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Immediately after the service we headed to the Cemetery.

We had an escort. It was a dull gray day… the Cemetery is way north of town just outside of a little bump in the road village. You know you are there when you see the street sign that says Cemetery Road. The lopsided funeral spray bugged me, I guess I should have walked right up and straightened it out…. but it reminded me that Lyle was a bit different all his life…and wonky flowers on his casket wouldn’t have bothered him. I was living in Europe and packing as much into it as I could. I'd met a girl and she took me skiing with a group of her friends. Neither of us had skiied before and at the end of the day we came to the conclusion that this was something which needed to be done more often. That meant taking some lessons.

I bought some ski magazines and tried to get smart about where was a good place to learn this skill.

I was in Europe so the usual suspects for an American were not on the table. That meant a European resort and it doesn't take a genius to quickly narrow the choices down to Switzerland or Austria. P. This is Ethan's new look. He is an army guy. He has already been "Annikan Skywalker" from Star Wars. This is his new uniform that he makes sure is washed every night for the following morning dressing. Top: Express. Belt: Target. Skirt: The Limited. Tights: Macy’s. Oh such sparkle! Yes, you know I love my sparkle. Happy Saturday!Kim. Each day is a new life. Seize it. Live it. Shir Chong was recently profiled in Models. Michele Thomson halved with Jennie Lee. Hey dudes. Four new pictures of Marcelo Melo were added to the brieflines archive this morning. I hope you love them.


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But Fred Singer sets it out below.

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Lobbyists have money to burn. Paul Ryan also has money to burn. Ohio State GOP Rep. Matt Lynch is indeed a mighty pile of stupid. Da' money goes here:. It was back in February, snowing non-stop and we were shooting in crazy costumes, black balloons paint and face masks, on top of this funky hotel that served Jager-bombs before check-out. After the shoot, Gio and I threw our OTK party at BoysRoom with Guest DJ Bruce LaBruce. This bike is so perfectly proportioned it almost brings tears to the eye. Check out those spiffy loafers as well. Last week a package was delivered to my house. Nothing I ordered. Nothing I swapped. Nothing I was expecting in the least. A bit ago I mentioned my love for vintage enamelware. And my blog friend Caroline must have been reading. Because the package I received contained this teapot. Quite possibly the cutest vintage enamelware teapot in all of creation. And I feel lucky. And special. And fortunate. Hello there. After a fun weekend exploring Hawaii with Sara's family, it is time to figure out what "the lump" consists of. Sara is having a biopsy tomorrow morning. The surgeon is going to use an ultrasound machine to find the densest portion of the mass and take a "plug of tissue" out. He is also going to take a needle biopsy of the lymph nodes in her left armpit.

Came up with my wagers as I was standing at the paddock pre-race.

However, I obviously wasn't letting Palace Malice get away at those odds without having a bet on him.

However, found it hard to make a rational handicapping case for him based on his having shown that he was good enough to win.

It was more a case that the circumstances of his defeats meant that he hadn't proven he was bad enough not to. The gardens are looking lush after all the rain we had this spring.

The cistern has a leak and we need to coat the inside again so no running water right now.

The ferns are in their glory!Looks like we will have tons of blueberries this year if we can get to them before the birds do. The Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are ready to flower. The pool is open and I need to cut all of the ivy back from the stone walls. The Clematis have flowered and the Climbing Hydrangeas are ready to bloom. I removed the two huge Junipers from either side of the door to the garage.

Now I can actually see the door!Hey Teddy, clean the pool.

As if! She wants to visit the lower gardens. Okay. Hi Really Reasonable Ribbon friends and fans. Today I have a fun tutorial on how to make a shaker card using your intricate dies. Most shakers have a "wall" of foam tape that creates a space between the clear layer and the back cardstock. This tutorial shows how to create a shaker without any foam tape or foam layer. I have used Really Reasonable Ribbons Delicate Stitched Satin in Royal. Here is my Tell All Video. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . .