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Here is one of the ways:“For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.

They had no means of obeying them.

They could not be filled with the knowledge of His will with all spiritual wisdom and understanding by any act of obedience. Have your friends pray for you using this text. You will find yourself bearing fruit in every good work with no effort. No parameters, no speed of light nor time nor space. Nothing to measure in light years or miles and then God created the Heavens and the Earth. In and around and above that wet, dark and formlessempty earth The Spirit Hovered. From beyond the night, beyond the heavens and apart from the Earth God said, “Let there be light. ” And therewas light. Six measured days later God created man in His ownlikeness, but man believed a lie to be more like God andindeed became less like Him. Man’s thinking became futile and his foolish heart was darkened. Now we are measured in time, square miles and by the Bureau or Standards. Into that measured land, in afarmhouse on a quarter section in central Nebraska Godcreated a man, partly in His likeness. Twenty measured years went by, and over and aroundthat man with a dark and formless void, the Spirithovered. The wind was a total non-factor. I gotta say though- he has more event ideas popping outta his head than anyone I know. Every one of them sounded cool too. Cool to the point that I might actually consider doing any one of them. No more need to switch between catalog – you will find all the tires previously listed in the Drag Specialties OldBook and FatBook, and the Parts Unlimited Street, Off-Road and ATV/UTV catalogs right here, along with tire service tools. This catalog gives you the very best tires from the top brands in the industry. It is an all-in-one reference for you and your customers to make ordering easier than ever before. And every tire has the most up-to-date technical data and fitment information available. This catalog is sure to be a valued resource throughout the year, so keep it handy on the counter. dragspecialties. There is an open gap way up high. Via Sentiment Trader, Rydex leveraged funds at a bullish extreme so quickly again. We got them some cool silver pinwheels, and the box was huge and definitely needed some decor! I used washi tape to attach it to the box. I kept it super simple since I was trying to make something more masculine. Guy cards and tags are hard! I used Smitty's ABCs to make my custom sentiment and a cute Crate Paper journaling card to finished it up! I even used a Crate Paper sticker as the "grass". I used Say Cheese, Too to make the card, and used Design Memory Craft Stamper's Big Brush Pens on the star to get the rainbow look. We are excited to announce that the work on our latest cd is almost done! We have sent it to the producers and now have to wait for the that large box to arrive on our doorstep! This cd, titled "In God We Still Trust", is a reminder of God's faithfulness in our lives. He is the only One who is worthy of our trust. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes. "Please pray with us that this cd will be an encouragement to God's people and a challenge to the unsaved. Good morning Augusta.

This morning it is clear, then partly cloudy.

Tonight it will be Clear. give me something good to eat! Today is Sketch Sunday over at the Pink Paislee blog and we were assigned to use the new Hocus Pocus line this month. You can see the sketches over at the Pink Paislee blog. The boo pocket was created with a kraft envelope turned sideways. I sprinkled a bit of white paint on it, added a felt DooDad and some stickers, filled with treats and tied closed with twine! Next is the "Creepy" pocket… I used a kraft card by Worldwin and just sewed the left and right edges closed to create the pocket. Here I’ve added a canvas border, another felt Doodad and some stickers, all from the Hocus Pocus line. One trick to the canvas borders.

My friends just got a bunch o' chickens and turkeys.

Right now, they are so young and delicate that they need to be indoors under a heat lamp, but soon enough they will be moved to their respective pens, with access to the great outdoors. Wee turkeys!Wee chickens!Before long, we hope to have our own wee chickens. Gordon is now working on getting the wiring fixed and turned back on in the barn, so that we have light and warmth for our future laying hen chicks. And for some reason, that dang "You must whip it!" song is running through my head. Sorry I skipped yesterday.

When I got home tonight, Chris was still up and we watched the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory and boy did we laugh our asses off.

Chris then went to bed and I watched the latest Star Trek movie, again, while freebie hunting.

I don’t think I will ever get enough of it.

