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The following links are from Greg Mankiw's blog. Any good scientist will try to support his or her views by pointing to the evidence. He goes on to write:These are just three examples of a general principle: each major business-cycle expansion we have seen has been driven by a leading wave of spending—by some group that became enthusiastic about their prospects and decided to greatly increase its spending. And that pulled employment and production up. I view this as evidence that DeLong should have his degree in economics revoked. This is the best he can do? The first two examples have nothing to do with fiscal policy. Having reiterated the Lord’s teaching in regards to idolatry, Paul continues on to address God’s established order of creation and how this is to be carried out in the Church. Paul begins by once again urging us to follow his example because he is devoted to following Christ’s example. Once again Paul does not want us to attach ourselves to his person, but he simply wants us to follow Jesus Christ thru his living example. ” Behnken also thanked the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association, North Pacific Research Board and the city of Sitka. As a leader of ALFA, a member of the Halibut Coalition and in her years on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, Behnken has been an outspoken advocate for all participants in Alaska’s fisheries protecting the health of the resource. Behnken participated in the last two-reauthorizations of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, and was an active advocate for the Sustainable Fisheries Act amendments. The White House noted that under Pettinger’s leadership all three Oregon trawl fisheries have been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as well managed and sustainable fisheries.

This video shows pico class wind turbine at Cijeruk, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

The wind is not very strong, as seen on video, bamboo tree branches and leafs are moving slowly. For more detail about this wind turbine please read here. Unfortunately the wind is blowing from North to South and it is blocked by some dense bamboo trees.

Jairus was one of a group of key people who oversaw some of the administrative duties of local synagogues.

He was not a priest. In this passage, he fell at Jesus’ feet. He had a daughter who was sick, and like any parent, he was willing to do whatever it took to heal her. That included risking ridicule and embarrassment by falling at Jesus’ feet and asking him to heal his daughter. Jairus came to Jesus in faith, and the woman reached out to Jesus in faith also. After participating in the low carb call-in show and hearing from so many dieters there and in the email the show provoked, I started thinking it might be interesting to do a stint of very low carb dieting myself, just to see if I noticed anything new, now that I've done so much research. That was fine: I was eating that way to prepare for some surgery and promote healing afterwards, and since I healed up very quickly, it seemed to help. But once I was healed up, I decided there was no real point in eating a ketogenic diet since my main focus is on blood sugar control Things are quite different now. I'll report on it if I learn anything that will be useful to others with odd forms of insulin-sensitive diabetes. e. The human resources required to satisfy truly ominous reporting requirements via paper records might simply be too burdensome. This could be perceived as an ingenious and devious plan to establish control of healthcare providers via IT and data. Deborah Peel shares related concerns as expressed in a Wall Street Journal article yesterday "Your Medical Records Aren't Secure. "MAGEE, Miss.

Magee Police Chief Randy Crawford said Carl Hoskins was serving time for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

". Y. C. Y. C. W. You have read this article with the title Unusual & Creative Bookcases. You can bookmark this page URL. Hi gals, we had some beautiful spring weather today in the southwest of Germany, so Damien and I got to work in our garden. He wanted to finish it all. I had my little Canon with me and took a couple of photos of Damien tending the garden. Wishing you a fabulous week Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess Templates: Quickpages: Alphas & Wordart: Kits & more: Charity:. The main-stream media continue to descend in a whirlpool of self-delusion seeking little more than to flog mis-information about the former administration and deflect observation of the current crop of clowns. Bush has left office. Here we have chief propagandist of the New York Times elite expounding on the "executive assassination squads. "Tin Foil Hat RingHersh speaks with "great confidence" about what he hasn't written yet. Like the strike actions by teachers, students’ unrest has from time to time led to the loss of sizeable proportion of the school year.

In some instances, whole academic sessions have been lost because of the unrest in our schools.

I haven't been feeling great since Wednesday. I have had diarrhea a few times a day since then. Also, almost immediately after reporting that the little one has been so active, I stopped being able to feel her move much at all. In fact yesterday.


I even laid on my office floor and drank cold OJ to try to elicit a response.

Fewer babies born in Wisconsin.

