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Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewKirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from Love and Life in the Petri Dish.

And send me stuff!Fundraiser: Dragondreamer's Lair has a post up about the Cora Paige Project. She writes: "Cora Paige was the young daughter of the McClenahans and they recently lost her after a short but brutal battle with cancer. One thing that has always fascinated me since I was a kid was trains. I guess that is why I have always been open to the idea of high speed rails in America. I never really have understood the argument that they aren't good here. I've been doing a bit of reading on the subject and what I have found makes me wonder even more why we do not have high speed rail. The main reason the US does not have high speed rail is because the Federal government will not subsidize it. This is a small piece, very portable and utilized many of my scrap box papers! I pushed the envelope of local color on these mangos as I was inspired by nature's vibrant pallete in the landscape I've been experiencing in Arizona. . This summer has been incredibly generous with out of city adventures. I made a little mix of some of the music we listened to on our two day roadtrip north. You can listen here. . For further information on these Scams, please Read . .