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Discernment is my word of the day. Watching the clouds is a favorite pass time of ours, finding shapes in them that look like something. Yesterday I saw a man reading a book in the clouds. Alas no camera. sigh. I'm starting my newest semester as a graduate student in Criminal Justice.


But tonight's class was an interesting elective: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. From the syllabus: "This course explores the methods used in the analysis of bloodstain patterns produced in violent crimes and the use of the results obtained to develop a likely responsible dynamics. Basic blood chemistry and the physics associated with blood drops in flight will be presented in order to allow a better understanding of how bloodstain patterns result from various typs of events at crime scenes. Includes labs and practical excercises involving mock crime scenes. A sequel to my previous post. From time to time, I hit Zappos to shop for bathing suits on line. I always enjoy this immensely. We begin. This is the "Body Glove Smoothies Sexylicious Love Bra One Piece" I have nothing to add to that. Because nothing says "adult" like little baby blue bow ties. Brian Terhark readies himself to depart from the Traer convenience store stop. Traer Iowa: We left Traer via P Avenue on the West side of town. It goes to gravel immediately and heads straight South. But before that you can see two, very unique structures on the East side of P Avenue, if you are attentive. They are round barns made from ceramic tiles. I pointed them out while we were riding and someone asked me why I thought this type of barn was built. I really didn't know, so I have taken the liberty to find out and report here. Apparently, Iowa was one state where the production of clay tiles to drain farm wetlands was strongest.

Photos: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer.

Deputy Frank Adams was the first of seven Sheriff’s deputies killed in the line of duty in Monroe County. The gravestone of Frank Adams at the Key West Cemetery Deputy Adams was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a man who had interfered with him in the discharge of his duty. The shooting occurred after two drunken men started fighting near Jackson Square in Key West. They separated and one of the men began to use profane language as he walked up Thomas Street. Deputy Adams, who was sitting near the corner of Southard and Thomas Streets, arrested the man and attempted to take him to jail, but the man resisted and Deputy Adams called out for assistance. And a band photo: The B-B-E elementary school's fifth and sixth grade classes performed a Spring Concert today featuring both band and choir songs. Here's video from the last two songs: They did a fantastic job! And hats off to B-B-E music teachers, Ms.

Sailor and Mr.

DEL RIO: Hired. Raiders. TOMSULA: Hired. Like I said, solid, but not spectacular, which brings to focus, just who is spectacular anymore? It's a rhetorical question because I don't see it out there. Maybe I'm just some cranky bastard. Gasia seems to get a lot of attention lately if my e-mail and your admiration society is any indication. What is it? I'm serious. Maybe someone can shed some light. I love a gallery wall! If you're a collector you know that trying to hang all those prints and paintings is a challenge. The image above is a perfect example that it can be done right. What stands out to me from this image is the color first- or lack of. Another is the way the round mirrors and ram head help break up a sea of rectangles. The furniture placement isn't so bad either. Another must do: be sure the space between all the objects is the same. This is what makes this gallery wall work.

I hadn't done anything for Illustration Friday in a year, probably more.

And it's probably been just as long that I've not incorporated any objects with the wire. For those of you who don't know what Illustration Friday is - it's a site where there is a new word every week for you to try and illustrate. It's a good challenge to make you think. So here's my try at "Canned". Saw records of waxwing nearby at Calder Island just before I set out for my lunchtime walk round Newmillerdam so decided to check out the arboretum just in case. Was well chuffed to spot five waxwings. A further highlight was watching two male mallards fighting. I'd not realised quite how viscous they can be. Not seen any teal since Sunday, but a new pochard was in, joining the one down by the dam. Double chocolate pistachio cookies sound delicious. Such a yummy simple snack. This DIY papercut leaves backdrop is pretty incredible. So is this tulip installation: wow. Stunning photographs from a month in India. This contraption turns your stairs into a slide. So fun. I decided to be adventurous with my latest project and try something new and a bit tricky. So I jumped on the bandwagon and tried it out! Here's before. And AFTER!. Hey, I took a ton of cute pics this weekend, so I wanted to get some of the older ones up. I'm getting backlogged with pictures!I'm happy to say that we are all feeling better. The girls had such a blast. They LOVED playing on the jungle gym. Holland especially liked climbing and sliding. Eden especially liked the swings and monkey bars. She can hang from the bars all by herself for several seconds.

We were so suprised at how strong she is, and how much she loved it!Holland also really loved helping Malachi open his presents.

