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This excerpt is from Evolutionary Squalor, the new album from Liquorball which features two side-long epic psych-rock jams recorded live at Grady's Record Refuge in Ventura, CA.

I wish I coulda been there, but this record is a plenty satisfying substitute for the real thing. There's a couple moments of stupendous scorching, and it even flows marvelously during the times when it merely simmers. Have you seen this magazine? This time of year, with the high heat and humidity, I am always longing for autumn!! Sooooo, magazines with fall themes on the cover… especially anything Halloween, catch my eye and find their way into my home!! I totally fell in love with the little Halloween tabletopper quilt on the metal stand on the cover. My experience with buying kits for quilts shown in the different Fons and Porter magazines is that if you don’t order it quickly, they’ll be sold out!! So I ordered the kit and got it last week!! I did change one thing, though.

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