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So, without further ado, here it is. Then Islam became front page news for all of the wrong type of reasons. Sabiha herself was attacked on a bus as strangers kicked and punched her whilst trying to remove her veil. Thankfully for her she survived this brutal attack with headscarf still intact. The western media made a big fuss, following the Twin Towers attack, about Muslim women being oppressed and forced to wear the hijab, niqab and even the burqa. Horticulture is a gardening magazine that brings ‘the art and science of smart gardening’. All amateur photographers can submit their entries into the contest. Cheryl Ann Meola’s nature and plant photography captures the entire essence of her nature and plant subjects. Cheryl Ann Meola plans to continue as a freelance photographer photographing the three main plant identifying features in three photographs.

Two of the photographs were close-ups that showed identifying features such as leaf shape, leaf veins, and flower structure.

The third photograph would include the entire plant, photographed in the landscape or in a container. For more information contact: Cheryl Ann Meola. In a potentially terrifying case of life imitating art, the renowned paleontologist who served as the inspiration for Jurassic Park protagonist Dr. While Dr. Jack Horner, who has consulted on all four Jurassic films, initially believed the key to recreating the prehistoric creatures lied in working with ancient DNA strands, further study about DNA degradation over time has since ruled out that possibility. “It’s a beautiful play, dark and serious, but with a glimmer of light - a story that really speaks to you emotionally, and says that there’s always a hope for happiness,” says Amrita Khandpur, who plays the protagonist, none other than Jane herself. Her drama career started at the age of five and has continued since then without interruptions, but “this is one of the most challenging,” she says, “since Jane is a character with a lot of depth, and we see a lot of the different sides of her over the course of the play. ” She appears excited and always laughing, but transforms totally and wears the role of Jane like a glove on stage.

According to Vinodh, head of Performing Arts at Colombo International School, “The story is fantastic.

” He is no stranger to serious, haunting plays, well known for his interpretations of Shakespeare and such classics, and has full confidence in the young thespians. He directs the play with ease and finesse, making even the shiest, softest of teenage girls into confident actors. Walking around the stage, moving set pieces, reading lines, it’s very clear that the theatre is his home. SAN ANTONIO - The San Antonio Fire Department announced that Lt. m. Sunday, a year after a stem cell transplant. SAFD said he was surrounded by family, friends and fellow firefighters at the time of his death. Woodcock had battled CMML, a type of leukemia. nice stuff from Bunkerstud. Marie has been busy tatting things to go on some shirts she bought last fall. Jonathan Wong and Oscar Leung try to keep the drunk Bob Lam uprightJackie Chan uses Eric Tsang to intercept interviewsChin Kar Lok keeps an eye on his pregnant wife Angela Tongcourtesy of on. cccourtesy of mingpao. Current president Jackie Chan, vice president Stanley Tong Kwai Lai and Michael Miu Kiu Wai attended. However Jackie Chan stated that he would not accept an interview. Tomorrow, I begin my position as interim Public Health Nurse right here in my own New England hometown. Understandably, everyone is anxious to get their flu shot. The elderly residents of the town see the annual flu clinic and make-up flu clinic as an inalienable right, and the government's push for the majority of Americans to be vaccinated this year has driven this point home quite widely. Town employees, police, EMTs and firefighters also need to be vaccinated quickly and efficiently in order to decrease the likelihood of such essential personnel being sickened over the winter.

With the CDC and other government agencies expecting this year's vaccine to be more effective than last year's, I'm expecting a great deal of interest in and around town vis-a-vis the influenza vaccine.

ABC Sydney. abc. d. A selection of photos taken at Friday's Yuck 'n Yum launch:. Bunlar, bahçe komşum olan Kıbrıslı teyzenin verdiği Afrika domatesleri. Bir tanıdıkları, Afrika'da yetişen bu domateslerin tohumlarını hediye getirmiş onlara. Teyze ve eşi de yıllardır çekirdekten yeniden ve yeniden büyütüyorlarmış. Ben tam tohumları çimlendirme zamanı Türkiye'ye gidip, dönüşte-nisan sonunda çimlendirmeye başladığım için benimkilerin daha zamanı var. Türkiye'de bu cins domates var mı bilmiyorum. Tohumları kurutmaya başladım. İsteyen arkadaşlara gönderebilirim. The texture is amazing! See more after the break. Tumatter shared a fun DIY for a Shibori Tie Dye project. This is so pretty! Finally, you'll definitely want to check out this darling DIY trumeau mirror shared by Making It In The Mountains. Or what nobody wants to say is that shot blocking is actually a high risk, not too bright way to ask for trouble. Now toss in all those bodies already in the slot and all it did was create even more of the screen that prevented Braden Holtby from ever seeing the shot. Wednesday night hockey had a little of everything for the two New York Ranger and one New York Islander prospects to see action.

There was plenty of scoring, a fight and a little bad news to make the night interesting.