This blog is a way for me to share my adventures in Art, Stitching, how to deal with food intolerances, Qigong, etc. This is also a very nice way for me to post recent pieces of art, since I haven’t been able to offer updates on my website. ckgalleria. The upshot is a retired priest left a large sum of money to his diocese. The question they have is where would a priest get all that money?The first thing that needs to be made clear is that diocesan priests, unlike members of religious orders, do not take vows of poverty. We can own personal property.

However, considering what our salaries are, there usually isn't the opportunity to accumulate wealth.

I'm back from TNNA in Columbus, OH. Oh, what a whirlwind full of old friends, dinners, selling yarn, talking about my new book and basically having a good old time. Those years were full of travel, trade shows - both exhibiting and visiting to buy yarn, very long days and many nice dinners. I really don't miss those days too much - except for the dinner part - that I do miss. I love to try food in many different countries of the world and the USA. I had a small section of the Nashua Handknits Booth to set up to display the projects from my new book Color by Kristin. Morning fog - sweatshirts - crisp air - apples - pumpkins - back to school - brightly colored mums - walking in the leaves - that first nip of frost - cider and doughnuts - craft fairs - geese honking farewell overhead - football - Emma's Birthday - and Halloween! It doesn't get any better than fall in upstate New York! Lovin' that bow on Cindy's sketch this week at Freshly Made Sketches! . I thought I thaw a hypocrite. Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman has apologised for branding a member of the Government a "ginger rodent". I did! I did! I did thaw a hypocrite. The term 'one rule for them' really does jump uninvited into one's mind, doesn't it?So she said sorry. Err, why? It's seriously not that big a deal. Even the usually effete and hand-wringing Labour Party didn't find it that shocking, hence the warm applause. It's not like she called Danny Alexander a thistle-munching cunt or anything, although political expediency demanded that some moron from the SNP would naturally try to couch it in such terms. Nationalist MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville claimed the dig was insulting to all redheads in Scotland, adding Ms Harman's "silly remark isn't anti-Danny or anti-Lib Dem, it's anti-Scottish". "Cat-Zilla is a meditation on life and death, cuteness and destruction. Its like a Yin and Yang for cool people. bauermaker. bauermaker.

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds climate models are unable to reproduce warming during the Holocene Climate OptimumThe paper adds to many other peer-reviewed publications demonstrating that climate models are unable to reproduce the Holocene Climate Optimum, Egyptian, Minoan, and Medieval Warming Periods, all of which were warmer than the present.

Climate models are unable to reproduce the known climate of the past, much less the future. These floods can be expected somewhere along the Front Range every couple of decades. This week in AFS. Roger Pielke Jr in the EPW hearing pretty much disabused the congress of that idea by presenting the facts that showed there were no trends in any of these although don’t expect the media to get it. You see extremes gets eyeballs and sells newspapers or used to. So they have moved onto the Trenberth’s ‘Where’s Waldo’ idea that the heat somehow is hiding in the deep oceans and if nothing else this threatens sea life and coral and fisheries and will eventually reemerge to destroy life as we know it. and why your coffee prices may got thru the roof!. It is Happy Days In Our Home Again! Hello to All. I had to stop and check the date of my last post. I want to share with you: Shortly afterwards, my life changed and was downhill from then on. If you can remember I lost my country home and everything inside. And he was a workhorse for the Go Go Sox, leading the league in Wins, Starts, Innings and Batters Faced. pic. Great show pic. Une jolie interview radio d'Olivia Newton-john sur THE TAKE AWAY toute en rires et en souvenirs de chansons de noël. And he didn’t mind it at all. He respected his older brother, Allen’s decision. Basic training was tough, but his work showed. As I do on most mornings, I listened earlier to one of Los Angeles's major talk radio stations while I fed the cats and made coffee. The hosts of this particular program are generally pleasant and easygoing in their manner, doubtless in part to avoid unnecessary provocation of all those people on LA freeways. They noted that Mubarak is reputed to be worth many tens of billions of dollars. Pattern. An ancient land, Lebanon features in the writings of Homer and in the Old Testament. Its cities were major outposts and seaports in Phoenician and Roman times, just two of the great civilizations that touched this important Middle Eastern crossroads. For all the flavors of its storied past and rugged natural beauty, Lebanon is a well-kept tourist secret that begs exploration. There are four main geographic regions in Lebanon, differentiated by topography and climate. scam-job-emails. bhartienergygroups. Your Answer Script and your Certificates have made you one of the candidates who successfully passed the interview as it was expected. Note: That the entire Travelling Documents and formalities required by you should be obtained from the Australia Embassy in your Country.