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"As He said these things, a woman in the crowd raised her voice and said to Him, 'Blessed is the womb that bore You, and the breasts at which You nursed!'But He said, 'Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and keep it!” - Luc. The shop has been crazy busy which is so much fun!!! But with all that fun I have gotten behind on website work as it is very time consuming. Here are a few links to updated website stuff. I will also be starting two more posts in the next few days, I just ran out of time today. Good morning! How about a little Monday inspiration from SugarPea designs? I had a lot of fun dabbing some ink onto the paper to create this cool background for my coffee! I also cut the thanks a latte from the SugarPuff Foam for some added dimension. I cut out to latte's and used the A from it to get my saying. Stamps: Caffeine Addict SugarCut Dies: Thanks, Coffee To Go SugarPuff Foam. There are a couple of scenes in the film that strongly reminded me of Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper. Striking. trailer:Roger Ebert calls it a great film. FilmRef. On a midsummer day in late June, the former queen of France lay dying at her residence of Westhorpe Hall in Suffolk. Mary Tudor, the universally acknowledged beautiful younger sister of Henry VIII, was only thirty-seven years of age at the time of her death. Fiery, charismatic and passionate, Mary is perhaps better known for being the beautiful duchess of Suffolk rather than queen of France, a position she occupied for only three months. The 'white queen', as Mary has sometimes been known, was surrounded by only a few attendants in the gentle seclusion of her Suffolk estate. It is entirely possible that her husband was not at her side in her last hours. In her youth, Mary had been described as 'a Paradise - tall, slender, grey-eyed, possessing an extreme pallor'. When she was only six years old, her eldest brother Arthur died and her mother followed Arthur to the grave only ten months later. Mary appears to have been close with her brother Henry, later Henry VIII. Their marriage had scandalised Europe and had outraged King Henry, who was furious with the couple's failure to secure royal permission for their marriage. This clutch tool makes working on the clutch much easier and efficient and is a “must have” for anybody working on Victory clutches. This tool is precision machined in the USA from billet aluminum, then hard anodized. Looks like a big ABC.

Hello everyone! I'm popping in here to give you an update on our lives of late.

There has been lots of excitement around the Bontrager house recently with Bible Bee, all things Christmas Play, friends visiting, Thanksgiving, field work, school, and Winter Tour preparations. . . At least that's where the signs all seem to be pointing. Additionally, the Department of Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates that adding one patient per nurse per shift in U. S. And in the midst of such a shortage, over-working nurses to the point of attrition from the profession is wholly counter-productive. The harvest moon is the first full moon after the autumnal equinox.

Chance and I went in search of the moon.

It was ever so faint during twilight. It snuck up on us. it was not visible so I took some photos of trees etc. MA&D reconstructed this mid-century kit house, taking advantage of its location by creating a bedroom nestled in the treetops. A glass connector bridge links the bedroom to the rest of the house. This house reflects our focus on play and romanticism. Trees and bridges evoke peace, solitude and memories of the escapes of childhood. via. This card I made late last night, couldn't sleep. I used the new stamp set Memory Labels. Bought it, but hadn't used it yet. I also used Alfresco Stamp set, Honey TCS, Free Spirit B&T, Chocolate waxy flax, brown chalk, chocolate ink, pewter brads and foam squares. Enjoy!. This story starts with my father's father, my Grandpa Slim. He lived in Port Angeles, Washington, and he loved to garden. One of his favorite things to grow was garlic. Over the years, he worked hard at finding/developing a strain of garlic that thrived in his garden and he grew lots of it. So, many moons ago, my Grandpa Slim gave my Grandpa Kirk some of his homegrown garlic to use as seed garlic. Soon enough my Grandpa Kirk was successfully growing his own abundant crop of garlic from those very bulbs. This template shift isn't working as smoothly as it initially appeared to. So far I've tracked down the white border causer for pictures and made it go away. The unwanted border was causing space to disappear between pix and wrapped text. I've still got a shadow box I don't want and will dig more to root that out. Diana sent me these pictures from her recent Make It Take It class at the Attic Window Quilt Shop where they made these darling bags. Above Lynn shows us the inside of her bag. Note the zipper and all the pockets for credit cards. Marrilee shows us her bag. She said she made it as a gift for her daughter. Carolyn E. shows us her bag. Cathy M. made her bag in red, white, and black fabrics. Judi A. Here are the first translations of the previous blog's Jess Franco interview courtesy of our valued contributors Tim Lucas, Francesco Cesari and Doug Waltz. And there may be more on the way. It's always interesting to get multiple perspectives. I've featured an iceberg photo taken by my daughter Kate on her recent trip up above the Arctic Circle. Let's finish what Roosevelt started. Same Old Same Old: No, it's not over yet. The recession's impact will stretch far into the future. No, not more outsourcing of everything. viz. “That was my best ever round over Royal Troon and I played really steady today,” she said after her six birdie round. “I went out thinking I had a chance to win and I got close. The weather was kind to them and remained dry, but the course had hazards a plenty! There were no holes on one as the Lady Captain of Bogside Pauline Patrick had the previous day. Beth PatersonNEWS RELEASE FROM SCOTTISH LADIES GOLFING ASSOCIATION Beth Paterson, a member of Eastwood Golf Club, has been nominated as the new Chairman of the Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association. Beth is a single figure handicap golfer and has a wealth of experience in the ladies’ game. She has already served the SLGA as both Chairman of Training and Performance Director. Good enough to earn a place in Renfrewshire county squad, Beth provided early evidence of her willingness to give something back to golf. Having a long weekend, Chris took me off for the last farmer's market of the year this morning.