It is always a sore subject when someone runs at a Ranger player and nobody does anything about it. To see a Ranger prospect protecting his teammate is always going to be applauded by us. The IceDogs trail the division leading the Mississauga St. I've been inspired to start a new habit. A very cute one I might add. I promise to love, cherish and keep you safe. Ipromise my children will love you and think the world about you. We went for a catch up with friends Cassie & Hamish and their boys gave Genna this bunny - she was in HEAVEN! Lyn with baby KamekoGenna playing nicely next to Kameko. lo dicho, feliz semanaa! :Djust a quick hello!and my new apple shaped plate. I wasn't planning on doing a giveaway so soon after the one last week, but the opportunity presented itself. And then it inspired a project. sort of. So, another giveaway it is. Before I get to that though, I want to tell you a little about the project and how you might apply it to the giveaway item should you be the winner. Brief digression: I took these shots at a local thrift store that I've mentioned here before, Pieces of the Past. The place is jam packed with treasures, but don't bump into anything because it's also a house of cards.

Hey guys.

What's up? I'm writing to let you know that I added three new pictures of Stephane Robert's brieflines to his page on my site. "Observation:In the Old Testament, God speaks many times of shepherds leading His people astray. God always judges shepherds harshly and expects them to lead properly. He expects His shepherds to lead people the right direction and if they don't, they are in danger. Application:Today, there are so many shepherds who have decided to lead their people in a way that is not pleasing to God. I turned her into a miniature “sport cruiser” and loved her to bits. She was the first successful design from the board of Gary Mull, one of my favorite sailboat designers. You’d think there would be at least one still around here in reasonable condition, but if there is, I can’t find it in this neck of the woods. Mull was one who had very definite ideas about the difference between cruiser/racers and racer/cruisers. He didn’t design either.

Fire is back and Shadow is still here.

You will now have a character with all Fire skills, another with all Shadow skills, and the last with a mix. This gives you an idea of how your characters can have different skill setups and allows you to play around with each. The effect of the Shadow skills is now more apparent with it's new graphics, namely the DaT effect of Shadow. We've also added some cooldown visuals so you know what's going on when the skill you're spamming isn't triggering. I have used this set for so many different occasions but my favorite way to use it is for a baby card. The sentiment is from Made With Love. It's been emotional. So here's this Saturday's antidote of chill. "Justice have many faces. many ways. Here, justice also have it own face,own way Justice is blind. so is it. I took advantage of some great afternoon light and took some pictures of some of our spaces. I realized lately that I don't share as much of the "work" I do in our home as I should.

One of my goals is to start sharing more details.

starting now!My art wall in the upstairs landing. The dancer is a painting that was done by my great grandmother - I've admired it ever since I was a little girl and my parents gave it to me on my wedding day. I cherish it so! The red vase painting was done by my grandmother. I like to paint as well, and I hope to do it regularly someday to pass on the family "tradition". Last week I got on a decorating kick and changed up the entire guest room. It used to look like this. As a human, the essense of humanness being to work for greater improvements is good. They followed her out to the hall and down to the line of lockers. But I cant help you because I dont really understand what you need help with. in which theres no war or famine, oppression or brutality. And I keep adding more headache-inducing essays to my works-in-progress list. A glutton for punishment, that's me. But tomorrow, I should be ready with at least one of the new posts, which will suggest to "Mr. Vatican II took a more ecumenical approach.

Rome no longer wants to say Protestants or Orthodox Christians are "outside" the church.

So the relationship is parsed in terms of the "fullness" of grace and truth in the Roman church, or variations thereof. It's striking that the NT never says there is "one church". The NT uses the metaphor of the temple. The significance of this metaphor is that what makes a building a temple is the divine presence within the temple. As Paul adapts this metaphor, a Christian is a temple of the Holy Spirit. That, however, means whoever has the Spirit ipso facto belongs to the church. Another corporate metaphor is a flock of sheep. That isn't called the "church".

Faithful Christians regard transgenderism as a denial of God's design for human nature.

In this post I'll field a potential philosophical/theological objection to that position. I haven't actually run across this objection. But if it was raised, it might leave some Christians stumped, so I will take a whack at it. Traditionally, Christian theologians have been dualists. That's in large part due to the traditional understanding of the intermediate state. On this view, when a human dies, what that really means is their body dies. But they have an incorporeal soul which survives. Depending on the philosophy that sponsors it, you have varieties of Christian dualism. Augustine was more Platonic, Aquinas was more Aristotelian.

I'm one of those nutters who usually waits until the last minute to start making my Christmas cards.

sigh. I did finish them in only two days, but they still went out the day after Christmas. So this week's "Christmas in July" challenge over at Our Creative Corner was a really good one for me! Head over there for all the details and to link up your creation when you're ready. You can also see all my teammates' samples there: Cindy Haffner, Dawn Easton, Denise Marzec, Jennifer Meyer, Laurie Schmidlin, and Lynda Benden. Our city, Yokohama is far from the focus area. We and our house are OK. Because of the earthquake, we are facing power shortage so we're trying to save electricity. I often wake up because of frequent aftershocks. But we have enough food, water and safe house and I'm with my dearest family.

We're worrying about the disaster area.

I've never seen such a huge disaster in Japan. "In The Christmas Garden" Available in Store Now Renee's Card Gail's Card Ilaria's Card Christine's Card Susan's Card. I had to stop myself to enjoy how everything is looking right now. I love this time of year in the garden. Everything is planted and orderly. Perennials are mostly all opened. Soon it will turn into a jungle so it is nice to appreciate it now. One of my mirror chains hanging in the oakleaf hydrangeas. .