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It's really nice to know that people have enjoyed reading what we've written on this journey – even though we're distinctly short on cruising time as yet. However, things don't add up. Anyone know what's going on? I'm also interested in whether Sitemeter registers those who read the blog via a newsfeed or Google Reader. I can see this could account for the discrepancy if it includes them in the total but not for the average daily count. As many of you Upper-Mid-Westerners know, it has gone from weeks of dry weather to wet in the last three to four days. That makes for soaked roads, and really muddy B Maintenance roads. I was Tweeting that "we could kiss our dry weather Trans Iowa goodbye" due to the recent weather. That implies Monday heads up. Lots of weird things going on. VIX closed red. How OPEX effects it I am not sure.

I am of course watching the DOW trendline in log scale.

This I believe is the one to watch out of all the indexes and using log or non-log for the next few weeks. I always preferred log scale for trendlines. From SquatchMaster Jeff's youtube channel: While no video of any kind is absolute proof of such a creature/being and this is certainly no exception, it does show about enough to make out that it is an upright individual standing and stooping as it picks the berries in the thicket that it is in. I know that it is not all that clear due to the camera continually focusing on the closer branches but I did try to get it in better. It was suggested to try manual focus and if I'm ever in position again, my camera will be on that setting. Water for Elephants won for Favorite Movie DramaPictures - Thanks to PattinsonlifeETA: Added new HQs to all sections.

Backstage, audience and on stage.

Scroll to check all of them.

There was once a teacher who was teaching first grade in a large elementary school. One morning all of the teachers were called to the staff room for an emergency meeting, and they hurried over, leaving their classes unsupervised. All of the teachers were worried, but none more so than this particular teacher, because her class was especially mischievous and unruly. When they got to the staff room, the teacher decided to listen in and find out what was going on in her classroom. Children were yelling, jumping and throwing things. But one little voice stood out above the others. The teacher recognized the voice. The medical media yesterday were touting Dr. Nissen's report to the big cardiology conference about his latest study of Actos. But take a look at the actual JAMA journal article this presentation was based on. Not a placebo. This was a small study. This report from Bloomberg describes a case in which a health care corporation was accused of lying to investors about the performance of a product which it hoped to market. Note how this case was handled. Elizabeth A. Dragon, former senior vice president of research and development at Sequenom Inc. S. officials said. Yada yada, yada. lol! but as i always say i'm just a regular girl trying to figure it out. And there are many sides of me, the deep side, the fun side, the dark side and now here is my naughty dirty side! I just watched this Trey Songz video and boy I had to post it! Thanks to my girl Krystle for giving me the heads up on this one! It was hot! It sure did it for me! lol! Made me want to take a shower! I'm thinking of creating a queer girl video in response! No? maybe? Got you thinking! lol but hey. you'll get it when you see it! Mr Trey Songz, I feel proud that we shared the same name! It's a hot one not for the weak hearted. The man states that when he's finished you would think he INVENTED SEX. Enough said!. Happy Friday! Is it summer yet?! Not quite, but I am so ready - If you haven't been able to tell with all of my summer themed posts this week. e. I also love this set because it fits perfectly with the Gardening Activity Bundle that I posted this week. Check them both out and have a great week. Cuma:hmmm. Acaba bu akşam ne pişirsek?Spagettiye ne dersiniz?mmmmm. Stadt muss bunt!. Yesterday, my mother was joking around with me when she saw this cover to a plumbing magazine called Angie's List. Now, it's entirely possible that the artist just used the original art for a reference when they drew it, but looking at the inking lines, the sizes and proportions, and the like it seems to be awfully close to the original art. Think I should e-mail DC or Phil Jimenez? ‎. I took a good amount of time on these as I wanted to hit a lot of different variations/looks for him. An untitled piece for Fortune Small Business designed/created by illustrator & typographer Jessica Hische. Her portfolio is definitely one of my frequented spots for major inspiration. Source Grant K. GibsonSource Cote de Texas Source Nuevo EstiloSource Tonic HomeSource Yvonne O'Brien InteriorsDo you like it or you prefer to pass?. Bejeweled Cardigan: Chadwicks. Cotton w/ Lace Tank: JC Penny’s. Belt: TJ Maxx. Jeans: NY & Co. Bracelet: NY & Co.

Boots: Aldo.

I went out to see Imax “Under the Sea” tonight. What a huge day around here. They are my grandkids and I'm their Mimi. Without them I wouldn't be Mimi and Mimi's Collection wouldn''t exist. Through a child's eyes things are more vibrant, fresh, colorful.