I think they captured the quirks of the main characters perfectly. MA&D reconstructed this mid-century kit house, taking advantage of its location by creating a bedroom nestled in the treetops. A glass connector bridge links the bedroom to the rest of the house. This house reflects our focus on play and romanticism. Trees and bridges evoke peace, solitude and memories of the escapes of childhood. via. Brian Goodwin's first varsity points. the opponent was K-M-S, and the Jaguars won by a lot. from web series to photos to channels. This straightforward study examines the size of the problem and the consequences of sexual abuse on juvenile female street hawkers randomly recruited from two urban towns in Lagos State of Nigeria. Data was collected with semi structured, interviewer administered questionnaires. According to police, the objects were stolen from neighbouring archaeological sites during the uprising. The thieves, police speculate, had been planning to smuggle the objects out of the country at a later date. Image credit Yury Pustovoy, whose remarkable photographs are assembled here. I took a break this morning to do some crafts with the local kids. The bookmarks were a lot of fun to make. These are still on the kitchen table waiting for the glue to dry. The girls will pick them up tomorrow. They match the book-bags they made for going back to school. Sometimes It Just feels good to make a mess! I had so much fun playing with the Jillibean Soup Happy Hues Paints. Orange paint smeared all over my page and pink splats created with my flicking paint brush created this background. Enjoy your day!. Fixed fortifications are monuments to human stupidity. They simply were ineffective. During the War of Independence, the fledgling American Navy seized the town. After the Americans returned the city to the British, the Spanish invaded, and then the Americans took the city from them. When the Stars and Stripes and Bourbon banner were carted off, the British decided enough was enough. In an irony that would do justice to a Noel Coward play, the fort’s primary purpose shifted to deterring slave revolts. This is the faith season. At least, on Mexico blogs. Several of my fellow bloggers have posted about spiritual matters. I enjoy much about Melaque. But, my church here makes the area very special. I started attending San Patricio by the Sea when I first visited the area as a tourist. Hey all. Three new pictures of Sebastian Grosjean were added to his page in the brieflines archive. See you all here tomorrow. I know! it is hard to tell by the photo but these are marbled tiles from your local hardware store! The one of the girls is a photo of them that I copied onto vellum paper and then adhered to the tile with modge podge and then added the love rub on. The teacup is stamped with stazon timber brown ink right on the tile and then colored with pink chalks and then setwith polyurothene spray. Very simple project and quite inexpensive. In days now long passed, treason was often a rather ill-defined capital crime that often only manifested in the mind of a powerful leadership, individual or collective. Sanction on conviction was swift, bloody and very fraught for the perpetrator of the alleged treason. Hung on a scaffold for a time with no drop, cut down before death occurred then disemboweled and dismembered. Treason is now not regarded as so serious and perpetrators are often portrayed as heroes' However treachery such as that presented to NZ by the increasingly desperate leader of the NZLP and his coat-tail clutching four x whiner has been largely ignored by too many. A labour supporter yesterday, in response to my suggestion that his leaders move was idiotic at best, responded with, "well Murray the market does not always deliver". Add to that businesses that just give up battling such Stalinist thinking. I guess employment opportunities will accrue in corrections as darkness affords greater opportunity for entrepreneurs. I'm still kind of in a funk, I think it's all the weather and lack of funds to do anything outside the house. We have our last shire meeting tonight, it's sad but hopefully we can get things going again after some time away to breath. We still have a yahoo group for if we ever want to get back together for anything. The webpage is officially down, but I have everything saved on the external HD so if we want to begin again we haven't lost everything. So I'm off to go do some more knitting, I'm hoping to be done with chart A by tomorrow evening, we'll see what fate brings my way before then. Here's a little romance music. Given the attention it is receiving from those who are nominally opposed to the United States' foreign policy of criminal, aggressive war and intervention, it is understandable that unwary readers will view Peter Beinart's article, "The Crazy Rush to Attack Iran," as strongly opposed to an attack on Iran. And while Beinart's piece may very superficially appear to oppose such an attack, opposition of this kind is no opposition at all. And it is far worse than that: Beinart accepts the entire framework of those whose warmongering he criticizes, and he thus makes an attack on Iran more likely, not less. As I recently observed about a similarly flawed example of faux-dissent: "The propagandists in the media and in Washington are laughing with delight, for they could not ask for more. With opposition and dissent like this, they can begin the next war this afternoon, and nothing will stand in their way. "We'll begin where Beinart does, with his opening paragraph:The debate over whether Israel should attack Iran rests on three basic questions. First, if Iran’s leaders got the bomb, would they use it or give it to people who might? Second, would a strike substantially retard Iran’s nuclear program? Third, if Israel attacks, what will Iran do in response?Beinart's article is structured around the answers to these questions. Read the first question again: "First, if Iran's leaders got the bomb. It had the recipe of Nagpuri Vada bhaat. Now in Mumbai some of these things are not available even on Marathi restaraunt menus. So all these years I had just heard all my Marathi friends from Vidarbha region rave about it until last year. We were invited for the Udyapan or the closing ceremony of Mahalaxmi vrat by my friends Shaliesh & Manisha. So finally after so many years of not knowing what exactly it was I got to taste it from the hands of a sugran. More than the taste I like the attention given to the person served. It is an example of the Indian Hospitality and Agraha at its best. While I am going to give the recipe below I must elaborate on the true Agraha that makes Vada bhaat and Kadhi stand out as a recipe that Vidarbha people talk about so much. Add more spices to this mix as you see fit. Stir for a couple of minutes. Cover, and reduce the heat to medium-low. Uncover, and taste to adjust seasoning. Present the dish on a platter with nuts and chopped parsley on top. Harissa hummus pots A teaspoon of harissa spices up traditional home-made hummus. Stir through chickpeas. Fill small jars or ramekins with the hummus and serve with the vegetable Crudites and toasted flatbread. Notes Harissa is a Tunisian chilli paste from gourmet food shops and delis. They are wired and ready to hang! How about the gift of fine art this Valentine's Day? Four of them are going to the Florida Museum for Women Artists' shop, they include the pepper, radish, banana, carrot. This beautiful museum is located in historic downtown Deland, FL. email me. I love drawing these little blossoms and I love creating pretty cards with them too. They're easy to colour and look great no matter what colour you make them, so it's easy to mix and match them with your favourite patterned papers. Hello Friends!! Heather here and today I would like to share with you a tag and card that I have made using some fabby ribbons and trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

Irish Tag To create my tag I used my Purple Tag Bases, Irish Bingo Cards, Light Green St.

Patrick's Day Stamp images, Cream Stamp bases. I used the Celery Plaid, Grape Satin, Purple Leaves, Lavender Seam Binding, and Moss Green Seam Binding all from Really Reasonable Ribbon. Paris and Jungle Art Glitters were used. Vintage Green Ladies Card Hidden tag removed. Not because I want to stop people from speeding, like that PTA-power-crazed mom in your neighborhood who secretly wants to be dictator of the world so her children will never experience a single unpleasantness, but precisely because I am the speeder.

Because those signs work and slow drivers down instantly, you can bet there are no cops hiding nearby.

So I just step on the gas and see how high I can make the fluorescent numbers go. Q. .