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A special intention. Thank you. I know that’s not much, but I hope that this helps.

Stockholders will know soon enough if anybody traded on material non-public information.

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The shortcut has not been plowed, beyond the crest of this hill are swerve marks where someone, won’t say who almost ended up in the ditch the night before. H/T to Billy Beck for leading me to this masterpiece:. I don't normally republish items posted on EEF, because I assume that most of my readers will be subscribers, but this is an important statement that should probably be shared. Mr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah is the Secretary General of the SCA and all official letters should be addressed to him. In the last days many rumors were widespread about stopping the work of the Foreign missions in Egypt, others saying that no more excavation will be undertaken in Egypt. The SCA are not intended to stop any excavation work in Egypt, except for some sites which are under threat from robbery according to the security reports. They've been working on the Brooklyn Bridgefor years now. Recently, I saw these guysunder the bridge.

Included are clever themes from family to animals and critters.

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Oh sure, you'd have to contend with earthquakes and volcanoes just about anywhere, eventually, and certainly here, but we've had catastrophes other places can only dream about.

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See it all here. Also, just a reminder to enter our Christmas Favorites giveaway! We will be drawing names at the end of this week. you WON'T be disappointed! Let's get right to the challenge. Here are all the Vinz sister's together. It's been a while since we have been able to get a picture with all of us together! And here are a few of the brother in laws and my dear Dad. Don't they look sooo relaxed! Then here's my nephew Kian and niece Lauren and my two girlies. Thanks for letting me share! Great time with everyone. Love it when we are all together and everyone is having fun! xoxo. I think my quilting mojo has returned! Before breakfast, I played with the Polaroid blocks that I kept for myself. I trimmed my blocks down and framed them in Kona medium gray. I finished a baby quilt today! I'll do the full reveal tomorrow. Now it's time to get back to the top priority: my nephew's wedding quilt! But right now, head over to see what everyone else is up to!. This week I would like to introduce you to Linda! Hi, I’m Linda, Originally from Los Angeles, I now live in Austin, Texas, with my husband, Ira. I have worked in many cities in the US-all in some way connected with being an accountant! Since my son is now grown and has his own place, I have plenty of time for all things Filofax. That same year I added the black zipped one. What other brands have you used or considered using? I have a special place in my heart for calendars. It seems that quite a few people have problems germinating seeds and getting seeds to seedling stage which grow strong and healthy enough to plant out. The lovely Rose said the other day that she was having problem so I thought I'd write about my take on growing vegetables from seeds. Food seeds are valuable items. They have the potential to feed the people of the world and without seeds, we have no corn, rye, barley, wheat, rice or vegetables.

So it should concern us who controls our seeds.

You must go back to the store and buy your seeds every year. Guess what! People still collect seeds from their own vegetables and fruit, they save it and grow the most wonderful array of old time vegetables of the kind you will never see in any supermarket. These people, myself included, are growing open pollinated or heirloom seeds and they would have it no other way. Stuff Headline states "After beheadings, how dangerous is travel?" Jeez do the poor buggers have to TRAVEL? Gives a whole new perspective to "are we there yet" and "how much further". This week has gotten away from me, with the crazy party planning! I'm finally getting a chance to post about Halloween. Tom and I felt like frauds saying T or T for him, but everyone loved him. He is gnawing on a carrot in most of the pics. I'm totally sad about celebrating his last first holiday. But what about selling your cards? How do you price them? Where can you sell them – and how? Ray will talk about how to manufacture your cards, and turning those cards into cash – through direct sales and selling partners. The general terms in which the numerous and profound intelligence failures preceding the Iraq invasion are now being discussed create a very great danger. Without realizing they're doing so, even many strong critics of the Bush administration's foreign policy are making a preemptive attack on Iran more likely rather than less, perhaps an attack that utilizes even tactical nuclear weapons.

To their shame, much of the national press went along with this campaign and only rarely challenged it.

Our media are now repeating this same pattern with regard to Iran, and with Syria as well.

But I'm not talking about the many misuses of intelligence: I'm talking about the crucial emphasis placed on intelligence in the first place.

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