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It eventually occurred to me that someone else might want to write one of them, so I put a page of story ideas up on my web site. As you can see by going to the page, at least three people have now sent me stories they wrote based on my ideas and given me permission to web them. What I find particularly satisfying is that in some cases the author took the story in a direction that had never occurred to me, and it worked. Then Rachel said to Leah, Give me, I pray thee, of thy son’s mandrakes. And he lay with her that night. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, who wants to know just what their plan is. In a letter addressed to top officials of the Pebble Limited Partnership, and its joint venture partners, Anglo American Plc and Northern Dynasty Minerals, the Alaska Republican said they should detail their proposed plans to develop the massive deposit in Southwest Alaska. Murkowski has also opposed the prospect of the U. S. I love them warm off the griddle and served with real butter an syrup. I love a well browned fresh sausage patty with my eggs and waffle. I think breakfast is the best meal of the day! I also love Bacon. And she was eating some bacon and I asked all shocked, I thought you didn't eat meat? And she smiled and said "Bacon is not meat!" I still get a chuckle over that one. The Obama administration talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk on human rights in Cuba. "On human rights, there’s no question that we continue to have concerns about the human rights issue in Cuba, and we’ve been very candid and frank about that, publicly and privately. There still remains concerns that we have about it. Because that’s what you do when you are working towards the full normalization of diplomatic relations in a country like Cuba. The Supermarine Spitfire, key defense tool in the Battle of Britain. I have often said health IT remains an experimental technology. " Emphases in italics mine: The termination of Fujitsu's contract has caused uncertainty among Trusts in the South and new deployments have stopped. Whatever the barbarisms of agricultural society, the cottager who drew attention to himself - and more particularly herself - by openly flouting conventional morality was likely to pay for it. If life in the industrial jungle was no harsher than in the countryside, it was chancier, more disorientated, and in important ways a lot freer. The promiscuous woman in Liverpool or Salford, Stepney or Bermondsey, had opportunities and inducements to prostitute herself that were not to be found in a country parish. Paradoxically, some current social attitudes, explicitly hostile to loose living, actively promoted prostitution. Nothing in the literature of the time is more striking than a tendency to lump all unchaste women into one category. Apart from the innocent - yet forever 'soiled' - victim of a single seducer, any woman contaminated by fornication was put practically on a level with the professional harlot. Such conventional notions, however at odds with reality, can have immense influence on everyday conduct. We went to a great hat store while on our visit. Phyllis very reluctantly posed for me in this jester hat. She looks so darn impressed, doesn't she?She isn't actually IN the RCMP. That sweatshirt was a gift from us. What she really wanted was a flesh-and-blood, serge-suited manly Mountie, but alas, that we could not provide. So we did what we could. And this. Schramel can do no worse than sixth place. What an incredible night for our wrestling program! Check out additional state coverage coverage at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper's website:. I made it back from Xcel Energy Center in time to get some family time and then get to the high school for pep band and the varsity girls' basketball game. The guy retiring as head of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is a former U. S. Coast Guard officer. Here's the press release:Aug. S. Coast Guard Capt.

Michael Cerne to replace Executive Director Ray Riutta.

Cerne will begin working in the ASMI Juneau office in September to allow for several months of overlap before Riutta retires in December. "While it will be difficult to replace someone the caliber of Ray Riutta, I'm very happy with the board's decision and we are quite confident that Mr. ‎. I like to eat supper during the Super Bowl. This year, every team I rooted for in the playoffs, lost each week. I'm what you would call, a loser. I bet with my track record, they will not be happy about that. Quarantaquattresima puntata della nostra rubrica. Given a positive integer n, break it into the sum of at least two positive integers and maximize the product of those integers. Return the maximum product you can get. Good evening! I hope you had a glorious weekend. If you live in Portland, I want to share a brand new spot in town: Eve in Eden, a bridal shop now open in the back of Eden, one of my favorite boutiques in town. The new shop features non-traditional bridal goods: dresses, jewelry, headpieces, and bags, both vintage and designed by local artists. Not much happening around here. Rain, snow, sleet, hail…that’s just about it! Above is what I’ve been working on. The pattern is Clovers & Jam by Fig Tree & Co. I started it while on retreat last November. Maybe I’ll get the borders on soon and get it quilted. HAPPENINGS AT THE ATTIC WINDOW: UFO Day on Monday, Feb. Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to discover which soda was healthier. I became interested in this topic from my daily habit of consuming Coca Cola. The information gained from this experiment can be used to warn people to not drink too much Coca Cola. Many people say all sodas are the same, but this project has proved them wrong. My problem was which soda damages your muscles more, Coca Cola or Sprite. In order to decipher my problem, I had to investigate the ingredients of both drinks at first. After analyzing the ingredients of both drinks, I had to conduct an experiment.

It's finally here! NCTE's National Day on Writing!Check out the Kidlitosphere's Gallery, "A Lifetime of Reading.

Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.

This is a drawing I created, that I find to be especially humorous! I have entitled it, "Corporate Nude," since this nude has a very serious expression on her face and is wearing glasses to read the serious documents that await her in her office. sold.

Hi guys.

I added a new page in the brieflines archive for Swiss footballer, Gokhan Inler. Hi guys. I decided to take a break from posting pics of tennis players for a little bit. S. Stirring stuff from the first link on. You can find me on Today's Charlotte Woman talking about Lowe's Historic paint colors, which are some of my favorite colors out there. Check it out here!. by the time Ernie got around to the back end Blues on the walkaround and went into this dance there was no doubt what number was on!. Izithakazelo zakwa-Gwacela Mbili, Mhlanga!. One of the pleasures of a slow summer is having the time to make cordial. Drinking homemade cordial on a hot day is one of joys of the season for us so I make sure our favourites are ready for the hottest days. I love ginger cordial, Hanno loves elderberry cordial, so they are our mainstays. Made with fresh ginger and elderberries from our tree in the backyard, I just add lemon and sugar and that's it.

Cordial bought at the supermarket is generally a concoction of water, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours.

Making your own is easy to do and a much healthier option. I make up the drink with a small amount of cordial syrup and add cold sparkling mineral water and ice. Hearing those ice cubes clinking in the glass is one of the things I love about summer. Happy New Year everyone. I've also reposted the earlier PDF files with a more meaningful front page, which includes the year! The files are in the files area, but here are the links below as well. Partially blue skies already with the sun winning the battle to appear. Promises to be a nice day in West Marin. Not much of not much surf wise with only windswell showing from both the N and S.

Another great rock picking / tide pool morning.

Life is so gloriously full right now.

I REALLY need to learn to use the tractor with the snow thrower.

Oh yes, it's busy XO. Darlings, here are just a few of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with!John Frieda Spiral Style spray gel.

CC has and absolutely adores! CC has naturally wavy hair, and normally straightens it to avoid the dreaded frizz.

This product helps to sculpt beautiful curls, so CC can actually wear her hair naturally curly. Crystal color earrings, at jcrew. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field.

When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership.

Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewNext issue of the LFCA is brought to you by the Devil. The author of Unsung Lullabies will be on. So off I go.

practice makes perfect so they say.

Janelle x. This is a simple recipe that can be served as a meal or an appetizer. I most often serve it as a meal. You can make this with good canned tomatoes but it is always better if you use ripe garden tomatoes. Saute it in a bit of olive oil just until it softens.

Season with salt and pepper.

Add them to your onions. Tie all of the fresh herbs up with string and submerse them in the sauce. .