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Hello! I am so glad you guys loved the video yesterday! What a sweet little girl!Today I wanted to show you a little catalog sneaky peek! I just couldn't help but snap some photos! This isn't the whole catalog, but at least you get to see a little bit of it!Our cover page. I just love it! The grass on the bottom makes me happy!Cards by Chan and Mariana. We used the cards to add color to the catalog. Layout by Tiffany. This is what the other side of our kitchen looked like when we bought the place. The cutout in the counter was for the dishwasher on wheels. To the right of that was a pea green stove. This is after we gutted the room. And here it is now. When Jennifer Spiegel was brainstorming fundraiser ideas this fall, she diverged from the norm and developed an idea that would make a meaningful and lasting impact on her students as well as those from a nearby campus in need. Spiegel, the P. E. coach at Roberta Tipps Elementary, teaches her students the importance of developing active and healthy habits to practice in gym class and during their free time. As she searched for a fundraising opportunity that matched her healthy mission, she came across the Ultimate Fitness Challenge, a timed obstacle course resembling a wonderland of bounce-houses and inflatable activities. In addition to being a fun and healthy activity, this was also a way for students to collect funds via pledges from family, friends and neighbors. “Our students here at Tipps have so much and I wanted them to give to others here in Mansfield who don’t,” said Spiegel. “I’m trying to teach empathy for others and I wanted them to see it in action for themselves. It was a heartwarming and pure display of generosity and graciousness.

Around here we are still in the dark ages.

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Prison societies, though, are much neglected by sociologists and criminologists.

I say this in the full knowledge of the mountain of material that has been produced, much of it of a quality I can only dream of aspiring to. The neglect I speak of results from the motivations of researchers to date. I am not now nor have I ever been a fan of Michael Jackson nor was I ever much of a Farrah Fawcett fan. Therefore, much of the hype surrounding their deaths is lost on me. However, I sincerely doubt they are worthy of the adulation which is now being heaped upon them. Yes, they were a talented singer and a beautiful actress, but that hardly makes them worthy of the current apotheosis. They are simply celebrities and yet the deification will continue. I don’t know if I’ve ever done an Alexander Popp update outside of when I created his page and then moved his pictures to imagebam. But here’s an update. So why the fuck do the government believe that we should take instant heed of a bunch of kids who have been fed one-sided leading questions by Ed Balls and his departmentalists?We hope that our thoughts are listened to, and that they mean as much to you as they do to us. We are serious and we are passionate, and we want change. You can and must act now…Is it really any wonder that the backlash to the Climate Change debate is so vitriolic when this is the level of debate that we are afforded?When all the abuse, emotional blackmail, threats and intimidation fail, this administration resort to using our own children. at our fucking expense. Labour. You are the most disgusting, manipulative, perverse, psychotic, morally corrupt bastards ever to set foot in the Palaces of Westminster. Go fuck yourselves with a rusty chainsaw, you disgust me. All of you. A hard day yesterday, attending Cynthia’s funeral and burial. But necessary, to be able to say goodbye, close that door, and move on. And then soon after we came home in the evening Emily discovered that Fleabags had died. I feel terrible and Emily is distraught. Apparently Steven’s instincts were right and Fleabags was too young to leave her mother.

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She talks and acts exactly like you’d expect from her blog. The kids are out with Bonita, and playing with her between milkings. Since they were raised on just bottles and never suckled off of a goat they don't know to get a free snack. No nursing between meals means they can all share a pen. Sometimes they escape, but I'm getting better at kid-proofing the pen. This week Ruby Marchand is up sharing some wonderful Unity creations. Meet Ruby: Here is a little something about Ruby: "My name is Ruby Marchand aka Inspired Scrapper. This is Kerry on the left and Shane on the right. They've still got those twinkles in their eyes and are still the most beautiful people you could hope to meet. Merry Christmas. I have no doubt, despite the electors being harassed and even receiving death threats, that they will do their job today and cast electoral votes for Donald Trump. The libtards, people who hold their tolerant creds up like armor, have done everything sneaky and underhanded possible to make sure this doesn't happen. One thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him. My message to you? Take your fraudulently acquired millions, your outrage and angst, and place it carefully on a bookshelf in your home office. The girls had clogging today and I brought the video camera to record some and post the video here for all you city slickers that don't know what clogging is. I've done it before but for some reason I couldn't today. Maybe it'll work for me tomorrow. Went thrifting today and found some great things. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow so you can see all the goods. Next week is spring break and we really need it! A change of scenery will do us all good. Soooooo looking forward to seeing you Mom. Check in tomorrow. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to FBF by Checka, a fabulous clothing line featuring chic and versatile pieces such as terrific tops and lovely little black dresses! This range is the new go-to for fashionistas craving a beautiful and effortless ensemble. Exude confidence and channel easy glamour with FBF by Checka! All items at fbfbychecka. Hollywood Pencil Skirt Made-Ya-Look L. B. D. Mori Motorcycle Hoodie. Nagare Wrap. And, he says: Because the handle may not be negatively impacted by anything anytime soon given that southern California players have wanted to handicap and play races on dirt for too long to suddenly abandon such plans. It's not very discerning in my view to leap in with abandon at this point without letting some form develop. Then you're just betting on dirt just for the sake of it, and just to drive home the point that you hate synthetics without thinking more about your actions. Ms.

Here's a fun card with summery colors, die cuts, a chipboard flower and a fabby poofy bow made with Metal Gray Checkerboard Satin ribbon.

Hello everyone! It's time for a new challenge here at Really Reasonable Ribbon. Please scroll down to the next post for the winners of the last challenge. Create a card, layout, multi media piece, tag, ATC, hair bow, you name it. Just be sure to follow the theme above and use ribbon/lace or trim somewhere on your project. All of the sample projects feature ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon. "Fear Mongering about all kinds of things is an important part of it, but it is ONLY for the Ignorant who don't know what is going on, or where it will end up. THAT IS NOT YOU. You know what you know, so don't get taken in by the show. Just sit back with your popcorn, watch it play out, and see the genius in the plan. Shhhhh. .