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Respondents are asked to agree or disagree with the statement:"Priestly vocations are worth the effort to restore the noble tradition of altar boys.

" Thank you,+mcitl. Last week was the last time I mentioned this concept bike business and told you all that some things were going to be decided upon when I was up at Milltown Cycles last weekend. We even know who is going to build these! The concept from Ben's end is to have a bike that does the following:Has "classic road bike" geometry. Okay, so just what is "Classic road bike geometry" anyway. Well, it isn't anything like what you'd find at a bicycle shop these days, I'll tell you that much. CLEAR SHALLOW WATER AND PURE WHITE SANDY BEACHES Okay, I realize that we are now in November. But I just had to share with you a wonderful experience I had this past summer! I would not say that I have the need or desire to live on the edge. I am more of the slow and lazy moving kind of gal. And you moved at a steady clip as long as you stayed in the flow. The water was super warm. The name of the river had the name that just seemed a bit un-lovely The Black River Wait, this is in the middle of a state known for its alligators. I'm not sure who thought this would be a good idea, but I don't. You know for sure that open or concealed carry has no place in a place like that. Even most police officers check their weapon when entering these hospitals. This week two more articles appeared describing how large hospital systems use market dominance to charge more. Naturally, both were in news publications, not scholarly health services research journals. Consider the example of John Muir Health vs San Ramon Medical Center:Often, a hospital's dominance in an area helps determine how much it can charge, experts say. Consider John Muir Health, a two-hospital nonprofit system in the East Bay. Black Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO Dear God – We can all feel the power in this room: The power to make change. The power to legislate. It is also illusory – for everything we do is relative to our situation and our ability to perceive the world around us. On this beautiful morning – let us think about other kinds of power – the power that is not bestowed by the ballot box, but rather by our ability to perceive the miracles that surround us. The rising of the sun is not affected by the pounding of the gavel. The winds that bring desperately needed rain and snow are not dependent on rhetoric, reason or debate. I decided to knit myself an Aran cardigan/jacket, with pockets, as I couldn't find one in the shops that I liked. I haven't knitted for a couple of years because of arthritis in my right wrist and right shoulder, but now that both joints have been operated on successfully I thought I would try knitting again. I am delighted to say that I have not had any problems in the actual knitting, but I have had one great big problem!!! This problem goes by the name of Dear Husband! "I want you to knit me one first" says DH. So I dutifully start doing one his size. When I have knitted the back he kindly informed me that he didn't want a cardigan, he wanted a V neck jumper! The pattern booklet I bought didn't have a V neck jumper in it and so I have had to make one up as I went along!This is what I have done so far!. Just a couple more tree ornaments that I have made, both with two threads wound together. One thread was Anchor Alcazar Viscose Rayon and the other thread was Anchor Alcazar Metallic.

These could also be used as mobiles anywhere in the house! I have them dangling from my lounge ceiling lights, so tall visitors have to duck!!!.

Fort Hood soldiers and their canine partners introduce themselves to Daulton Elementary students, parents, and staff. They may be cute and cuddly, but don’t let the fur fool you. Military dogs are an integral part to the protection of our country. Students and staff at Anna May Daulton Elementary School are helping those four-legged soldiers get the support they need by raising money and collecting supplies to ship overseas. “These dogs are nobody’s pet, and they’re vital to the survival of our guys. ” A military canine retrieves an object for his handler.

I was going to photograph the whole draw process, but I was too lazy so you'll just have to trust me.

No bribes were accepted, no favouritism was shown. You should have sent money to Gordon while you had the chance! I crumpled up pieces of paper with all your names on them, and Gordon blindly picked the winners. I love using what I can from the land around me. This is a bit of venison from the white tail doe I harvested last winter. I cleaned the fat and silver from two small roasts.

Butterflied the roasts and then pounded them with my meat tenderizer so they would lay flat.

