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A new line of OE replacement stators, rotors, solenoid repair kits and other starting and charging system parts are now available from Standard Motorcycle Products. Coverage ranges from early Evolution engines to late model Twin Cam engines. Leads are of abrasion and oil resistant hypalon wire. Connections are OE type weather resistant terminals and windings are varnished and baked to resist vibration. Rotors are stamped steel for better balance with less drilling and resistant to ballooning. Punched splines provide an accurate, tight fit.

Solenoids feature cadmium plated high temp contact disc for increased stability.

A weatherproof silicone seal is provided between cap and coil and high temperature Bakelite caps provide insulation. An advantage of the present system that I have not seen discussed is that it reduces the problem of vote fraud. Stealing votes is easiest in a state dominated by a single party, the sort of place where the Republican poll watchers probably work for the Democrats or vice versa. With the electoral college system, there is no point to stealing votes in such a state, since the dominant party is going to get all of its electoral votes anyway. With a straight majority vote system, on the other hand, each party has an incentive to steal all the votes it can wherever it can. Even with the electoral vote system, the problem still exists in any state where one party controls a large area, such as a major city, but the other has enough support elsewhere to make the overall result uncertain. The “mega” series, focused on impressive machinery in use throughout Alaska, highlights in the Akutan segment, Trident equipment that works at high speed to process seafood quickly, safely and efficiently. “Akutan is a very remote location,” said John Salle, senior vice president of marketing and innovation at Trident, “and we were honored to showcase the operation and the people that keep this facility processing millions of pounds of seafood day-in and day-out. ” The program, said Salle, highlights the success story of Alaska Pollock and how it is processed into a variety of convenient, quick-frozen products for customers around the world. “This is a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of pollock processing first-hand,” he said. Trident’s Akutan facility processes Alaska Pollock primarily into individual quick frozen fillets, frozen fillet blocks and surimi. The plant also supports full utilization of virtually the entire fish, including roe products, stomachs, fish meal, bone meal and fish oil. Trident’s mission, Salle said, “is to make fish the food of the future. “We are working diligently to make Alaskan Pollock easy to love by turning this incredible, renewable resource into convenient value-added products such as surimi seafood snacks under the Louis Kemp brand, fully cooked ready-to-serve grilled Pollock fillets for food service operators, and of course, our all-new Alaskan Pollock Burgers,” he said. “Our goal is pretty simple,” he said. “We want more people, eating more fish, more often, and it’s our job to make it delicious and easy for them to do it. ” More information about the show and schedule is online at. “We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. - Martin Luther King Jr. A young man also left us, Harold Cepero, and that his memory serves us to remember so many nameless faces in our history, which also fought for democracy and freedom. I have the answer to these cutbacks of pubic health services. In the midst of economic chaos, let's spend tens of billions or even better, hundreds of billions of dollars more on experimental healthcare IT. Particularly worrying are the cutbacks in emergency-preparedness programs, he says. "Michael M. Grayson allegedly stole a victim’s identity with “as-yet unidentified co-conspirators,” Acting Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal said in a statement. ". The girls woke up Sunday, and the first thing they did was to get dressed and run out and play in the snow! Their faces lit up so brightly when they looked out the window first thing in the morning, so cute! I wish I had that kind of excitement about snow. lolI have a few Melissa Frances projects to share with you. The first is a styrofoam tree shape that I covered with Carol Ann paper by Melissa Frances. I tied a bow in some wide satin ribbon and stuck a pin through it to hold it onto the top of the styrofoam tree. Lastly added a chipboard snowflake and sticker by MF as well. I think these would be so cute with a few of them together on a silver tray with ornaments around them! You don't have to use Christmas paper either, I kindof like the shabby look this paper gives. This little snowflake box was done for the Melissa Frances blog today. There are some things that we must turn over to the government so that the greedy investors, entrepreneurs and capitalists don't make a profit. Oh? We don't? But we can be thankful that our healthcare is now going to be run by these masters of efficiency. Sure we can. I have not done a drawing on the street in a very long time. This one I did the day before Easter. It was the first real warm sunny day. Of course I broke the cardinal sin. I'm Irish and didn't put on a hat or suntan lotion. I was toast. It may appear very tame to the lowland birders but the following counts of wildfowl were very good for the uplands & moorlands and represent a substantial influx. Hey everyone, Im sorry about not updating yet, Lord willing Ill be doing one on Wednesday, but anyway, the Munks have a great giveaway on their blog, go check it out!!. Image cropped from the original posted by the child's mother, MoobyTheGoldenCalf, at Reddit. Tidlig av sommeren fikk jeg en potte med en rosenbuske av to veninner som var på besøk. Etter å ha stått hele sommeren i potta i rosenhagen er den nå plantert. På fremsida. Nå gjenstår det å finne ut om den er herdig. Jeg aner jo ikke hva for rose det er. Så her så den ut i sluttet av mai, og den har blomstret til og fra hele sommeren. last summer embroidery workshopthis time in the Civic Center Casa SagnierI have been invited to arrange a workshop as part of their summer program. The building and garden are so beautiful, perfect for crafting quiertly o summer. As long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success". Observation: This is a strong theme throughout all of the kings of Israel and Judah. As long as they sought the Lord, they were successful, but when they began to attempt things without the Lord, they would begin losing battles. There is a direct correlation between seeking the Lord and victory in life. Application: Many times in our lives, we only seek God when things are going poorly. When things are going well, we tend to just drift through life and our seeking of the Lord grows and less and less passionate. When we give ourselves to seeking the Lord in good times and bad times, we will begin to see His results in our lives. Last night I found myself driving in a slick snow squall to Joanna and Greg's place. The weather was a little dodgy but I was going slow, being careful. Inside it was slow-cooked barbecue ribs from the pigs I had just harvested a week earlier. I had big plans ahead, a night out. I was on my way to share special food with special people. I threw on a wool cap and braided my hair and called it well enough. I had such a wonderful time yesterday, hosting an Indie Day for a woman from Ontario named Jacqui. She came with a hankering to talk about pigs, and we did. We didn't just talk either, at one point we were both in the pig pen, scratching ears and discussing fences. We also talked about cheese making, fiddles, men, fate, the importance of finding your spot in the world and second chances. It was like being with an old friend. I think this is pretty normal for Indie Days, so far all the people who have signed up have been wonderful, attentive, and extremely happy they showed up. I think it's the best way to really immerse yourself in something I can offer like archery, fiddling, livestock, horses, crafts, and such. Workshops are amazing and there are always discussions and questions but nothing beats the one-on-one conversations that last a whole day. i miss writing.

