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 The newbies did just as well as the more seasoned runners as they chugged up the MF slopes steadily, many with an air of confidence in them. The earlier ones were treated to a little something extra - some push-ups and burpees just to extract that little bit left they might have reserved, ensuring that they burn off that bit more, and hopefully inch their cardio fitness slightly forward. Quickly move your Harley-Davidson Bagger or Touring bike up to the next level by replacing your stock master cylinder cover with any of the high quality, custom covers offered by iconic custom bike builder, Covingtons Customs. covingtonscustoms. A year ago if you asked me what my greatest pressing fear was I would have said, "being homeless. " Well it happened. We were renting a home that we were thankful for but didn't like very much. We made the most of it but as I was painting more we were really out growing it. It came time to tell our Land Lord we just can't pay rent we need to move out. So Paul did but we didn't have any place to move in to. I FELT like it was over. Our life was ruined. Here is this week's color story, courtesy of the fantastic Jaclyn Miller. I used the new Pinking Squares dies to cut out a square frame. Then I backed it with some Soft Stone cardstock and layered my elements.

The chevron embossing folder is from Sizzix - I am finding myself slightly obsessed with embossing folders right now.

Could be worse, right? I hope you will join us for this week's challenge.

You have until next Tuesday to link your creation up over on the The Play Date Cafe Blog.

And a huge thanks to Tami Mayberry Designs for sponsoring our prize this week. Yesterday I took time out from preparing for the launch of my new book on The Flora of Derbyshire to pop down to the Cathedral to reinstall our peregrine display. Window display in Derby Cathedral's cafe on Irongate. The window display in the Cathedral Centre cafe opposite the cathedral was designed and constructed with financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and is based on a life-sized reconstruction of the real peregrine nest ledge, and includes a live link to one of our nest webcams. The main focus of the cafe display was to highlight to visitors the fact that there are not only peregrine faces to be seen on the mediaeval tower of Derby's cathedral, but many others too. For example, there is the intricate face of the 'green man' with vegetation sprouting from his nostrils which most visitors probably never notice, despite two of them being at eye-level as they walk in the main west entrance.

There are also smaller green faces and tiny human figures half way up the tower, except on the east face.

More Information And Registration. It is not a test of how much you know from other courses or sources or experience. You do not “need” to include references to external sources for most questions, but you are free to do so if you think it improves your response. However, you should reference support for any claims that are not just your observations or opinions, as may be required for some options below. That said, the biggest thing to think of throughout this assignment is that although you’ll need to sufficiently describe and discuss examples, it’s not really about the examples in each question per se, but moreso your understanding and use of course material. That is, instead of discussing course content in general we are interested in your application of the concepts and skills to your own examples from ‘real life’. The Problems Associated with Transmission lines REPORT TITLE The problems associated with electric pylons I. INTRODUCTION II. BACKGROUND III. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS A. Agricultural Lands B. Noise and Light Impacts C. Right of Way IV. He's at the Tazewell County Jail. ". This is one of my faves! I love the yellows, oranges and blues. Here I cut the patterned papers into tag shapes and added a new Prairie Hill Accolade Sticker, a stamped "flying high" from the Prairie Hill stamps and some punched stars. On the XO card, I was inspired by the kite paper and cut around the design into an X. I used a new Prairie Hill shipping tag and stickers to make the "o" in XO, also used Terracotta Tile and Aqua Mist cardstock. Love the punch that the Terracotta Tile adds! I printed a little quote to go with it on the white cardstock. I apologize for the somewhat blurry photos. Oh my gosh. The big day finally came. I had to drop Blake off at Kindergarten today!!! It was bittersweet. Mostly sweet, but right at that moment when the line of kids started walking into class for the first time, I almost wanted to cry. I had heard about parents crying so much on the first day of Kindergarten, but didn't really see myself as one of them. I didn't cry, but it did tug at my heartstrings a little. My little baby boy is not a baby anymore! I know he will love school and will do great, but he must've been a little nervous, because he was aking for lots of hugs this morning. He must've given Ryan at least a half dozen before Ryan went to work. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. But we survived! I have to go pick him up now. Last night's moon was a little eerie, but tonight we get a SUPER MOON. Read this article on it. And speaking of super things, here's a little honeybee from my hive.

