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Pray for the Vicar of Christ.

BENEDICT XVI, Pontifex PrimusMay the Lord keep himand give him lifeand make his name blessed upon earth.

Great Shot by Jackie Schiaf for a post card. Shore Acres State Park, Coos Bay, Oregon. I thought I would share where my heart is lingering. This is where we moved from, and I am missing it. I could not get a better picture than this post card.

Our place was off the card in the lower right corner.

Another favorite place, there are lots of these.

It was a bit foggy but a great drive.

I took a few dozen loaves of bird bread to feed the seagulls, she could skip feeding the gulls, but Joan is very giving , and helped me to get rid of the massive over purchase at the bakery outlet,,as she knows I love feeding them. I did miss you Joan,,it doesn't seem right my not being there with you. I made some empty spools to put lace and ribbon on. I think I am addicted to making these. This little postcard always makes me smile, I wonder what they are having a conversation about????. I notice in The Times this morning a small feature on free diving. people who see how far down they can go in the water and get to the surface again without any form of breathing apparatus. What did strike me in the article was the statement that, apparently these feats are made possible by a special breathing technique, called "apnoea". Wow! who'd have thought it. Doesn't that just mean holding your breath?. Jacob knows that he did his brother wrong twenty years ago. He has to pass through Esau’s territory. So, with cracks in the wood filled, some Cuprinol on the wood and the whole of the metalwork treated with Rust Eater it looks like this: I tested out the sleeve, and the tapered end will squeeze inside the collar, so it should be alright. I think I'll try using hull blacking paint to finish it – it's a quick straight-to-metal solution and I'm not aware of any reason not to. Then I'll have to find some way of cleaning the staining on the green paintwork. Beautiful day for travelling today. She had family on board, including her parents who have done lots of sailing in the Mediterranean – narrowboating was a bit of a novelty for them.

Opinions on both sides are very strong and loud.

Sue is tatting Jane Eborall's Celtic Friendship Bracelet and finding that it takes lots of attention and good lighting. Sorry for the sporadic posting. Things have been a little hectic here. Sharon has posted a motif turned into a doily as part of the design primer. Snowy has posted a lovely edging attached to a hanky and a second hanky with a motif in one corner, both are very pretty. She has also finished her black edging and discovered that she omitted a ring at one point. Now to fix it. We've all done that, working on something and then noticing later that there's a mistake further back. Then you have to decide whether to leave it, cut it off, or try to fix it. Law Chi Leung says that he has already done his best. The box office is beyond his control. courtesy of mingpao. cc Sean Lau Ching Wan, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and director Law Chi Leung earlier promoted their crime film THE MURDERER VANISHES. Speaking of the film being postponed from the summer to the end of the year release due to post production, Law Chi Leung said that the film could not be measured in money, he could only say that the effects would make people feel that they were not done in Hong Kong. He also revealed that Ching Wan took the initiative and asked for scenes with two beauties Jiang Yiyan and Li Xiaolu. Ching Wan explained, 'Because this type of investigation films are very masculine, adding women would have more sparks and make it even more interesting. " However in the end Ching Wan chose not to have either one. Law Chi Leung joked, "He is only a big deal when he dumps people!" Ching Wan put a lot of effort into his look, aside from losing five to six pounds to make himself look thinner he also grew facial hair. He said, "I am very afraid of gluing on fake beard, so I have to grow a real one. , the address of The Hub student housing building, early Friday morning through an unlocked front door, according to police reports. ". S. Coast Guard, Florida Highway Patrol and many more. Here are some photos of the events:Photos from National Night Out at Bernstein Park on Stock Island. Photos from National Night Out in MarathonPhotos from the Islamorada National Night Out eventPhotos from National Night Out event, Key Largo. Two boys were arrested Wednesday evening after they broke into a Duck Key home, set off the burglar alarm, and were caught doing it on video surveillance tape. m. They found someone had broken into a locked garage through a doggie door. Fishing line trailed out of the doggie door toward a back yard gate. The reel was later found discarded in some bushes nearby. A witness told the deputies she saw two blond haired boys fleeing on skateboards from the home on a skateboard toward a residence on Harbor Drive. Deputy Jones called the homeowner, who was out of town. The homeowner told him he had video surveillance equipment and would check it for photos of the suspects. A short time later, he called Deputy Jones back. I totally agree with that statement. They do not want to receive any feedback from them. They want things done their way and any other way is against them. I have had my fair share of experience dealing with the mistrust between the leader and the management team. Many a times, these issues would not have erupted if the leader were just to actively listen and gave his honest feedback to this subordinates. On the other hand, if this were done, there may not be a need for consultants. The one issue that I've always had with the Reggio Philosophy is that there is not a written curriculum, which in our state is needed for our Quality Improvement Rating program. So, I did what I always do, I made on myself. This Preschool Curriculum is designed for teachers who are familiar with Emergent Curriculum, Reggio Emilia Philosophy, and The Project Approach. It blends these philosophies with early learning standards to help teachers meet all of their students academic and developmental needs. - Sample questions to use during observation. - Workbook pages that will assist in selecting project topics. - Web templates and samples- Explanation of how to use the classroom as a teaching element. - Lesson plan templates and samples. - Sample activities for for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. A student was asked,”What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?” He replied “I am thankful I am not a turkey. ” Just think…if Benjamin Franklin had spoken his thoughts out loud about the Turkey being a better bird for our National Symbol we could be roasting Bald Eagles. That should be food for thought for the rest of the day.

