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Saturday night will be the release party, hope that you can join us!!! You can get all the deets on where it will be on HERE.

Today we are excited to share TWO supah cute new sets by artist Cheryl Alger!!! You'll recognize these characters from previous sets. Lulu, Lexi and Lucas! And they are just as cute as can be, perfect for springtime!!! These new sets are. A week ago, a co-worker of mine hands me an issue of Mountain Bike and asks me if I am interested in a few things in the issue. Oh! I know that wasn't really the point that was made, but the inference was there. I get it. So, here goes. On Monday it was our Block of the Month at Quilts Etc. so I thought you might like to see the "Show and Tell" that was there. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King Jr. The cries of desperation in Farsi by their tone and sadness transcend language and place, in this case Iran. Five have passed and her killers have not been brought to justice and the regime responsible for her death continues to rule in her homeland. Scams in healthcare are not just limited to insurers, hospitals and clinicians. The blogosphere itself can be victimized.

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The body of a missing diver was found this afternoon.

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S. m. today. A long long time ago there was a Railroad Celebration in Park Rapids. The first train from Wadena came through that day. It was a big deal. There was a parade and people came from miles around to celebrate. After recovering from their injuries they either got jobs at the Courthouse or resumed jobs there, both served as County Treasurers and lived a normal life even with their handicaps. I recall that one article said that they signed papers with a pen in their teeth. Sometime in the town history a park with a fountain was built across from the High School. That park had a huge fountain…and the cannon…make that cannons…it seems there were two took up residence there until they were sold for scrap during WWII. Here is a super easy box that would be great filled up with all sorts of thing. Below you will find the step by step instructions. I can't believe it. I can't remember the last time I saw so much snow. It is still snowing! Its been snowing since last night and it is supposed to continue. It is amazing. I love it! I can't remember when I've been around during a white Christmas. I first got to know about this Choa Chu Kang Big Farm Walk & Run from Elaine. I didn't go for the Run as i will sure be the last person to reach. Brooklyn Museum BlogAnother installment in the excellent series from the Brooklyn Museum which gives a real insight into the detailed work carried out by museums. With photographs. Following Rachel’s previous discussion on pigments and inks used in our Book of the Dead of the Goldworker of Amun, Sobekmose, I will begin here our discussion of the different examination and analytical techniques we employ in conservation and the ones used on this object in particular. I will start with two imaging techniques: infrared reflectography and ultraviolet fluorescence photography. By eliminating the visible light using barrier filters, we are able to record images that the unaided human eye could not detect. This is SIX years later. Fertile when I was younger. I went unannounced to the OB's office this morning and begged for an HCG and progesterone level. I'm just. From an article in Modern Farmer: About five miles offshore a crewmate spots, floating near the surface, a mat of gyrating grapefruit-sized globs that stretch the length of five city blocks, a slick so thick it appears as if you could walk on it. These are cannonball jellyfish. Locals call them “jellyballs. ” And they will be dinner. Images - Annie Hayward. Posting will resume when I stop vomiting from both ends.

It is that time of year again.

There are several myths that surround these payments.

And I know, no matter what I say, people who believe something else will go on thinking what they want to think.

There is, of course, a very high probability that I am perpetuating a whole set of other myths. But, let's try to clear the air of a couple of things. First, the two payments are not gifts or Christmas bonuses. They are required payments under the law. And the formulae clearly state how to calculate the required payments. They are not optional. Second, the two payments must be made in cash. Observation: David's most popular story is probably his great victory over Goliath of Gath. Most people don't realize he and his men killed all of the giants in his day. Here, it records that the four sons of Goliath were also killed by David and his men. Once David killed Goliath, he and those who served with him knew it was possible and their faith was raised because of David. David wasn't the only giant killer. His team also defeated giants! Application: I need to not only be a giant killer, but to raise up those who can also kill giants. I want to be a person who pulls the best out of people and causes them to believe they can do what God is calling them to do. Observation: Jesus is speaking of a future time of judgment when he talks about this. He says that at the judgment he will talk to people about their works. He tells the people that they had fed Him, clothed Him, blessed Him, etc. and they asked when they had done that to Him. His reply was that when we did it to the least of these, we did it to Him. Application: When we get ahold of this principle, we will realize that what we do for others and how we treat them, we are treating Jesus. When we help others, we are helping Jesus. When we serve others, we are serving Jesus. We need to treat all people as we would treat Jesus if He was right there with us. Prayer: Lord, help me to serve my generation. Also, and of particular interest here I reckon, he asked why an EU press release on immigration was reproduced without question by Mark Easton despite it being unrepresentative of the report itself. Mark Easton, as you may remember, is the guy who desperately spun - a la Guardian - to deny that pubs were closing in their thousands because of the smoking ban. We, of course, are very well aware of how the BBC reproduces propaganda without question. Laid Low I am sorry to report that I have been laid low. By shingles, of all things. Believe everything you’ve ever heard. This is the worst. But never fear, I have three excellent nurses, one of whom chooses to stay as close by my side as possible. I bet you can guess who that is. Bless him. I shall return soon, all better I hope. Till then, I can hardly read, much less write. this week's VALENTINO COUTURE COLLECTION was one of the prettiest collection's of dresses I've seen- So very pretty. “We want to do something which is about fragility and beauty,” said Maria Grazia Chiuri of the Valentino design duo. the Freshness, delicate Embroidery, elegant slippers, ruffled high collars of VALENTINO COUTURE& a favorite girlhood movie My Fair Lady- a favorite period the Belle Epoque-& darling Eliza Dolittle dresses were designed by Cecil Beaton. & of Audrey Hepburn herself. & the women captured by the brush of Jacques Emile Blanche-& the pages of Fantasio & the Gazette du Bon Ton.

Or the photographs of Baron de Meyer de Meyer photographed many notables of the day and his most beautiful subject- his wife- Olga, Maria Beatrice Olga Alberta Caracciolo.

The weird weather this season had the trees growing fruit and blooming in different phases. It was quite unusual. Everywhere I go, people are trying to give away their grapefruit and lemons. Haha. Not a bad thing I suppose. So, I have citrus on the mind and their beautiful colors. These fresh colors inspired my card for today. I LOVE that big flower background. I used two different inks to create some color dimension before stamping. There were a few small table runners that didn't get quilted before the craft show a month ago. I really didn't want them to sit in the UFO pile for another year, so I pulled them out yesterday. They were already pin-basted and the binding was cut, so it only took a few hours to finish them up. Can you tell I had fun playing with my stash of Christmas prints? I was in use-it-up mode! I love that blue and green one. Fun prints on the back, too. I'm getting better about remembering to include my printed labels. I love David even more than when I married him. He puts up with lots of decorating projects, laughs at my silly jokes and treats me like his queen. Thank you David. I love you more each day!!Oh and Bentley loves you too!Love,Susan and Bentleyxxoo. because white people will not participate. It's as simple as that. Not that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all the rest of the liberal/Marxist scum aren't trying their best to foment one.

Who the hell do they think is going to participate? The soy latte drinking pajama boys on the left? Ah, no.

The rich libtards who are protected by their walls and heavily armed security? Not a chance since it would interrupt one of their million dollar vacations. The people on the right? No. They will defend themselves if necessary, but they won't go looking for a war. Barack Obama from Europe: Now in a movement like Black Lives Matter there’s always going to be some folks who say things that, uh, are stupid or imprudent or, uh, overgeneralized or harsh. Uh, and I don’t think that you can hold well-meaning activists who are doing the right thing and peacefully protesting responsible for everything that is uttered at a protest. More: Liberty's Torch: The Shootings: A Requiem For Peace And Civility The Blog of Monte Cristo: Summer of Gloom American Thinker: Media Ignore the Tsunami of Black Violence against Cops SBPDL: Sorry Hillary Clinton, White America is on the Verge of Tuning Out African Americans John Derbyshire: After Dallas, Time To Accept The Reality Of Race Quadrant Online: Blacks and Police in Violent America Cold Fury: “How Many People Have To Die Because Of The #BlackLivesMatter Movement?” Available on Amazon: The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe by Heather MacDonald. Greetings, It was the Academy Awards weekend in Southern California.

And with the exception of the Vanity Fair Oscar party, it might have been one of the hottest tickets in Los Angeles last weekend.

Even better than an invitation from Elton John, it was an invitation from Ronda Carman. And frankly, I'm totally jealous. Stacy Kunstel, Clinton Smith, Ronda Carman, and I gathered in the drawing room. The last day of March. Did anyone see it sprinting past? In what direction was it headed? What was it wearing??? Tomorrow is April. And I have microgreens. I have been collecting all my leftover Grow Journey seeds - just a few from each packet from over a year's worth, mixing them up and tossing them in seed trays every few weeks. I have been tied to my laptop with writing for the forage cookbook. Agency: InterbrandCountry: UKVia: AriasBlog. That seems to be the theme for me the last couple of weeks. Work. In. Progress. I don’t have much finished, most of my art is currently in the “work in progress” stage. As a result, I haven’t really been able to do all that much art and the little I do get done, seems to just add to the work-in-progress pile. There are many more. Certain aspects of this movement have not felt right to me. Linda M. Hunt, an Associate Prof at Michigan State , does an excellent job of explicating some of these aspects. This lack may in part be due to the elusive nature of its central construct:culture".

Nevetheless, there are increasing requirements for physicians to receive training in area for which no or few valid criteria for assessment exist.

Various residency program include it as do medical schools. She says further, " It is not possible to predict the beliefs and behaviors of individuals based on their race, ethnicity, or national origin. .