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"Neener, neener! I WIN! I WIN! It's all mine, mine MINE!".

Yesterday was Mr. Cybermat Sound Effects courtesy of Sam Timmins! ‎. Gaetano Sardella. Il Padre - “No, Figlio, non ti ho abbandonato. A group of tourists are believed to have drawn red Stars of David on the walls of the Seti I ruins in the Abydos area of Sohag Governorate. Temple officials said the defacements were new but Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Zahi Hawass said they have been there for three decades. Temple officials are yet to identify the perpetrators, sources said, who added that visitors were denied access to the chamber where the drawings are located. Temple officials attempted to remove the drawings, according to the sources, but instead damaged some of the Pharaonic sculptures in the chamber during the clean-up process. Currently in the British Museum, the marbles have been a long-standing slight to Greek national pride. The suggestion is not as crazy as you might think. Sad thing is that because of a bunch of crazy stuff in my personal life I've not had time to operate much or blog at all. H. H. I just took out the portion of it that crossed the rented land for the farmer. No niin, mikä pettymys!Elokuussa purettamattomalle langalle saamani violetti ei kestä lainkaan valoa. Langanpätkät olivat reilun viikon kuistilla, sateelta suojassa, mutta auringossa, silloin kun sitä oli. Osa langoista oli peitettynä, kuvassa keskellä oleva alue, molemmissa päissä näkyy auringon vaikutus väriin. Oikeasti väri muuttui kellanvihreäksi, ei noin keltaiseksi kuin miltä kuvassa näyttää, mutta väriraja erottuu hyvin selvästi, ja nimenomaan ylhäältäpäin lukien ensimmäisessä, kolmannessa ja viidennessä langassa, jotka kaikki olivat purettamattomia, muissa langoissa oli alunapuretus, eivätkä ne olleet muuttuneet paljoakaan, hiukan kyllä vaalenneet nekin. Tässä testissä ei ollut rautapuretuksella saatavaa vihreää, joka kestää erinomaisesti valoa, siitä minulla on vuosien kokemus.

Olisi tietysti pitänyt siitäkin laittaa pätkä tähän, mutta en tullut ajatelleksi.

Olisi mielenkiintoista tietää, mikä väriaine tuo violetti on ja miksi sen valonkesto on noin huono. Ja jos sitä voisi jotenkin saada paremmaksi. The real class warfare is not Poorman/Richman, it's Beggarmen/Thieves. We bring this up because Mr. The winner of the Bionic Cup is Helen Robertson. The winner of the Golf Foundation Brooch is Christina Curry.

Good morning, guys.

I added a couple pictures of Gilles Muller to his page on the brieflines site. I hope you like them and I'll see you here tomorrow. A FRIEND who has been sailing for years tried to charter a yacht recently. They wanted written proof that he could handle a yacht and navigate. And, of course, he didn’t have any written proof. In the end he printed a list of his sailing experiences and had it signed and sworn by a notary public. That did the trick. I had a similar experience when a yachting magazine sent me to Grenada to do a story about chartering in the Caribbean. It happened when I was young and adventurous. Wilmont and my Passport He had shown me parts of Shetland I would never have seen otherwise: hidden coves where corpulent harbor seals lounged on grey rocks, blinking their black round eyes at me as I sat watching them with my chin resting on my knees….

secret seasides where the tide came in white with hundreds of swans… a strip of wide sandy beach where waves crashed on either side as I walked its length with the sound of a wild wind in my ears.

Now as he pointed towards the horizon he looked grave as he said, “Weather’s changing. It’s gonna get bad. ”. Tom was our tour guide, a life long Shetlander, wealthy in his knowledge of the islands, but as I squinted in the bright sunlight to follow his gaze all I saw were a few thin clouds, misty and grey, gathered together far out in the sea. They certainly seemed innocuous enough. “But… “, I said, noticing he had already left to head back down the hill. I followed behind him at a clip. by Dan PhillipsDriving home the other day I saw a truck with the bumper sticker "God Listens. " It's advertisement for a local Christian radio station about which I know next to nothing, since most of the programming fires well wide of my tastes. My first thought was, "Isn't that the quintessence of 'getting-it-wrong'?" Doubtless, it's meant to be a great warm and loving invitation, and maybe it strikes a lot of people-who-aren't-me exactly right. But what does it actually say? Doesn't it tacitly confirm our fundamental Adamic belief, that what really needs to happen is that God needs to listen to us? Remember the story. Remember the source of absolutely every bit of misery and sadness and brokenness in our universe. What happened? A perfectly adequate summary would be: God spoke We didn't listen And now here is an outreach that says, not "God has spoken, and we'd better listen," but "God listens. " God is made passive, we are made the actors. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. ill we are rooted and grounded in the truth, new things have great charms for us, especially if they have about them a great show of holiness and zeal for God. Listen, then, dear children but newly born into the Savior's family: "Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. "Alas, even those who are older in grace than you are have shown a sad readiness to be duped by plausible persons who have invented fresh notions and methods.