New IKEA lamp for our hallway.

I love smoked ham. and one of the benefits of smoking a ham is the leftovers! This is a store bought ham, not homegrown. I smoked it in the Memphis Pro and used a mustard, brown sugar, whiskey glaze. I dined on the ham the first night. Then the next night I sliced some tatoes and onions into a skillet, then added a layer of smoked ham slices. Jeff Quinn plans to put his boat to work this summer chasing sockeye in Bristol Bay. They are constantly meeting new friends and are always engaged in some form of interesting conversation. People pay top dollar for their unique services and they bring happiness to most patrons. What do I do for a living?I am raising and teaching my children to be men and women of God. I have the greatest job in the world. It's that time, again. As usual, photos from the VK web site, anything in quotes is from the magazine, everything else is mine. I don't know why I expect otherwise. Usually the fall issue has a lot of good-if-not-high-fashion stuff, but this time around I feel like I was ripped off. Though that could have to do with the seven freakin' bucks I paid for this thing. Advertising contains a lot of cardigans and pullovers knit in clever ways with fairly light/thin yarns.

Worsted or lighter.

I'm glad to see it, because the lighter stuff is more flattering. Via Rob's Webstek. "Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots. " Frank A. Clark So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander. Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation. The person who removes a mountainbegins by carrying away small stones. - Chinese proverb"Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain,'Be taken up and cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart,but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him. "Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask,believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you. One after the other my life is currently a tapestry of new experiences. Last night the Editor and I went out for dinner - at the proprietor's invitation - and spent a happy few hours spooning each other various taste sensations. A candlelit dinner was a first for me! At a nearby table there was what I can only describe as a LoudMan, who was content to declaim on any subject from the morality of MP's to the global economy. That he did so without once managing to reveal any insight or knowledge only added to the entertainment. I daresay we all know such people? LoudMen exist in every corner of our world, including on the prison landings. But sitting in a public place and having to listen to this guy declaim about "holiday camp" prisons was a first for me. If anyone on the landings started down that road I would cheerfully insert myself into the conversation, especially if it was a screw. In my new life I have to suffer overhearing the half-baked and ill-informed along with the rest of you. Reach for my specs and make a roll-up. The first few moments of the day are crucial, setting the tone for the endless hours. If nothing hugely positive hoves into mind, it's best not to think ahead at all or the day could look quite bleak. I hear a screw making his way along the landing, peeking through the observation slit. The day shift doing their headcount, just in case the night staff got too lazy to keep us all safely tucked away. Decide to move. Wash, dress, choosing carefully in the knowledge that the building is now getting chilly and will grow colder from now. From one of my new favorite websites,Cake Wrecks. s. Streeter's had the flags. Citing concerns that some groups funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development fail to follow church teaching, Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt of Greensburg, Pa. , has withdrawn support for the U. S. bishops' nationwide anti-poverty program. More from CNSArchbishop Wuerl, you know, as well as all of us, of the mis-management of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Won't you join your brother bishops by ending support of this?. While sitting at a baseball field this afternoon, Julia and I counted up all the baseball games I went to this week. The grand total. Josh pitched well for the high school junior varsity team last night. And today we cheered on our friend Rob. I did find some time to sew yesterday and whipped up one of these origami bags. Too fun!In the garden today. In additon, public transportation and/or reasonable parking options are available. That being said, we hope you can make it! Please rsvp to J and Skhen, and more details will be posted/sent out as we have them. And. finally, please let us know the kid situation. It's a conflicted time in Kurald Galain, the realm of Darkness, where Mother Dark reigns. But this ancient land was once home to many a power… and even death is not quite eternal. The bird was originally located over the SW corner of the SW inner pond, where it was interacting and calling with a juvenile Peregrine Falcon. The bird was last seen flying off as it flew towards the Fraser River. Josh described what they say: "It had a very noticeabley long, thin tail, and broad, tapered wings. I would say its wingspan was about a metre. The head didn't project far beyond the wings. Machboos is a dish of rice & meat, popular in many Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. Here is a great Machboos recipe. Heat the water and leave aside. Sprinkle half of the spice mixture on the chicken halves. Fantastic Lebanese dessert it is called Znoud Elsit. It is served after a main meal. Don't use the fresh Kashta for this recipe because it doesn't bare the heat and it will be harmful. Enjoy Znoud Elsit. .