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east and west, sex between men and women

What a treat! I will visit your blogs today,,I can't wait! The other goal is to do my profile,,,but first I have to go look at houses with my Southern Gentleman,,,SG for short. Oh,,, sigh,,, to be a superwoman. Now I want to share something. There is a very special group of women in Oregon that I would like to tell you about. To my mind automatic electronic translators rank up there in the list of mankind’s greatest inventions. It is true that as yet they are imperfect and often give a poor translation, but think of this. Even if the message is imperfect it can usually be understood, which means that ordinary people across the world can now talk to each other. The power of governments to restrict the information available to their citizens is already crumbling. We are at the dawn of a golden age. . Glorious boogy boarding, time for our kids to play with their cousins, and lots of lovely walks and jogs along the beach. Yep, I've started jogging. Much to my surprise, I'm loving it - and discovering muscles in places where I've had no muscles for years. The purpose of this type of study is to discover from the lives of actual people, whose story is recorded in Scripture, some of the principles of leadership. In this way most of the outstanding qualities, conditions, and problems of Christian leadership will be revealed. jtpercussion. For those who don’t know the difference between a ply shell drum and a stave shell drum, here’s a quick lesson. Stave shells are made by taking pieces of wood and gluing them side by side together as would be done in making a barrel and then turned on a lathe to be made round. There are pros and cons to both methods but since we’re talking staves in this review I will stick with staves.

Pros Less glue is involved and is localized to just the edge joints where in a ply shell, the glue has to be spread evenly over the entire surface of the veneer.

Cons Really, the only one I can think of at this writing is cost. These days I have men at work at my house doing some manual maintenance. While they were preparing the demolition of a selfmade wooden wall I saw the creation of this raw tough atmosphere. and I love it! My excitement will be for a short moment.

my camera makes overwork.

I am not sure why I am up right now.

My husband fell asleep on the living room floor and is snoring.

I've never made so many different cards in one day. It must be the adrenaline. I guess that is what is keeping me awake. Corruption has been around since the beginning of policing. "Police corruption is the abuse of police authority for personal gain.

Corruption may involve profit or another type of material benefit gained illegally as a consequence of the officer's authority.

Typical forms of corruption include bribery, extortion, receiving or fencing stolen goods, and selling drugs. When a department is caught with corrupt members the department and that individual are looked down upon. There are several types of corruption within the department.

FAKKU, however, has a much cleaner interface with a lot more to offer.

The videos are hosted on Megarotic, but FAKKU also provides links to the torrent files. Look at it through a critical lens exploring its general idea, significance, and impact on the past/present/future of Ukraine.

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I didn't doubt you for a minute.

Christmas, we're ready for you!. We finally got the snowstick in place.

There it is poised and ready for snow.

For those of you who don’t know, I put a snowstick up every Fall so that I can measure the snow in our yard throughout the Winter. No snow in sight for the next few days either. So far it has been a wonderfully warm November…one of the best ones I can remember and as far as I am concerned it could stay this way all winter!. Hi! It is I the most handsome Border Collie in Minnesota. Here to entertain you. Far Side says that I have cabin fever just like her. She and Far Guy were in the hardware store one day. she didn’t need anything but Far Guy had a list. so she wandered around. There was a display of slingshot animals. She hollered at the cashier who wasn’t busy “ How do these things work?” Well from that point on she was sold.

I make these often, they are so tasty! This time I used some of the Jallelujah Jalapeno seasoned pulled pork from my last cook.