life is SO GOOD right now.

the drama and craziness has gone away. so - sometimes. i feel as though i have nothing of worth to voice. today. Hi AI Fans! I miss the spring, which is several weeks late here in Sweden. So I decided to use pastel colors which gives hope of spring and summer. Here are three cards with different Girlfriends stamp in lovely pastel colors. The first is In theTub Homemade flowers and a herat witch I cut of the botton an put it behind the stamp. David, Bentley and I have been having fun since Wednesday night when the holiday weekend began. We have been shopping, eating, sleeping in late and having fun! No work, no worries, and no news. The weather has cooled off here and I we are wearing sweaters and going for long walks with Bentley. It's time for trimming trees and stringing lights. I hope y'all are enjoying the long weekend. We sure are! Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. I'm beginning to be worried. I'm thinking about the math more. This is an annual event, though perhaps they should skip a year because participation has gone down. Normally I prefer single family homes to townhouses—actual streets are easier to negotiate than these narrow byways. Three years ago I walked into one of these little garages, fairly late in the morning. un peu trop loin. yes - that's right, I called them useful idiots. Some observations before I head off to work: First we have Francine Wheeler giving the weekly radio address instead of the president. Your tax dollars at work. Here's a tidbit on Francine Wheeler you may not know: Francine Wheeler, the Newtown mom giving Obama's weekly radio address isn't the impartial victim she appears to be. Considering the subject matter of this post, I must severely criticize myself in advance. Given the point I will try to make, my own perspective is utterly unimportant. To mention my despair and the sense of bleak futility that pervades my view of my own writing is the height of self-indulgence. But I will mention these factors very briefly, if only to explain in part why my writing now occurs in fits and starts. I have written repeatedly on certain themes for several years now. I try to present my central ideas in new ways, to offer additional historical evidence for my contentions, and to make connections between seemingly disparate phenomena that I have not addressed earlier.

But no matter what I attempt to do here, I make no headway whatsoever.

It seems to me that my writing has no effect at all. I have been fortunate over the past few days to have attended the Authorspeak Conference. e. China's yuan falls, but fears of U. S. S. dollar on Monday after the central bank set a weaker midpoint to reflect global dollar strength, but traders said room for depreciation is expected to be limited as the threat of a trade war from the U. S. lingers. wife snored like frieghtrain. .