I mixed my canadian bacon cure. It totally escapes me how a Republican could voluntarily accept a position in the Obama administration. Judd Gregg thought he could then gagged when he realized the implications. How a Republican of any stripe could propose such legislation is beyond me. But notice how quickly the administration which he is serving slapped him unceremoniously down. If he has learned his lesson, he won't speak again without approval from the Master and his minions. "Wander," an art piece by Wesley Bird. Ahram Online With photo. The building was modified by late architect Gamal Bakry, and museum consultant Mahmoud Mabrouk designed the grounds to provide a suitable landscape for outdoor exhibitions. An open air theatre in the grounds displays a collection of ancient Egyptian replicas. Source Windsor Smith Design Source Lisa Pomerein Photography. Hello Friends! I am sharing a layout I created using the New Simple Stories Collection called Sunshine & Happiness. misscellania nagonthelake. The menu at La Rana is rather limited. As a result, I had fallen into a morning routine of huevos rancheros. I asked the owner, who does not speak English, why he did not serve eggs Benedict. He knew I was heading to Italy. On a whim, I said: “You could call them huevos del Papa. ” He laughed and laughed. Fully appreciating my double pun.

He suggested I should check with the current Bishop of Rome to see if the name was trademarked.

Plus Debra Shaw is wearing the Dior Masai warrior dress from the same collection. And my update for today is a video clip of Dmitry Tursunov in his match against Tommy Haas in this year's Championships at Wimbledon. He's clearly wearing dark colored trunks or briefs under his shorts. This blonde god is pretty hot. I hope you guys like the clip. Dmitry TursunovCiao!!. Our YUM bumper stickers are back in stock. We've got folks out on the street looking for them on cars and businesses. . For some reason, Master Mo is painstakingly shy of the camera:But when Matt stayed home sick last week, he was able to sneak a couple shots with Mo's eye's open!He must hate the flash!As for Char, she's not camera shy at all:Sometimes she likes to cover her teeth with her tongue. I love our dog/foster dog. Living a successful life with healthy relationships requires sacrifice. How difficult these sacrifices are depends on the person and of course, if you have any sort of character, you don't go around fishing for recognition for how much you sacrificed. Noble duty and honor and all that. I have made my share of sacrifices in my life. Here we are now. Entertain us. by Phil Johnsont last June's Founder's Conference, Roy Hargrave delivered a powerful message that got me thinking about why so many churches lose their young people. Hargrave's message, but he brought up the subject in one of the points he made. Time for a quick update:My appt. went well yesterday. The birth control pills did their job. I took my last one yesterday. I did my first Lupron injection about an hour ago. We didn't get a chance to take pics. Oh well, there will be plenty of more injections! It went off without a hitch. It has now gone almost back to normal. I return on Feb. This pig is getting faster one ounce at a time. To my beloved wife Debra - A very happy birthday to the love of my life. May you all find the strength from above to reach places and heights which you can't yet see. never mind imagine. And yes, Bamboos indeed exist in this world. parts and pieces make up a whole. It's been really enjoyable working on all the one of a kind pieces for the Creative Connection- The process is quite different than making limited editions. It's much more open and I'm able to allow each piece to unfold in its own unique way. I'm rather fond of this bunny I finished this morning. That's the name I've given this quilt. It sure is bright! It rained here tonight, so no good shot of the quilt outside yet. I used Lava Colorburst thread to quilt the swirls in the crazy blocks and triangles, and also the meander around the flowers. The borders are PermaCore Eggshell thread, and a panto called Spin by Jodi Beamish, and I took the quilt off and reloaded it to get the side borders. Lots of extra work, but I like how it turned out. The flowers have So Fine thread and I did an echo sort-of in the petals. I told her that I wasn't going to try to outline them and she was happy with that. Transgender candidate running for Conn. Switching parties and running for office is everyone's. We'll see if I get an answer, and if I do, one that's worth a damn:.

Some videos:.

There is a good chance I will get a two day weekend this weekend. YES. Have a gun show at the armory and the weather has been wet, but warm. Have a wedding to go to Saturday. Buddy of mine from work. I got to meet his wife to be at the club when he brought her out. .