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 They were all sold "as-is" broken but they were easy to fix. One had a bad soldering connection in the power supply. They all had loose power supplies, the mounting needs to be improved. I glued the power supplies to the light cover at the end closest to the heat sink. This picture shows what is inside the projector. At the back is the LED heat sink with cooling fan. I'm very pleased with the Sterling gizmo installed by Kings Lock Chandlery – it seems to do a splendid job of fooling the alternators into delivering far more juice than they were hitherto inclined to do, and of charging up the battery bank much more efficiently. But there is still the issue of what happens overnight. That turns off the fridge, and since there seems to be nothing else drawing electrons, the battery voltage remains pretty stable overnight. This is in considerable contrast to when I left the inverter on overnight. The voltage would drop, though not as much, even if I simply turned off the fridge, but left the inverter on.

So it seemed that it was largely the actual running of the inverter that was to blame.

But I've been puzzling over the maths. We left Helsinki behind,Helsinki jäi taakse,and when we woke up in the morning Sweden was entwined in a magical cloud. ja kun aamulla heräsimme oli Ruotsi kääriytynyt taikapilveen. The coast line dotted with one idyllic seaside house after the next. Rantaviivan talot toinen toistaan idyllisempiä, kuin suoraan Lantliv-lehdestä. We window-shopped in the old town, Gamla stan,Teimme ikkunostoksia vanhassa kaupungissa,and visited Pippi, Madicken, Emil and others at Junibacken. ja kyläilimme Pepin, Marikin, Eemelin ja muiden luona Junibackenissa. The hotel bed was put to the test with Pippi,Hotellin sänkyä testattiin Pepin kanssa,and we admired the views from the windows. ja ihasteltiin ikkunoista avautuvia näkymiä. And we wandered around the streets of Södermalm in search for the toy museum. At his trial, when asked why he did not accept the Revolution, he responded that he did not accept it because life for people was very bad. At that moment a State Security agent participating in the trial struck him in the face, breaking his lower lip. During his trial, Luis Enrique Ferrer's family members were denied access to the court room, instead having to wait in the corridor. courtesy of on. It announced a new round of film selections. The Michael Hui Koon Man starred Taiwan film GODSPEED for its Vanguard segment. He played a Hong Kong man Old Hui who married a Taiwanese wife and made a living as a taxi driver in Taiwan. Once he shot outside Din Tai Fung, as soon as he saw the sign he screamed "It's Din Tai Fung!" That night the boss treated him to dinner there. Shunji Iwai attends BRIDE OF RIP VAN WINKLE's Hong Kong premiere and poses with Karena LamCherry Ngan will write a song for her record laterShunji Iwai takes a selfie with Vanessa Yeungcourtesy of mingpao. cc Karena Lam Ka Yun and Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling two nights ago attended a film premiere. Has she chosen something to wear? She said that she did not have the figure of a model, so she had to try a few more style. Ka Yun said that her husband Steve Yuen Kim Wai had no opinion on the matter and she did not dare to ask their daughter to help, as she was afraid that she would be all pink. Ka Yun said that she was not confident about winning. She said that she gladly did that for her husband. Ft. Great room concept & kitchen with breakfast bar. One of the suspects has “a long goatee and short beard” and was wearing black shoes, workout pants and a black workout jacket with a black knit cap. ". I got to meet my Great Niece Miss Vivian yesterday. She is beautiful. She slept the entire time I held her, oh the smell of baby lotion brings back so many memories of babies long ago. She had a few rocky days after her birth but was monitored closely in the NICU and came home last Friday. She almost opened her eyes once and didn’t seem at all disturbed by her brothers. One is two and one is four. My niece Megan is a busy Mom! Harlow is two! I love little ones at two, their personality is emerging and they are oh so curious about the world around them. Teddy is four and takes his role of big brother quite seriously.

These small children are all grandchildren of my other baby brother and she who sees robins first who live next door to us.

We are in a winter storm watch. Rain and then snow and blowing snow are forecast. This storm has a name Gandolf. I am writing this at midnight. and it is raining out now. The windows are wet. I finally got all the ice off of the walk and the patio! There are certain things I like to do before a storm. m. on Tuesday this week.

Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars boys basketball.

Johanna over at the excellent blog Tant Johanna found this wonderful apartment for sale through Bolaget. I just had to repost it here! A white base with lots of brightly colored accessories makes this a very inviting and family friendly home. via. In shutting down its Silicon Valley Bureau, KGO Radio is essentially snubbing its nose at the core geographic tech center of the world. KGO plans to "streamline" tech news and developments through its SF center on Battery. " Hardly. Said a longtime KGO staffer: "It shows disrespect for the brand. I have been MIA again. A guide to making your own lesson plan template specifically for teachers who see small groups all day - resource room, consultant teachers, reading teachers.

