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While their reasons were varied, they were right to do so. Betrayal is a dirty, dirty word. There's nothing appealing about it. It absolutely should, to honorable people, create unease. The only time that it's acceptable is when the betrayed has incontestably already betrayed the betrayer. Their action was brave, in that they signed it. Some gay dudes, I guess they just let they mystery be. Some guys, they seem to let you know. Some guys, they kind of go over the top, when they step out of the closet. A post about my two very different, but equally wonderful mums. Which just goes to show, now I think about it, how much freedom there is in loving, godly mothering. I was standing in the kitchen on Saturday, feeling like the still centre at the heart of a tropical cyclone, a whirlpool of love, affection, enthusiasm and joy. Children were running, shouting, playing. Mum was alternately reading a series of board books to baby Andrew, helping Thomas with the dot-to-dot and sticker books she brought, patiently listening to Ben recite lists of Pokemon and their evolutions, creating beautiful cards with Lizzy using every scrap of fabric and craft paper in the house, and intermittently asking me "Is there anything I can do to help?"When my mother walks in the door, all four children run screaming "Grandma Ruth's here! Gwandma Wuth's here! Ga-ma!" depending on their various stages of verbal development, and she drops all her belongings on the floor while she cuddles each one and tells them how much she loves them and has missed them since last time she saw them - yesterday. Still waiting on a few parts for the Triumph, so I took some time to clean the shop. My neighbor, Woody, contributed his skills with carpentry to help make this sturdy work bench. Plenty of work space now! I have a number of projects on the back burner. This is one of the first Unit Twins Triumph produced. For those of you who have never heard of Derek Ratcliffe, he was a life-long student of peregrines and wrote the monumental monograph entitled simply The Peregrine published by Poyser Press, the bible for anyone seriously interested in this enigmatic bird. Derek Ratcliffe It is probably due to Derek that we have peregrines on Derby Cathedral and indeed in so many other towns and cities across the UK. The birds failed to rear any young and rapidly declined to the point where they were extinct in much of Britain. markavery. The suggestion that we celebrate and remember Derek by calling today National Peregrine Day made by Stuart seems an excellent one to me. Bree has discovered that some days nothing you are tatting works the way you want it to and that's when you end up with a lot of cut off bits and pieces. Never mind. Every bit you do improves your skills even when it doesn't look like it. Ancolie tatted this doily by Sumi Fujishige for the challenge. The pattern is diagrammed but all the text is in Japanese. Fox tatted a mini sampler with lots of techniques she has learned like roll tatting cluny leaves, and single shuttle split rings, but she thinks she might have accidentally thrown it out. She finished another Stumpy bookmark and managed to get to the Fringe Element tatters event in Cambridge Ontario and meet up with Kelly. That was where she learned how to do needle tatting and made this cameo motif in white and received a black one as a gift from Kelly. She received some Mettler Machine quilting thread from the Thread Exchange and thanks to Miranda tatted this little gem with bugle beads.

Isn't this just the perfect edging and colour choice for this dainty treasure?.

You may wish to consider character, conflict, values and/or class as possible subjects for the development of your thesis. I'm a genius. My heart of hearts tells me Christine Craft went after Teddy but in reality she was really going after Michael Savage, just a guess. Christine frequents here and likes to pick and poke, stir up the masses, only Chris, why go after a small, little innocent poodle like Teddy? Your barbs are occasionally entertaining and pithy, I'll give you that but seriously, a poodle? Bad teeth? Savage treats Teddy better than some parents treat their kids. If you want to spar, Christine, and I know surely you have a little twinkle in your eye, I'd probably pick a different target, just my opinion, I'm sure you'll chime in and start a new forest fire. Wonder what Savage might say today, this could be interesting. Enjoy the crab and saltines Louie, Louie. Bostom. Police arrested at least a dozen people as tens of thousands of protesters, led by opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim, marched in heavy rains to the King's palace to demand changes to the country's electoral system. "Groups of demonstrators later converged on the palace of Malaysia's king, where opposition leaders handed over a list of election reform demands.

Reid's office.

It is about emotions, inflammatory numbers which don't stand up to examination, free-market destruction, control of a sixth of American society and a grasp for power. We bring these up because while so many are focused about the top picks that few are saying much about these items. The first rule change is regarding the first first faceoff starting a power play.

We view it as an extra incentive to avoid not thinking which is at times badly needed.