For six years in a row. Claire Smith, spokesperson from the Department of Health Services said the number of babies born in Wisconsin declined for the sixth year in a row last year. And that this is not just a local phenomenon, but has been noted elsewhere in this country. YouTube link. Before their match with the United States team, the New Zealanders performed a traditional "haka" The various types of haka include whakatu waewae, tutu ngarahu and peruperu. The peruperu is characterised by leaps during which the legs are pressed under the body. In former times, the peruperu was performed before a battle in order to invoke the god of war and to discourage and frighten the enemy. It involved fierce facial expressions and grimaces, poking out of the tongue, eye bulging, grunts and cries, and the waving of weapons. If the haka was not performed in total unison, this was regarded as a bad omen for the battle. Often, warriors went naked into battle, apart from a plaited flax belt around the waist. Images - Brent Harris. acidcow. A. R. S.

Observation:This scripture has something significant to say.

The reason Jotham became mighty was simply because he prepared his ways before the Lord. The "ways" of a person are his basic mode of operation. Your "ways" are "how" you do things. Basically Jotham prepared everything he did and even how he did it before the Lord. He sought God in every decision and therefore became mighty. Well, it's later on parade than previous years, but the BHF just couldn't resist a bit of last-minute scaremongery. Victoria Taylor, senior heart health dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said: "I'm sure many of us will overindulge on Christmas Day and if that's where it stopped it probably wouldn't make that much difference. " Oh, do go boil your head, love. Merry Christmas to everyone who has passed by this tabloid corner of cyberchatter in the past twelve months.

a Fanciful Twist! Go check it out! Lots of hobgoblin goin on.

I will be back later to day with a post. Happy Saturday All.


Or, at least, my brother Fred did. A lot of minor news slipped past us when we were Amish, since we didn’t have a TV or radio, and we bought a newspaper only sporadically. Fred always gave you the feeling that he was in on something mysterious and astonishing. If you were really lucky, and really nice to him, he just might let you in on the secret. “Yes,” he said. “I think I see something. We never got Emily a graduation gift for various reasons. I looked them up online and found them to be waaaay out of our price range. And they're new enough that not many show up on the used market. But oh my they are just plain cute. Yes, well. Digressing. So, is there any other device that would do the same thing? I tried to look online and got lost in technical terms. N. negotiators pledged to craft a global pact on aviation emissions that would not take effect for seven years. Handelsblatt Calls Germany’s Feed-In Act “Energy Madness”. I purchased these cute Halloween straws to send package up to send off to my daughter and niece in their care packages. Added some little creepy spiders and a topper. Such beauty with all the leaves changing colors and the crisp fall air. I have always been a fan of gingham. Like daisies, to me it is a happy pattern that never loses it's appeal. It's great for picnics and for a cheerful breakfast tablescape too. Repeated in the placemats, melamine plates, napkins and the basket liner. And accented with a vintage enamel coffee pot. A cheerful way to start the day! Lot's of good wishes for a happy day y'all. I'm starting to find a use for them. I've recently started going to French conversation classes again here in France. When I lived in UK, I attended evening classes and dedicated my old Winchester Filofax for my French learning notes. I also have a fairly new Finsbury that I bought on Ebay at a bargain price, but until now has remained unused, still in it's box.

But the notes format suits the personal size better I think.

I made these for my club girls this month as a little surprise in shier orders. I hope they like them! They were fun to make. Signed, A concerned citizen. YIPPIE!!!! Benji won SYTYCD!!!!!!! I'm so happy, he is the one I thought should win the most, although all four of the finalists were great and Travis definately exceled. I also called the last performance being the Tranji one, I figured after they cut the girls that that was what would happen, It made the most sense. I think it was a better performance of it last week, but I also think they all did a ton more dancing tonight and that can make the last dance not necessarily the best. Now Travis can go work with Mia Michaels, like she stated earlier in the show, but of course that will be after the tour. You can read an article on the songs and performances of tonight's show here. As was expected some are unhappy with the results but America voted and I agree, so pbbt. Ah, my friends. But I was directed to a post offering the front pages of U. K. We finally may be able to use the word "civilization" with accuracy, and even with pride. One front page carries the words:You will never be safe, we will not stop fighting Another states:An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

We won't stop fighting until you leave us alone Be sure to understand: these declarations from murderers who are proud of their killing and who refuse to apologize for it are universally condemned.

Bush, Barack Obama and other key figures who had led and continue to lead the West's, and more particularly the U. Darlings, here are a few of the beauty products that CC is loving lately. CC has in Iced Coconut Cocktail and it smells amazing and provides a super concentrated hold. Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Mousse, for amazingly strong hold with an incredibly delicious scent. The Weapon Blog presents gun contests for September. " This is the largest fight the Iraqi army will face, the western side of Mosul is the oldest and has the narrowest streets, it's going to be difficult to retake. ".