ELA IEP goals and progress monitoring tools for elementary special ed teachers.

Two and half years! I have not one, but two sweet babies and boy are they growing fast. My three year old has recently and suddenly caught on to reading and is trying to sound everything out, and I'm melting into a puddle of mommy/teacher pride, but also overwhelmed with an emotional wave of teaching nostalgia and passion and love and a weight of sadness that time is such a thief and so many good times and memories are behind me. It's like, blink! My once first graders are in jr. high and my first third graders are graduating and my first baby is reading. I feel like a dad. My website is finally launched. It has been a long slow agonizing process. But i never gave up. It was a series of a thousnad little obstacles followed by a thousand little victories. #‎Speakout. if you see a child being abused in front of you. #speakout if a child tells you she's been beaten and asks for your help. #speakout if you have a bad feeling that something is wrong. What a lovely way to spend a beautifulsummer Saturday. Although capturingthe roses with a camera wasn't exactlyunpleasant either!. All of human life is behind these bars, though we do seem to be afflicted by a disproportionate number of fantasists. I've met more SAS troopers and millionaires than your average arms salesman. The young are particularly afflicted with this syndrome, which reached its peak for me as a YP. And by two different people! One was a greasy-haired stutterer we knew as Bullshit Brucie, the other was a Brummie rapist with the improbable name of Elvis Presley. Warning signs. STI opens positive but close slightly negative again, with higher volume than the day before. Classic signs of distribution. I give you at most another day like that and we'll have a more major drop. A lot of pennies went up very high in the morning but closed negative or neutral. The state practices situational morality. Always. Stay safe. Doctor Linda Rudolph, head of the Center for Climate Change and Health at the Public Health Institute, said during the panel that "climate change is the greatest global health challenge of our time. "So what can people do about it?Hospitals and healthcare providers should play a big role, experts say. Hospitals themselves are actually big producers of waste. They use lots of fossil fuels and their attention has been focused on helping people, not the environment. parking on the GA apron. In fact, those Illinois farmers who have leveraged their operations conservatively tell us that they’re not interested in the ‘windfall’ of wind farming. ”. Then scratch it. Scratch Cam it that is, the vintage photo app for the iPhone. Every month, David Hayes from Clearer Reflections sponsors the Recipe Book Project, an online collaboration of iPhonography art. I have been playing along for several months now and have decided to go abstract, using the Scratch Cam app to create my contribution: Itch A recent guest post on Create Mixed Media provides a great overview of the project, several sample recipes, and guidelines for you to play along. It is not too late to join in this month, as my post is a bit early. Folks. limited blogging for a time. of great relief to many I'm sure.

Short story, had a major incident with an escalator in Auckland and came off a clear second best.

Casevaced to the Auckland Hospital where a CAT scan revealed some bleeding on the brain. Totally bereft of intelligent life. For a time the NZEI, the primary teachers union kept silent and possibly were seen to be less moronic. Yesterday that facade fell off it's perch when they rejoined the PPTA in their mindless crusade to destroy Charter or in Newspeak, Private Partnership Schools. Only weaken the already well proven fact that 'registration ensures nothing additional to any protections'. These schools will enjoy higher funding levels, again a massive fail, published data reveals the opposite. PP Schools will have a freedom from the curriculum, well all schools across our nation enjoy remarkable freedom in bringing differing curicula variations to the table. The only thing that sustains the sad ignoring of the mass of the talent pool is the easy road of just turning up to work the union protected job for life that is the very worst of retarded union protections, right brothers. Apparently the NZLP concurs. I have been feeling a little down lately. The day I have been dreading since February is fast approaching. To be honest, I hadn't thought about the loss much. Summer was a blur and I tried to focus on the good in my life. Now that we are in the dreaded month, I cant escape the pain. Its such an odd feeling. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of bittersweet. He then struck out Brandon Crawford.

in its own little grinder.

We also picked up a Simply Asia Sweet Ginger Garlic seasoning: ginger, toasted sesame seeds and black sesame seeds, sea salt, unrefined sugar, garlic red bell peppers, toasted coconut. This Thanksgiving I saved my money and cut the skeletons from our garden for the table. Before dinner, we all wrote things that we're thankful for on pieces of colored paper and stuck them onto the branches.

Claude and his cousin Hazel wrote out their own.

Hazel asked for the spelling of each word and Claude wrote his out in a series of O's, L's, C's and T's- the only letters he's currently writing. scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers. , are scams from West African scammers mainly from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana etc. .