The poor thing expired and was tossed out of the hive.

Honeybees always drag out their dead and drop them over the edge of the landing board outside the hive. Fire and Ice roses are a favorite of Jen’s. She had a dozen in a large vase last weekend. I asked the boys if they knew the name of the roses. Of course they didn’t. Just in case they ever wanted to send their Mother flowers. They both smiled at me and said “Yah sure Grandma. ” They are easy boys to watch, they just need an adult or two in the house to keep one eye on them. Noah watches out for his brother, he feels very responsible for him. Adam is grounded from all video games for two weeks…he woke up Saturday morning and said “I dreamt that I was ungrounded and I was playing video games again. ” His Grandpa said “I bet that was a great dream! “ Adam said “It sure was. ” Tomorrow he gets ungrounded. It's one of those games I've had circled on the schedule all season long. I think if you put that special emphasis on a game, you invite weather to make a mess of things. THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE AGENTS. HAPPY SUNDAY. A few months back I found these burlap pencil bags in the dollar section at Target. I bought a couple not really knowing what I would do with them. I decided to make a couple of gift bags, of a sort, out of them. I decorated the front with some paper flowers and the Quick cards-Bumble Bee stamp set. I added some extra touches with the Buzz and Bumble embellishment Assortment. I filled the little bags with some Burt's Bee's Lotions and they make a perfect gift!.


Kumar,” he said, “I have some good news for you. ”The woman said, “I’m glad of that doctor, but I’m Miss Kumar,”“Miss Kumar,” said the doctor without changing expression, “I have bad news for you.

I was in a hurry to get to work on time so I ran into the house to get my wife to give me a hand to start the car.

I told her to get into our second car, a prehistoric oversized gas guzzler, and use it to push my car fast enough to start it.

Thanks to Abby for bringing these absolutely stunning hand-calligraphed re-covered vintage books from Etsy seller Neapolitan to my attention.

I want every single one of them. Just too beautiful.


, my family, cleaning my house, and basically doing nothing at all but snuggling on the couch, watching movies and eating. Many of the retailers that offered Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have extended their deals into today, and through the week. But it's good. Sleeping at night hasn't been that successful which doesn't help the getting better part. And the kids have been suffering from clogged ears. Not due to infection or sinus congestion, but rather a practice of not hearing/listening to Mommy the first time. Cookie Monster wants to know where Lady Libertygot that patriotic but out-of-context bandanna. I need new glasses, 'cause I sure don't see any economic recovery. We've really been keeping busy and have experienced a lot of "firsts" with the babies over the past couple of weeks. The hotel is an old quaker oats silo that has been converted and all the rooms are round. There is some really cool art in the lobby, as well as a couple of nice restaurants, little shops, and a pool in the hotel. I remember staying there as a kid and thinking it was really cool. I have wanted to take John there for a long time, so we thought it would be fun as a relaxing getaway before a really busy week. I use the term "vacation" very loosely because he actually ended up having to do some work from home and was probably more busy with that and appointments than he usually is! We had our developmental appointment at U of M on Wednesday. We also tied in World Thinking Day. It was a very busy meeting but I think we did a good job of pulling it off. We started the meeting together as a group and talked about World Thinking Day. The theme this year was learning about the need for education for girls around the world. In order to earn the World Thinking Day badge we decided to have a book drive and donate the books. Många trodde att efter den kalla snörika vintern vi hade så skulle sniglarna dött efter dom tuffa villkoren men det hände inte hos mig. Med den regniga sommaren som kom efter en varm vår så hade jag besök av många objudna gäster. Men inte alla var Iberiasniglar, det ser man om man vänder dom upp och ner. Men, det fungerade ju inte med alla. Dessvärre hade jag också flera av dom här på besök. Flera varianter på tema hittar du hos Katarina. Just watched Thor today with a friend after our reservist training and watching at Iluma Filmgrande was a great experience that's much contributed by the good surround sound and spacious seat. The son of Odin, the mighty Thor is a god of Norse Mythology. Banished to earth by his father for his arrogance and defiance, Thor picked up from where he fell and once again wield Mjolnir as the chosen one. Even though the plot is pretty straight forward, you can rest assured that you will be entertained by the CGI actions and humorous dialogues at several points of the movie. Chris Hemsworth is such a hunk and suited the role well. ps: Don't leave the cinema once the movie ends. Wait for the teaser after the credits. The other day my husband asked me why I've sewn so many tops for myself lately. His question made me stop and wonder why I'd spent so much time and energy sewing these shirts. Then I realized that making these tops for myself is like the ultimate crafting treat. Sewing them doesn't take a lot of time, I have something new and wonderful that I can enjoy, and I get some recognition from others when I wear my new item.

