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Well, that sucked.

But I've got some pretty good dashcam footage of golf ball-sized hail putting pocks in the hood of my cruiser.

Labels: day at the office, Gripes, life interfering with fun, speaking of the weather. Good morning and it's Bellarific Friday!! This week have have a little inspiration for you.

I love to Cook and I LOVE to eat.

so this Uptown Girl and sentiment are just perfect for me!! Join us for next weeks challenge which is a SKETCH: Pin It. Morning! I hope everybody had a nice long weekend. I know most of you had to work. but some of us didn't and boy was I soooo happy about that! I didn't get as much crafting as I would have liked done, but that's ok. If approved by the House, it will move on to the state Senate. Edgmon says his legislation is aimed at increasing Alaskan ownership in Alaskan fisheries by enabling more state residents to buy limited entry fishing permits. A curious workshop is going to take place at the Brontë Parsonage Museum Join Yarn-storm artist Cassandra Kilbride at the Brontë Parsonage Museum in one of her workshops to create a woolly bike inspired by Yorkshire's landscape and literature. Good morning boys and girls! Has there ever been a time in your lives when you did not like someone? Why? Sometimes it’s not easy to like people, especially when people haven’t been nice to us. I know, because when I was your age a lot of kids at school didn’t like me. In other words, I was bullied. Bullying hurts, and the effects still bother me today. I didn’t try to get even, but I didn’t love them either. Perhaps I should have listened to Jesus and what he said in his Sermon on the Mount. But the Baron Speed Shop build more very nice Triumph customs. Meet the Stray Cat! .

, Baton Rouge, was booked Thursday with one count of second-degree murder.

". I have had two projects in the works. the first one has two parts.

Far Guys Mom saved Obituaries, I went through them and paper clipped the newspaper clippings inside the funeral programs, then I grouped families together.

I also wrote on the outside of the funeral programs who the people were and their relationship. if I knew it. It is a delight and an honor to have the work of Ezra Jack Keats on exhibit at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. The truth was, I did not know what the Caldecott Medal was or meant at that early stage of my career. Soon afterward, I was fortunate to have lunch with the very kind and warm Ezra Jack Keats. After lunch, Ezra invited me to his studio where he showed me how he created his beautiful marbled papers. We talked about the business of publishing, he explained so much to me. So, from strangers to colleagues, we soon became friends. We had dinners together and went to parties at each other's apartments in the Village or the Upper Eastside. I was a greenhorn at the threshold of the world of picture book making, and he an experienced professional who reached out to me, such a kind and generous spirit. Notice the three scouts in the bleachers behind all the action. one is Sauk Centre head coach Scott Bergman, whose Mainstreeters travel to Melrose on Tuesday. Q. Why do you do this?Because I thought it would be interesting to write about Bay Area media. People in this area seem to want a place to talk about the biz, see what's going on, shoot the shit, you know, a place like home. Q. Isn't it hard to be critical, sometimes, about people that you know? Great question. Yeah, of course. BPS Rub Pack Looks like a good time to pick up some Big Poppa dry rubs if you haven't tried them. or if you have tried them and are hooked on them like I am. "No Helvetica in Westend," a poster design from Stefano Agabio's photostream. That way I can find the damn things, later. Today we're gearing up for the hub's birthday party tonight, and I got voluntold to do the salad and some cupcakes for the kids. I'm using the cupcake recipe under "chocolate" in the sidebar. And after asking the husbeast what salad he wanted, I made Seven Layer Salad last night. Seven Layer Salad is a great thing for a party because you make it the night before and let it sit, then toss it at the last minute, and it actually tastes better for all the sitting. Rare in a true salad. Which is funny, 'cause everyone makes it here. I used to think donuts were the perfect food. Donuts never let me down. Every single donut was a triumph. Even old donuts were fine. Mom used to pick up powdered donuts in a box at the store whenever a rare run of good behavior on my part coincided with her own cravings. I still remember how the powdered sugar felt cool on the lips. Later, in high school, a bunch of us used to make a donut run in Sue Martin's Barracuda when we were skipping out of the Literary Magazine period. Still basically a powdered sugar donut, with a bonus. Moved on to Glazed in college, when I'd pick up a single donut at Mr. Go to the Ayrshire Website to get your entry form for the Junior Girls Open. I'd say that this story is the benchmark for bland, soulless, unbending miserabilism. if it weren't for the fact that we've kinda been here before.

So, having achieved that very feat this season, they were dead pleased, so they were.

What a day, eh? Joy unconfined, and state pride bolstered as all Ohioans toasted the exploits of their stars.

Well, all but five joyless whiny cunts and the incedibly dull-witted automatons at the public sector health department, of course. Hi there sweet Unity friends! Karen here sharing a brand new card from this month's SMAK kit! It's a little vintage love for you today. Little black splatter background, sweet vintage image, and a wonderful quote. by Dan Phillips"You know what you lot's problem is? You just don't think enough about My mother. ". Cole Foster, Salinas Boyz Custom, designed a motorcycle headlight for MOONEYES! It features the same high quality aluminum as our MOON tanks. The cone body has a smooth shape matching up to the bezel and headlight assembly attachment, nice and flush and features a sturdy bracket for mounting to just about any location.

The entire headlight is polished to a brilliant shine.

They are just cards I decided to make of players that I like. So as David Letterman used to say before Stupid Pet Tricks, "This is only an exhibition. Please, no wagering. " Reggie's season in Baltimore was never really preserved on cardboard. I had a bit of a wardrobe snafu when my knee ripped through my one and only pair of jeans I packed for Rome. Yes I do have another pair of pants, but these are my JEANS. I live in them. so I did a funny hand stitched repair. I'm not so excited about how the fabric patch shows through. We had been doing this for a couple years. Occasionally one of the girls would want to join. Most of the boys did not think the girls should be playing with us. Some of the guys would get especially rough with the girls just to show them who was tougher.

Contest is now closed.

Winner to be selected by random draw and announced in next post. I'm still pinching myself that one of my quilts was selected for inclusion in the book. A federal judge has rejected a request to force Hillary Clinton to submit to a sworn deposition in a suit related to her private email server. U. S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan. It is raining out, overcast and just perfect tv weather. I was poking around amazon prime today and found, Dr. Who seasons are back again. Not sure when they returned. Figure they would have made a big deal about it to let people know. Big gun show in Indy this weekend, but not sure I feel like the drive or not. Usually find stuff that needs a home. Feels good just chilling out and binge watching for a while. Rain keeps starting and stopping making the yard work I wanted to do a bit challenging. Have stuff to do in the garage, but need to pull the Vette out of the garage to do them, and don't like parking it in the rain if I can avoid it. Those who have irrational exuberance for these panaceas might look carefully at how well the Medicare Part D has worked so far as it relates to items one and two mentioned above. At least we can't blame EBM for this fiasco. So far, it looks like the states have had to jump in to help seniors who otherwise would leave the pharmacy without their meds and the federal government is proposing legislation to repay them. All of this on the heels of numerous reports of the profound difficulty many seniors had in trying to figure out what the program was and how to sign up. Naturally a congressional investigation will be formed to try and determine why a government program did not work as advertised. Can you imagine such a thing?. .