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At Rich Leonardi's Ten Reasons, he has this post on vocations, particularly for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

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Here are the Beau Chateau Ornaments that I promised to show you.

Aren't they just show stoppers! You are going to follow the same directions as the Vintage Newsprint Ornaments, I will post below for you. If you don't have the Beau Chateau DSP paper then you can always you the Beau Chateau Fabric! Yes! this works with the Modge Podge great too. I added our Stampin Up Exclusive ribbons to decorate them with and the Beau Chateau Side Notes to adorn them and the Pearls. Try to keep the images as close to what the paper looks like when you are teraring you pieces to attach to the glass balls. InstructionsTake your DSP Newsprint and tear small pieces and set aside. Take your ornaments and remove the cover at the top where you hang it and set aside. Ever since I created the Hotlist a decade ago, there is one thing that never changed. As you know, I have a reading list that I usually post once a year. But today, instead of posting that same old list, I've decided to post a number of SFF novels/series that I feel remain criminally unread. See those little dots in the countryside. those are our goats. They have finally had the guts to go into their new fenced pasture. Your probably wondering.

My daughter loves them and we both fell in love with the piggy when Shelli showed it on the Alaska cruise.

Expect to see a few more of this cutie around here. I inked him up quite a bit!!!Stamps Button buddies, Its your dayPaper: breeze, just add cake, blushing brideInk: blushing bride, blackAccessories: button embosslit, ribbon, perfect polka dot embossing folder. Some thank you notes I sent out this week for my birthday treats. a Digital SLR.

In an effort to learn how to use it better, me and a few of my girlfriends are taking a camera class to get us out of automatic modes.

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