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Sumptuous Bowl The Saturday Spread - Fresh Corn Chowder, Methi Bread Sticks, Griddle roasted potatoes and Cut fruitsI think I like her, the sensuous lady and she is not the skinny type ooohhhing and ahhhing with mouthfuls of baby food in the name of good food. That is Nigella. Well this recipe is adapted from the Nigella Express. Adapted is when you don't have all ingredients at hand but you venture all out and end up doing something of your own. Enjoy quick & easy Middle Eastern food recipes and learn how to make Lebanese platter. Make tabouli: Place tomato, burghul and lemon juice in a bowl. Add parsley, mint, onion and oil. poking around our building on a sunday afternoon. I had trouble getting good photos of the mirror chains but I had several requests to show how I make these so here goes. Buy bags of mosaic mirror tiles or pick up an old mirror at a thrift store and cut it into little squares. Get some fishing line and fast setting glue. 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Let it sit until the glue dries.

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