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Via a link from Eric Raymond, I've just been reading a presentation by Richard Lindzen, an MIT climate scientist critical of current global warming arguments. The substantially larger effect projected in the IPCC reports depends on positive feedbacks in their models. Insofar as the feedbacks can be estimated empirically, they appear to be negative, not positive. The historical evidence shows about a one degree increase from the past doubling. In order to make that consistent with the models it is necessary to include in the models additional features to explain a lower increase than would otherwise be predicted. And the last word, maybe. And maybe not. It's a crime film that doesn't seem to get much love. I had certainly never heard of it, but The Younger Son, always on the look-out for another Ving Rhames movie, put this on. It was fun to watch, though there's nothing new here.

I doubt I'll watch it again, but I'll watch a sequel if they make one.

trailer:DVD Talk closes with this:Conclusion I had high hopes for Malone going in, but they dropped off sharply before even the introductory action sequence had ended. John the Baptist. Today’s Gospel, from Luke, gives us the content of his message. As you know, John the Baptist belongs to the Old Testament. He is the last of the prophets. He announces Christ, the beginning of His public ministry, and of the Church. So, at this moment in history, the Gospel tells is, “The Word of the Lord came to John,” to let us know that all of this is the work of God.

A glistening, sinuous shape at the other end of a courtyard caught my eye as I was walking down Yonge Street during a recent visit to Toronto.

I had to take a closer look. I quickly confirmed that the band does, indeed, have the one edge and one side characteristic of a Möbius strip. I later discovered that the sculpture, created by Toronto artist Lilly Otasevic, is titled Möbius. Her own description of the sculpture acknowledges its mathematical roots and notes the Möbius strip's present-day ubiquity as the underlying form of the three-arrow recycling symbol. Otasevic says that her sculpture represents "transformation and timeless continuity of natural processes," symbolizing balance and "our unity with nature. Otasevic joins a growing number of artists who have found inspiration in the wonderful mathematical discovery of August Ferdinand Möbius, a list that includes Max Bill, Charles Perry, and others. Photos by I. Next she aligned the Clark's ABCs letters to be stamped with Lobster ink. The MISTI allows you to get everything lined up perfectly! The image bracketing "erased" is found in the Party Animal stamp set. No one was on board. A friend of Murray spoke with Murray’s father. We live just seven miles from the Reservation. The public is invited every year to the PowWow. Far Guy and I went over on Saturday evening between rain showers. No photographs are allowed during the Peace Pipe Prayer Ceremony. Other than that, you can take photographs.

The Flags are honored in the Grand Entry.

However, all the stamp sets coordinate with each other and can be used together to create dynamic artwork. These stamp sets also coordinate with shapes from the new Cricut® Artistry collection to help expand your artwork options even further. She's sharing a tutorial on how you can make your own Dry Erase Board. Cute, right? Next, I simply couldn't pass up these Strawberry Cashew Parfaits linked by This Silly Girl's Life.

Casa Watkins linked up a colorful and pretty dining room makeover.

And finally, Clementine Creative shared a free printable for these adorable water color circles.

