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She is quite thrilled that I made something for her, from scratch, and wore it around the house for quite a while after I gave it to her. I'm pleased to report that even though it's not the highest quality Corriedale wool, it is soft enough to wear next to the skin. So far the kid has not uttered the words "it itches", so all is well. Check it out. This post has a title. Anyway, back to the actual subject of this post. I feel a little like roving reporter. Here I am, away from home, and yet still able to write about the events of the day and have that"published" here on my blog. In this first friendly match of the season for both teams, three foursomes matches were played on what turned out to be a pleasant dry day at Brunston Castle Golf Course. A couple weeks ago I wrote here about not owning a ballwinder or umbrella swift. This isn't a hardship for me because most of the yarn I use is in ball format. But now I'm working on a new big project and have had to source different kinds of yarn. It has been really fun to see what is out there now. The big snafu was that many of the yarns I ordered came in twisted hanks. Leave it to a deadline to get me cursing.

And so, here we go.

No big surprises for February, Novak is on top as usual. First, I would like to thank everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis.

Second, things are a bit busy for me these days, so my postings will be a bit limited this week but hopefully will pick up again next week.

I don't know if all of these allegations are true or false, nor all of the details, but have decided to publish them at this time. I will keep close tabs on them to see what is being said and make a decision on whether or not to eventually delete or keep them. That decision will be mine and mine alone. Once again, thank you for reading and all of your support. Oh boy howdy am I behind. The last couple of days have been horrible for me. We have fires in the surrounding areas and I am allergic to it. It looks like we live in LA. Sooo happy though that I was able to get in a fun project using the new releases from The Rubber Cafe. I decided to go all wintery with my card. I embossed the fence and the window and fussy cut everything out. Mortensen. I just love her! I always try to personalize my daughter's teacher's door and since they have been learning all about U. S. History and the Constitution, this seemed fitting with Mrs. Webster as the Statue of Liberty. 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