In fact that sense of pride increases when, after someone says,"Hey, I like your shirt," I answer, "Thanks, I made it myself.

"Most of these tops were sewn on a Sunday.

Sunday is my biggest work day of the week.

I have the whole day to hole up in my studio and sew or dye. It is with great sadness, that I share with you the passing away of Cubby LaHood. Cubby was the co-founder and Executive Director of the St. Joseph House. She will be missed by many. Though the beautiful Natalie Portman did not win Sunday night's SAG Award for the Best Actress, she swept the best-dressed category. There was a sea of sad sacks at SAG. The pregnant Natalie Portman— serene and elegant in her Dior gown. images are from the Daily Mail.

see the fashion fails here.

Oggi vi vorrei mostrare ancora un regalo natalizio che ho relaizzato per una persona cara, ora che l'ho consegnato lo posso anche mostrare sul blog. Si tratta di una raffinata candela a cui ho stampato sopra un fregio vittoriano. FELICE NATALE a tutti!My dear friends, I hope you spent a wonderfull Christmas with your family, like we did. It was so good to stay with all the family close even we missed our son very much, he's in New Zeland this year, our first Christmas without him, well we really missed him!. Trevor tried out his new pool floatie at Grandmas house last week. He LOVED it! I am the worst swimmer around. ie-doggie paddle queen, but somehow I birthed a total water baby! He didnt get much time in it because a storm was rolling in, but him and Auntie Stefi had a blast. Now if we could just get Daddy to drive a REAL one of these around. How the Media Misleads the Public The phenomenon of the media misleading the public is as old as the media itself. Although it is quite prevalent on stories regarding mass homicides it certainly appears in their reporting of other stories. The reasons are many: The media wants to run with a story and the first reports are almost always filled with conclusions or assumptions that are later shown to be false. The reporter, news writer, news caster, etc. is talking about something they just to not have the knowledge to discuss. To a certain extent it is difficult to remove all bias from a news report. The natural bias inflamed with inaccurate initial reports, coupled with a topic that the reporter is not qualified to discuss, and escalated with an added dash of hysteria because of the senseless nature of the crime being reported on lays the ground work for those inaccurate statements being accepted by the public as fact. Immediately after the Aurora shooting and for several days thereafter the news reports stated that the shooter wore head to toe body armor. The media then backed off and referred to it as a bullet proof vest. Chav in pub gets his arse out. Chris Weber, a Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on the topic with the International Center for Leadership in Education. In my opinion and experiences schools can more successfully implement these critical, research-based initiatives. They represent principles and practices essential to meeting all students’ needs and to ensuring that students graduate future ready. Our increased successes in differentiating teaching and learning directly improve student engagement and motivation. Screen to ensure we have identified students at high-risk of experiencing failure in the absence of a scaffolded set of Core Supports and immediate, intensive, and targeted Specialized Supports. .