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I have been asked for a recipe for my cake in the previous post. In the book it is called "Cherry Squares", because the Czechs use mainly stoned cherries, as my mum used to. Any fruit can be used, providing it is not too soft and wet, this would just make a horrible mess. I have used plums, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blueberries.

Happy Valentines Day!This has definitely been a day of surprises.

He is helping her to open her Valentines Day card from her Aunt Kitty Kat, Honey, and Granddaddy. Fascinated by the sparkly Cinderella card. Gotta love the stickers!Ariel card! She loves the Little Mermaid, I think it is the red hair!!Sophia loving on her HoneyBrayden's first Valentines Day, and he is asleep for most of it. Aron got Sophia a card, teddy bear, and balloons. This will provide much needed entertainment for tomorrow!!Aron reading what he wrote to his baby girl. He is so sweet and thoughtful with the things that he writes in the cards he gives to us. Despite the E. U. ’s concerns, the latest Czech proposal argues that armed citizens would be the best defense against terror attacks. Yesterday was Cake Baking Friday and I made my famous carrot cake for my family. I've been making this cake for years and years and it is hands down my families favorite dessert. When I tell them I am making it, they immediately perk up and always ask. 'is it your famous one?'. as if I would sneak in a different recipe!But first I will show you the results of the glass bread tube from yesterday. Before using it, you must butter the inside entirely. Hi everyone. I wanted to dedicate this little card to Bonnie, for all of her hard work that she does for our team!!! I hope she likes purple, it's my favorite color and I used some of the Really Reasonable Ribbon purple goodness on this card!!!! I used four different ribbons and trim on this little card. .