I have lived long enough to have seen a considerable variety of follies and manias in the religious world.

They have sprung up, grown great, declined, and vanished. One day it has been one thing, another another. A couple of months ago, when Tricia was visiting, I had an email from Fiskars asking if I wanted to try some of their products. She is a florist, and knows her pruners.

Hanno set out to test them the following day.

He trimmed off the top of our lemon tree, something he'd been wanting to do for some time, pruned off along the edge of the rain forest, and tamed the passionfruit. His verdict: EXCELLENT! The best pruners he's ever used. Well- I am back from the Stampin' Up! Leadership conference, exhausted and ready for bed. But I just Love my new catalog and all the new surprises! New dies for the big shot, new stamps and lots of fabulous new accessories! I can't wait until everyone gets theirs too! I made a similar version of this card for a swap I was in while at leadership. The only real difference was the inside of the card. I stamped the inside of the swap card the same as seen here, but with no additional inside layers. pink taffeta ribbon, paper piercer and mat pack. Hey guys,Well we almost have things sorted with this new blog-site. We did however run into a small but hugely time consuming problem. I seemed to have let slip the fact that another domain name that I have also been using for ages expired and now is owned by some dude in Japan. The e-mail address attached to the gentleman in Japan is one of those 'automatic-non-personal-you will never contact a real person-ever ' kind of e-mail addresses. I am not quite yet sure of all the details, but I will fill you in as soon as I know. I also am aware that a lot of you who MIGHT be reading this, live in Canada. SO skip this section and read on to the next!I have been just starting guitar lessons. For the first time in my whole life, I think I can handle learning just ONE thing properly. My teacher Silvio de Campos, is a fantastic, young Brazilian Jazz guitarist. The beach has nothing extrodinary to show me right now. Quite normal actually. Morning sickness, of slight onshore symptoms. There is no crowd, and there still is a little surf out there. Will keep you posted. What about execution by lethal injection? Isn't the executioner a physician? Qua doctor treating a patient, he is obligated to set aside questions of whether the patient is a good or evil person and do what is best for the patient. That is his duty as a doctor.

It is of the essence of the doctor-patient relationship, which it is important not to corrupt.

This is why, for example, doctors should not be saying that they don't want to save a patient's life because nobody loves that person, or his life is pretty miserable, or whatever, and hence the utilitarian judgement is that their resources are "not well spent" saving that person. The doctor's job qua doctor is not to make those decisions but rather to treat the patient before him. rather than having this special and exclusive responsibility to the patient as a person under his care. It has seized another army base, several small towns, and is now assaulting Ramadi, Haditha, Baghdadi, which is the home to several major Iraqi Security Forces bases, and a couple other areas. After the fall of Hit in western Anbar it looked like the Iraqi Security Forces were collapsing across the center of the province. Sources told Al Mada that Ramadi was almost barren of police and soldiers. It appeared then that the insurgents had finally seized the provincial capital. That same day IS pushed the ISF out of the area north of Fallujah to the Salahaddin border forcing them back to Samarra. We have three cats that I've talked about before. But for the sake of this story I want to declare to the world that Jezebel is the sweetest. That is unless you include Sweetie Boy in the mix. But again, for this story we will put all of that aside and agree that Jezebel is the sweetest. Well, maybe anyway.

We go outside every morning and find them all waiting for us to walk to the barn and feed them.

It's quite the ritual. Last summer, Neil finished building a backyard cottage in Bellevue that I had designed for a client of ours at Ross Chapin Architects. One of the owners of the existing house wanted a cottage for her mother. We ended up doing a major modification of one of our GoodFit plans, the Betty Cottage.

The whole thing has a more masculine, or at least gender-neutral, look, and my girl is pretty girly-girl, so I added some clear sequins for a tiny bit of glam.

The stamps are pulled from a few different REVERSE CONFETTI sets: the word "awesome," the green arrows, and the little red brackets are from ARROWS 'N ELEMENTS, the green dots at the very top are from I LIKE YOU, and the birthday sentiment is from CELEBRATE CAKE.

stamps: ARROWS 'N ELEMENTS, I LIKE YOU, CELEBRATE CAKE paper: smooth white card stock, studio calico patterned paper, echo park patterned paper ink: red, green, yellow, turquoise and black pigment inks accessories: baker's twine, ribbon, button, label punch, number die-cuts, clear sequins, foam tape Have a great day!. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make The best marinated lamb kebabs. If you’re cooking for a load of friends, or for a party, these kebabs will do the trick. They are so easy to make and damn tasty. Marinated in a blend of spices, they can be grilled, chargrilled or cooked on the barbie. Bigger purses, more stakes for three-year olds this winter and spring, as reported by David Grening in the Form. The Withers, once a backdoor route to the Preakness and eliminated last year, is back as what they want me to call a 'Derby prep,' but really as an early-February prep for the Gotham and the Wood. That money continues to pour in, as anyone who was out at the Big A this past holiday weekend might surmise. .