Just think of all the crafting possibilities! I'm so excited to see what you all link up to this week's party. Have a lovely day! xoxo Wendy . If the Bush regime, which clearly lusts for war with Iran, isn't able to confect a casus belli out of dubious claims about Teheran's nuclear program or its role in fomenting insurgency in Iraq, it may embrace a justification for aggressive war: An attack on Iran would be necessary in order to arraign its president on a charge of incitement to genocide. ” For "international effort" we should read: "A campaign involving the familiar cast of war-intoxicated neo-Trotskyites from North America and Israel. Gen. According to this “august” group, an indictment should be submitted to the UN's International Criminal Court at The Hague accusing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of violating the Genocide Convention by making public statements allegedly calling for the obliteration of Israel. For Cotler and Dershowitz, a trial would be a mere formality, since Ahmadinejad's guilt is apodictic. W. "By now we should have learned the trick of listening to a Bamster message. Whatever he says, he believes and intends to do exactly the opposite. ‎. The Islander report is right here. And the reality, right now, is that on the two years I left the Christmas knitting until September, I lost my mind. The one year I drove myself crazy, and the other year, one gift wasn't done until February. But the husbeast is willing to wait until after the holiday, so I really only think of it as three. I also want to do a baby sweater by November. Tämän päiväisen myrskyn takia sähköt ovat poikki, eikä vielä tietoa milloin ne saadaan kuntoon. Puita on kaatunut kovasti linjoille. Tästä syystä en pysty lähettämään tilauksia tai vastaamaan sähköposteihin ennenkuin sähköt palaavat, toivottavasti parin päivän sisään. Pahoittelen viivästystä. IN ENGLISHLast night and today there was a bad storm in Finland, lots of trees have fallen on the power lines and our electricity has been out since last night. I'm sorry about this delay. This homemade ET was all set to march in NYC's fabulous Halloween parade. And if you'd like to check out the latest post on my monthly Paris blog, it's up here. The crown cups made during the Renaissance were carved from a single root of spruce trees. The decoration of the crown is likely derived from forms found in the woodwork details of imported late Gothic altarpieces.

Many of the cups were painted brightly red.

Ja, litt farge og frodighet, hvilket som regel betyr en dykkert inn i gamle bildemapper, tilbake til sommeren. Hva var det jeg ikke likte med dette i sommer? Syntes jeg at de så for rotete ut? Hva fikk meg til å grave vekk flerparten av plantene og sette nytt? Nå synes jeg denne blandning er blant det vakreste jeg sett… En villniss kan så være, ikke noen plan, alt hulter om bulter, men det er jo slik jeg liker det, i hvert fall nå om vinteren når man så fortvivlet lengter etter farge.

Giddyup! so.

it's been a while since I had a rant- don't mess with my ranting self, I am savoring my anger. Go to the RICOH WEBSITE to keep up todate with all the news. In a Reform Judaism magazine interview, Dr. Rumors were spread that the new banknote had been printed in Israel and in a few hours the Iranian bank cancelled it. Yesterday, I began putting together some plans for my future office. Since I was working on this plan while my sweet little boy rested between attacks of a nasty stomach virus, it was hard to stay focused. I was relieved to see him bounce out of bed this morning and back to his cheerful little self. Today he is just taking it easy while I spoil him with all my attention. Although, I think he already got tired of me because he asked if he could go play Wii for awhile. Oh well, I will snuggle him more later. Blanche Wells. My wife trained many an elephant Empress and I well recall, "Face your audience. !. Hi everyone! Shilo here today with Inspiration Wednesday! I was kinda scratching my head this week as I was thinking of what to use for inspiration. So this week, I wanted to try and think outside of my creativity realm. Twenty fours years ago today, David and I were married in Houston, Texas. We're still having fun and he's still the one! Soon we will be headed back to Texas where it all began. Yee Haw! Hugs, Susan and Bentley. There is mild moderation. Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply. with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf. not too well unless all you want is more "voters. ". I want to highlight the following parts, which parallel one of the arguments I made in "We Are Not Freaks," concerning the profound damage done to the cause of genuine acceptance and equal rights by "nice liberals" and similar types. S. military. Speaking about the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy for gays and lesbians, Pace offered this in an interview with the Chicago Tribune: "I believe that homosexual acts between individuals are immoral, and that we should not condone immoral acts. I do not believe that the Armed Forces of the United States are well served by saying through our policies, 'It's okay to be immoral in any way. '". Two of the nicest young girls ever. And beauty to boot!-dana. Stir to toast evenly. Add sugar all at once and continue stirring until it thickens again into a paste. Remove from heat and add ground pistachios to the pan and mix well to incorporate. Cool. Spread in a shallow serving dish and top with cream and pistachios. From photos by Gregory James. God asked me to write to you tonight. I was on the phone call also. Now you could chastise me for saying I was on the phone call listening tonight.

Since I can't prove it.

You might not believe me since you didn't hear me on the call. .