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I got to chat with Peter Keiller who is the Emperor Of Misfit Toys for awhile about his newest toy that is about to go to all the bad little girls and boys out there- The "Fe" version of his aluminum hard tail single speed. This frame is made of American sourced steel, welded by hand in Canada, and powder coated in Canada as well. Whatever! This bike is going to be cool and it should be a great addition to the Misfit family of toys. I was glad to have met him. It's always nice to see and hear from someone with vision and passion in the cycling industry. It consists of a series of collaborative animation movies which revive some of the very first video games. Each "pixel" has its own rules and decides what s/he wants to do for each picture. Once all these pictures are turned into a short animation movie, a giant human-scale video game unfolds "live". The project started with video performance of Pong. Richard ClemThis program will be a summary of recent decisions from appellate courts in Minnesota and other states. At this time, expected topics include:Criminal law, statute of limitation Criminal law, resisting illegal order by law enforcement Tortious interference with contract Prejudgment interest Eminent domain Implied Consent refusal False arrest Landlocked property During the program, there will be an opportunity for all participants to submit questions via e-mail or at the end of the program. The program will be fully interactive and participatory. Attendance will be taken. During the program, a "PIN number" will also be given. After the program, the sponsor will e-mail you a certificate of attendance for use in reporting. Pre-registration for this program is not necessary. Follow These Directions. Happy Columbus Day!I'm sure Columbus loved cows. This particular specimen was enjoying a fall afternoon in Wyoming County when I drive by with my camera. "HAMILTON – Two people have been charged with murder in the slaying of convicted killer Michael "Mickey Rome" DiMattia, who as found dead inside his Hamilton apartment last week, authorities said. Marcus L. S. Marshals and the Mercer County Homicide Task Force, authorities said. The youth bell choir is featured. All but one of these musicians are current B-B-E Jaguar student-athletes, and the other is a former student-athlete. Second from the right is our varsity football team's starting quarterback. Many of them are current three-sport athletes at B-B-E. A neat bunch of hard-working kids! Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa jaguars. the minimal housing units were specifically fabricated to use existing resources and be transportable, and can adapt to particular needs depending on the season. via. I adore smocking. And when I say that, I bet you all thought of something like this. Dress by Anavini available at bestdressedchild.

Well, the nights are getting colder and we've had a couple big rains.

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This hand knitted airplane by Claire Platt is just too beautiful and creative for words.

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