fuzzy, little, pumpkin munching squirrels. I got out my vintage blow molds because at least they won't eat them. Or maybe they will! I think we are in for a hard winter with the way these guys are eating.

A day before cooking, you need to brine the pork roast.

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I'm so happy that the new year is in full swing! It's going to be an exciting year here at Really Reasonable Ribbon.

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