the most beautiful scenery just sitting there waiting for you down the road, farms nestled into huge acreages with the Rockies as a backdrop.

I love the big Dutch style barns that sit alongside the farm houses, they are so pretty to look at. and the occasional church. its definitely autumn here. the leaves are everywhere but on the trees!so we got to the market nice and early and it was brrrrrr cold. Another hot Spanish footballer was added to the brieflines archive this morning. Hope you enjoy!. Happy TGIF! I have a couple of cards for you made for RRR. both different but both about creating with your hands. Sewing, crocheting, making things from the heart. They both remind me of my Mother. I recently came across these pairs of lamps via Pinterest and I was blown away! I'm not sure of the quality, but the style is really great. Mack and Peggy MacDonald's regular appearance on the Sullivan Show with "Opal" was established long before we joined Polack Bros.


Here are a few clips from one of our later visits there. It was a. "Really Big Shoo!.


This influence is very variable spatially and has its origin in an exceptionally thin lithosphere. It won’t be easy. Hello Ai fans! I've had something similar to this card in mind for a while, but using the owl minis. I added some Wink of Stella to his nose & the bells on their collars, for a little glimmer. I kept my design pretty simple, as I wanted all the focus on the reindeer. We started our writing unit by learning how to create SUPER SENTENCES! First we learned how to distinguish between sentences and sentence fragments. Then we moved on to capitalization. They had to highlight the letters that should be capitalized, and then rewrite the sentence the proper way.

Using highlighters to show the mistakes in the sentences was a HUGE motivator! Then it was time to talk about punctuation.

Periods, exclamation marks, question marks, quotation marks.

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week.

All previous links can be found here. Absolutely love this fiber art piece from Jordan Lyn. Artist and author Sandra Duran Wilson highlighted on Mixed Media World. Each session will cover a different topic. Solve a crossword, e. g. Other — APACHE, DOLLAR, ÉCLAIR, EFFECT, FIDGETTING, IMPALA, LIONEL, O’CASEY, OGRESS, OLD YELLER, SHERPA, SMELLY, STRODE, ZSA ZSA. Five-letter — ABFAB, AERIE, AROMA, BAGEL, DELTS, EAT ME, ELISE, FIELD, GRUFF, I’M HOT, LASSO, LED IN, MAURA, RABAT, RALPH, TENDS, UTAHN, YOKED. Short stuff — ADO, AFL, AMEN, ANTS, ARE, BALE, BAR, BEL, BONO, DIE and DOE, ESP, EVIL, EWE, FAD, FLA, GABS, GAP and GPA, INEZ, INK, IRE, MGMT, NOS, NYE, OAF, OED, OVO, PAR, Black-eyed PEAS, RAW, REAM, SEN, SHOD, SKA, SWAT, WHO, WORN, YEOW, ZAHN. a damn good question.

This is the second post of the day.

Be sure to scroll down so you won't miss the great project that Debbie shared with us today. Hi friends. Bonnie here from Make Time to Craft today with a fun new and EASY Basic Checkerboard Woven Ribbon Headband tutorial.

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