I realized I haven't posted any Moxie pics in a while. so here goes. And yes, being the over-attentive childless dog parents that we are, we log on multiple times a day from wherever we are vacationing until the pics are posted so we can see how our little girl is doing. Tennessee Williams may have had his glass menagerie. But I have a linen menagerie in my cabin. Almost every evening I return to my stateroom to discover a new creature lurking in my room. On the bed. On the desk. Hanging from the ceiling. An elephant. Gundam Fix Figuration in short G. F. F. is released by Bandai from the Gundam series produced by Katoki Hajime. All these G. F. I’m used to collect G. I took the opportunity to stay inside and sew some projects for some products I am working on. It was actually quite fun - reminded me of the hours I would spend sewing as a kid during the summers. Now it seems I only sew for work-related stuff but at least I'm sewing. Summer is in full swing. Check out the Feeling Stitchy blog where Flor has done a review of my Craftsy Stitch It With Wool Class. ". we are drawn to things that feed our egos, yet starve our souls. Unfortunately, the Climate Prediction Center still shows that much of the eastern two-thirds of the nation will be below average through the rest of the month. When will it end?". Hello Everybody!My name is Jojo and I was once lost and was actually found wandering the streets of Geylang. One lucky morning, I went to a coffee shop hoping to get something to eat when I chanced upon a kind man, Mr Tan, eating. He saw how hungry I was and fed me my first decent meal for days! Mr Tan then decided to see if there was anyone at the food stall that would consider adopting me.

Initially the lady at the food stall agreed but changed her mind later and I was then sent to a nearby old folk's home by a taxi driver.

The following morning, Mr Tan returned to the coffee shop to check on me and was then told that I was now at the old people’s home.

He was less than happy to see that I had been confined in an aviary.

After many sleepless nights, he decided to call Noah’s Ark for help. A little bit busy. Back from Oklahoma, back from sitting behind the selling table, and I am filled with sincere gratitude to all the people who have those yard sales I enjoy so much. This past weekend has reminded me of just how much work it is to put on a sale. I'm grateful as well to all the thrift stores across the land that accept donations of what’s left over.

If my mother’s sale is any indication, we’d have filled up all the landfills decades ago if we didn’t have the thrift stores filling this ecological niche.

What a trooper! And her work’s not done—there’s still a bunch o’ stuff that didn’t sell, and it was all we could do by Saturday evening to turn the lock on the door and stumble to our cars. If anyone had turned up Saturday afternoon with a mask on and a t-shirt that said “I'm a thief” we’d have handed them a box and told them to be sure to check all the rooms.

When I returned, Shirley the Walmart lady had heard all about the sale, and in fact hoped to get by to look at the bedroom set.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: "Ape must not kill ape. Mm, mm, mm! It's truly a wonderful day to be alive! As for swell. CHANNEL: Absolute glass like a glass of Absolute. HOWEVER, the wave-age is somewhere in the ankle to shin range and gurgling like a clogged drain. Check out this old photo and info at the link:. They planned to stop work at the fields so that the government would hear their demands about higher pay.

They said they would stop work, block the entrances to the fields, and prevent foreign workers from entering.

The day before the planned action Basra’s Governor Khalaf Abdul Samad stepped in.

Their main grievance was that foreign workers were getting paid more than them. Iraq’s oil workers are some of the lowest paid in the world according to a report by Hays Oil & Gas. In addition to the blocks, there will be Super Deals for Quilters from our favorite online retailers. Also, be sure to check each designer's post, as many will be offering give-aways on their own site that everyone can participate in. Hope you'll join the fun! -dana. Demon-Hunter was probably supposed to be a Dr. Rich Buckler has been unfairly criticized as being not much more than an above average swipe-artist. He had some pretty wild ideas of his own, too! Just dig Demon-Hunter's cape. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Today is Day Two of Reverse Confetti's Countdown to Confetti. Be sure to visit the Reverse Confetti blog for a list of all of today's peeks. As I was saying, today's featured stamps and dies are perfect for Project Life. I created a set of journaling and filler cards, and even though I've kind of dropped the ball on my project life albums, I can't wait to start again and put these to good use. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Vegetarian delight. Brush remaining oil over capsicum. Transfer to a bowl. Transfer to a plastic bag, seal and set aside.

For twenty-five years I've been collecting early antiques.

It's such fun to change my focus a little and shop for small treasures to use in making jewelry. I'm passing right by the cool furniture, fabulous textiles and great woodenware and focusing entirely on tiny stuff. Takes a lot more time, but I absolutely love it! Today was a lucky day. I give up on winter this year. I guess I have to wrap my head around the fact that spring is here to stay. I guess I can focus on these mums and imagine how soon fall will return. I am not sure why I don't like spring and summer but part of it is because I live right in the city. The moment the weather warms, people are everywhere. And they go shirtless and wear sandals. I don't want to see peoples feet. And I don't live in Miami so most of the bare bodies you see should be cloaked from head to toe. One of the things I most hate about warm weather is the noise. Why do people feel the need to blast the radios in their cars. And the bass drives me crazy.

Dennis Wolf.