All that said, I am so happy to begin my blogging career.

and career is exactly what I'm turning this into. The five interlocking circles are meant to represent the interconnectednessof New York's five boroughs. For more of Our World Tuesday, see Sandy's meme. But I do know something that he said that bears on the question. In other words, realism. Anyway, I was driving back from Clermont County on Saturday evening, thinking about a conversation I had recently with someone asking me what's wrong with the "love" expressed by someone who is homosexually oriented? That's when Confucius' rule came to mind.

Are we using the term correctly? The answer is no.

To put it simply: we insist that "love" doesn't mean what you think it means. Hi, whoever's reading this. It's Tuesday today! I tried to skip school, but, obviously, I didn't. Anyway, yesterday I skipped school, and I found out one of my best friend spread the news that I died. Honestly, can there be anything more horrible to say than that? People came up to me saying that they heard that I passed away, and I was flabbergasted. However, I didn't let it get to me, and at the end, everything was clear. There was bad news, too. My Geography teacher, some Kelantanese lady went back to her hometown, and guess who's teaching me Geography? Mrs. Rosemary, a teacher from a school with really big hair and a twisted tongue. Luckily for me, she came in sick today, so no classes from her. This Thursday, I'm planning to skip school, but my chances are thin. I'll still try, 'cause I've got nothing to lose. Here is the story:What once was lost, now is found. A statue stolen from a Salt Lake area church is back where it belongs. Salt Lake police found the statue of St.

Ambrose Monday afternoon, now it's back at the Catholic church that bears his name.

The church got a tip from someone claiming their buddy stole the statue, and they knew where it was. Police looked into it, and found the statue in the garage of a home in Midvale and returned it to the St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Salt Lake City. He's facing second degree felony charges. Police said the statue was damaged with permanent marker on his chest with a superman looking design, and the nose was scratched up a bit. Regardless, the father at St. Honestly, I didn't expect much. and more often nothing. I'd prefer the nothing. Anyway, the point is, I didn't expect much. Sorry, everyone. I LOVED Portland. Of course, I understand that it helps that I came on one of the five non-drizzly days of the year. It also helped that I was shown around all day by Nancy, who looks like Cynthia Nixon and is just absolutely the BEST, and was very concerned that I eat very well. Goddammit, I can't remember the place where we ate dinner, but it was in a converted warehouse and it had a huge hearth for cooking lots of big hunks of meat, and I had a vodka and fennel cocktail, though Nancy's - vodka with cucumber and anchovy-stuffed olives - was better. Let's Go Christmas Shopping!Truth be told, I really don’t particularly care for shopping malls. I much prefer wandering along a village street, preferably on a cold day when the clouds hang grey and low overhead, teasing with snow, and each shop is decorated for the holiday in style all its own. I want to pull my hood up over my head as I stroll in the icy air. I want to hear a bell jingle on a cafe door when I stop in for a cup of hot chocolate. Well, why don’t we all pretend this quirky little blog is a meandering village street lined with quirky little shops all ready for Christmas. PajamasThe ubiquitous Christmas present, I know. parking on the GA apron. parking on the GA apron. High school can be a time of great highs and lows, especially for teenage girls. There are always three groups of girls, the popular and pretty ones, the average ones, who are in the majority, and the shy and introverted ones who just have not yet found their voice. I am currently writing a novel about three girls, one from each category. There is the prettiest, most popular girl. She's the one every other girl wants to emulate and every boy wishes he could date. Because of some fortunate convergence of good genes, she is the one who seems to have every good thing that can possibly be granted to one young girl. The girl whose mother forced her into a musical career. “I have been observing human interactions with alien species, Captain. ” “Exciting, aren’t they?” “They invariably conclude with the sudden, violent deaths of thousands of biologicals, not to mention semi-sentient artificial personalities. ” “Ever since Columbus landed on the shores of Old America, Tammy. Gazpacho Zozobra finale. no apologies!Nor should there be. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. This Thanksgiving I saved my money and cut the skeletons from our garden for the table. Before dinner, we all wrote things that we're thankful for on pieces of colored paper and stuck them onto the branches. Claude and his cousin Hazel wrote out their own. Hazel asked for the spelling of each word and Claude wrote his out in a series of O's, L's, C's and T's- the only letters he's currently writing.

Get lovely in leather, darlings!Runway coverage via style.

AcneAndy & Debb, via nymag. W. O. R. D. Hey there, last night I did something new. I participated in Splitcoast's Virtual Stamping Night. Actually, it was a "mini" VSN. Anyhoo, for this one, there were four different challenges. Jeff WilliamsonFrank McGrathDan Decker Brian Wiefering. .