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I just LOVE easter cards, I love the colors, I love bunnies, chicks and eggs.

this cutie wraps them all together!! Today I give you Easter Bunny Chick from Stamping Bella's latest release!.

I told Jess I had no idea and she could figure it out.

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It is a system needed for people to keep themselves sane and deal with the unreasoning chaos of reality.

Religion offers the story of salvation, for example. Likewise, morals and ethics could be defined as the most popular story of the people of the age. But while these stories are harmless as long as they're used to keep individuals calm, this changes when they're used as tools for a country or race. Stories like "jews are an inferior race that have to be purged" and "capitalists are devils and if you suicide bomb them you can go to heaven" brought about tragedies due to their popularity. A new series of furniture by West Elm uses reclaimed wood from Indian railway trestles. Icicle Seafoods, one of Alaska's major salmon processors, also is involved in farming Atlantic salmon in Washington state. Recently, media outlets reported that Icicle was killing scores of farmed fish to prevent an outbreak of infectious hematopoietic necrosis, the IHN virus, from spreading. Icicle yesterday issued this press release addressing the situation, emphasizing that the virus is found naturally in the region's wild salmon and herring. So shop early to get those items that are perfect for you. Introducing the Bucyrus-Erie cable shovels and hoes!Bucyrus was an early producer of steam shovels. Its products now include large electric rope shovels, walking draglines, and rotary blasthole drills for the surface mining industry. The girls hard at work Charissa did a great job heading up the Young Decorator's house. Their goal? Fit as much candy on the house as physically possible! The guys' house The conversation was lively as the house decor took shape. Sister love! "Can I please eat them all, Mom?" The sweet 'littles' The girls' The guys' We held a final vote on our Instagram account.

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Reverse the cause-and-effect. I never imagined when my husband found this little dog that my life would change profoundly. It's not any type of change that you can see, but rather something deep inside my heart. It's a feeling that I've known her forever. I just know it's there. Bitsy isn't particularly pretty, but if you look into those eyes you will see the beauty that I see. You know there will be lots of happy times, but for sure there will be health issues and things to be taken care of. It's like adopting an old grandmother. Good morning, men. I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you guys here tomorrow. I am enjoying a new box of Stampin' Up! goodies that arrived this week! The sketch from Create with Connie and Mary was perfect to showcase some of the new arrivals. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek too! . Today we've seen the launch of Action on Sugar, a body which has proven every slippery slope prediction ever made by any freedom-minded blogger or activist in the area of social liberalism true. #sugaristhenewtobacco pic. Below the title of each video is a link to YouTube as well. You can try to view them there if your having problems here. Please email us if you are having dificulty viewing the videos. S. V. P. PastorBrotherBob refutes. Over the last few days, many Catholic bloggers have picked up on the Lenten Carbon Fast Calendar published by the Archdiocese of Washington. In fact, our colleagues over at Restore DC Catholicism had their posting linked on Fr. But on my way to Church this morning, it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, we are all looking at this thing wrong. Maybe we should embrace it. Therefore I offer this open letter to the Archbishop and the Archdiocese. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I would love to hear from you on this. “Ridiculous pseudo-science garbage”: Meet the GOP’s environment leaders! - Salon. That’s no reason to celebrate. For someone who has nothing to hide, he sure is trying. Dr. Howdy folks! This is your friendly reminder to play along with the BESTEST challenge around.

Bunches of Love There are so many great versatile sentiments included in this set.

I used Bunches of Love and the sketch/colors from the current challenge. So many ways to play, you'll want to get your entries in by Wednesday. We start a new challenge on THURSDAY!!! So. Hello Unity friends. and Happy Friday to you all! Just a sweet little reminder to join our Stamp of the Week club, if you haven't already!! GET YOUR STAMP of the WEEK - shipped to you AUTOMATICALLY every single WEEK. Here's a quick cute card you can make with yourkiddos! My daughter and her little friend madethese the other day.

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