added minced onions to the pork, made an egg milk wash and a plate of panko bread crumbs for coating. cut eggroll wrappers into thirds. added about one tablespoon of pulled pork and onions to one end. Icicle Seafoods Inc. could be one step closer to having to write a very big check as a penalty for some illegal king crab processing a few years ago. But the dollar figure might not be as hefty as government authorities want. The central question is whether Icicle controlled Adak Fisheries Development Co. and used it to process millions of pounds of king crab over Icicle's limit. As another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive. The Lame Cherry bases all of the Doctrines upon historical fact and in this, the Lame Cherry advocates outlawing Islam in these disUnited States, banning Islamic worship, mosques and the deportation of Muslims to reservations in their respective places of nativity. For the ignorant who are puzzled at this, in being brainwashed that America is a place of religious freedom or that no one could be deported for being another religion other than Christian, I will provide you historical reality for Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Harrison and Franklin Roosevelt all engaged in removing terrorists who practiced religions which made genocide on Christian Americans. The most infamous of these acts were Andrew Jackson deporting the Cherokee and seizing their lands, due to the fact that a few years earlier, they had engaged in genocide with European powers on American Christians in the Ohio Country. President Harrison, was leader of America when a new terror movement arose in the Western United States, which called for the extermination of White Christian Americans, with the summoning of dead Indian spirits to replace the Americans. It was called the Ghost Dance, and the chief terrorist in America, Sitting Bull of the Sioux was using this movement based upon a fraud Paiute Indian, to start another plains war on innocent Americans. The Ghost Dance was banned, but this terror movement began war skirmishes with the US military, and the tribe of Big Foot at Wounded Knee, became hostile when a medicine man, started telling the Indians that the military bullets would not harm them, and thug began the military defending itself from another Little Big Horn in the massacre of the Indians. There are numerous instances of religious movements being crushed in America, when terror events appeared from those movements. I really do. But. THEY DON'T GIVE A CRAP. They don't. As requested by a reader, here are my picks of inexpensive and non-traditional engagement/wedding rings. Much prettier and unique than big diamonds and typical settings, in my humble opinion. , looking southeast. Having read a vast amount by, and about, the man, I am still lacking a coherent explanation as to why he chose to adopt a path of violent as opposed to non-violent struggle. Mandela doesn't appear to place a high value on human life. And in prison, he plotted and schemed, yet all the while failing to resist his jailers. Pah! Mandela.

Today I am observing A Blogger Day of Silence in honor of the Sandy Hook families.

After a rain shower this week, Rosie decided it would be fun to play in some very muddy puddles. Being messy is so much fun.

Look at those legs! This is why having a white carpet is never a good idea! I couldn't let "dirty doggy" back in the house like that, so we hosed her down.

My son was more than happy to help. And I think Rosie enjoyed it too! So then "dirty doggy", turned into "smelly wet doggy". And because we must have gotten some water in her ears, a couple days later she became "ear infection doggy"! We took her to the vet this morning and now we have to clean her ears and put drops in every day. Never a dull moment. Pubs. GISS: Lunt et al. J. , A. M. Haywood, G. A. Schmidt, U. Salzmann, P. J. Valdes, H. I found this little chair in the alley behind mycottage. It was unwanted and unloved. So. I brought it home. Found some left over paint in thegarage and gave it a little love. Innovative ideas, hard work and a determination to winning challenges are desired from the interested candidates whilst professional attributes and a proven track record is necessary to qualify for the positions. Minimum criteria to apply for the positions are detailed below. Job Requirement Experience in Information Technology related to Banking processes and CISA certification will be an advantage. A wild storm was brewing when I drove up the mountain to my meeting late yesterday afternoon. I wish I had taken my camera to take a photo of it for you. The sky was solid dark grey and there was a long, straight, cigar-shaped, lighter grey fluffy cloud rolling over the mountain that just took my breath away. Loud thunder claps, a few lightning strikes and a huge downpour of rain and it was all over. Ten minutes later the sun was out again drying the landscape in a steamy mist. The forces of nature certainly are intense and magnificent. Today I'm back home again just living life. I'm going to list my chores so I have a reminder later of what my early morning intentions were. Frick award for Broadcasting by the Hall of Fame. Jack Sanford beat out Phillies teammate Ed Bouchee for the Rookie of the Year. Here lies John Boehner. He torched his country to save his job. Inspirational Quote of the Day:"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. " - Rudyard KiplingThe wind starts to pick up as the rain falls making for a small stormy day. Only content wind swell which is making it swirly in the mysterious ocean. CHANNEL: The winds are just cutting off the small NW swell as most of it is slop chop. Due to high winds blowing head on, some people might ask themselves what am I going to do.

Well try something new and give it your all as the ocean had a little to much to drink.

PATCH: Too windy to have too much fun in the ghost town of Bolinas.

Maybe it's your day to buy a new log for the slower days.

PACK IT IN. Oh how good it is When the family of God Dwells together in spirit In faith and unity. Where the bonds of peace, Of acceptance and love Are the fruit of his presence Here among us. Oh how good it is On this journey we share To rejoice with the happy And weep with those who mourn.

For the weak find strength The afflicted find grace When we offer the blessing Of belonging.

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