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This volcano cake was one of the easiest we've made, and almost one of the most effective. But Thomas and Andy, whose birthday it was, didn't mind!!It's super-easy. Here's how we did it:We baked a butter cake in a pudding basin,made some chocolate butter icing,and iced the cake. We put some dinosaurs around the sidesand stuck in some sparklers. Voila! One volcano cake!. That's our Christmas tree. You can barely see the tree for the decorations. There are decorations we've made - decorations which were made for us - decorations we've bought - decorations from my childhood - decorations which were given to us. A glorious conglomeration of unmatching things! And every one, as my son said this year, with a special memory attached. It's been a lovely and hectic time leading up to Christmas in our house, with most of the usual traditions.

We put up our tree and nativity scene.

We went to Carols by Candlelight, and the kids learned to play some carols on the piano. We read about how Jesus fulfils all of God's promises as we opened the doors in our Jesse advent calendar. I also started a new Christmas tradition just for me. It's been so encouraging that I'd like to follow Nicole's example and read something about the birth of Jesus in the weeks leading up to Christmas every year. I'll be back blogging sometime in January. We've always been at a loss for movies that take place at Thanksgiving, especially if we wanted something a bit cheerful. To be honest, we gave up the quest years ago when the parades were better and The Husband had cable for his Turkey Day sports fix. When I ran across this post naming a few Thanksgiving movies I thought I'd try to put together my own list. I found a lot more Thanksgiving movies out there than I realized there were. Or maybe I'll wait and have a Thanksgiving Movie Month next year. The Bachmann model is all done and dusted and ready for service, depicted in a typical work-stained condition. While it's taken a lot of work, the quality of the original model is such that it provides the perfect basis for the detailing work and a decent weathering job brings out the best in the moulded detail. A short post. Health Care Renewal presents a guest blog by Steve Lucas, a retired businessman who formerly worked in real estate and construction who has a long standing interest in business ethics, and has long observed the health care scene. Aultman is the only in program hospital in our area. First the back story: What is today Mercy Medical Center is owned by The Sisters of Charity. For years, my wife and I have made a point of never shopping on Black Friday, a manufactured day of conspicuous consumption that prays on economic fears and people's perceived need for a bargain. While some see shopping as a patriotic duty that injects consumer cash back into the economy, I can easily argue the point that not shopping, staying home with family, visiting friends, and volunteering at local soup kitchens and shelters are activities that are exponentially more patriotic and productive than any amount of spending could ever be. Editorials abound about the way that American shoppers have been programmed by Wall Street, coached that abundance is limited, and urged to be the first to lay their hands on goods that are apparently in short supply, available only to the lucky few who are first through the door. We all know that times are tough. Putting gifts under the tree is seen as a parental duty and obligation, and no parent wants to see young disappointed faces on Christmas or Hannukah. In the early years of our marriage, my wife and I received fuel assistance and Medicaid, visited our local food pantry, and often relied on bargain stores for food, clothes, gifts and other items. We had some lean Christmases in those years, and it was often the gifts mailed by thoughtful grandparents that made the pile under the tree appear more substantial. Klaus Nomi is the debut album by German countertenor Klaus Nomi. Nomi was known for his bizarrely visionary theatrical live performances, heavy make-up, unusual costumes, and a highly stylized signature hairdo which flaunted a receding hairline. It only takes a quick look at the cover to get a reasonably decent idea that this isn't your typical pop album: Decked out in a grossly oversized suit and heavy theatrical makeup, Klaus Nomi is not your typical pop singer, either. It's pretty hard to imagine your typical classical music buff embracing this song, let alone the entire album, but fans of off-kilter pop music will certainly find a lot to love about this album. Now to go along with being a vegan, I am also taking meditation and Buddhism classes every week. My full blown hippy-dippy phase has begun. I have been going to several different places to practice meditating. The good thing about it is I get to work with quite a lot of instructors. Each one's style is unique, so I have many perspectives. Each place has a lot of Buddhas. I arrive early so I can draw. It sort of represents my study in a way. The red thread is me weaving all these places together in my mind to form the new me. Today I have kind of a random post for you. Mostly because it is too darn hot here in Michigan to think, much less sew. I do have several things I wanted to share with you. Isn’t this a darling pouch? Judi A. made it. I love the fabric and when I saw it at Happy Scrappers, I knew I had to show it to you. This is another finish for me. I call it Ruth’s quilt because I really don’t know the name of this pattern. Ruth gave me the idea and I blogged about it here. I like Ruth's setting much better than mine, but I was just too lazy to make things on point. The St. But this story went decidedly off-script last year after U. S. officials, acting on Egypt's behalf, entered the fray. The feds informed museum leaders that they believed the mask was stolen, and they intended to use the courts to seize the artifact and return it to Egypt. But where some museums might have simply handed over the goods, St. J. He drew females well, and one thing I tip my cap to him about was his realistic version of women. Do you see this?IT IS A DISGUISE. That is not a cute child. No. It is an alien being designed entirely to DRIVE ME INSANE. She spent the day stuck to me. Literally followed me everywhere. I'd turn around and step on her foot, or have to shove her out of the kitchen while the oven was on. Turn around, and I'd be shoving her out of the kitchen again. Since your eyes are still blue I guess you got that from Daddy - yay!You also got dressed up by Mommy a bit this week in some dresses - just for fun!You are SO interested in your books this week. You are fully grabbing the pages now and bringing them to your mouth. You LOVE your puppy book!!!You also LOVE your elephant and dog toy - I think it's because they have big eyes you can talk to. You look them straight in the eyes and talk away while grabbing at their paws - too cute. Thomas a Kempis Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. lamebook. Good writing should grab you with the first sentence. And that sentence is a perfect example of bad writing. It does not impel you forward to learn more. In a word, it is not inevitable. Here is what good writing looks like. ”This is a story about a man named Harold Crick. I'm happy to announce that my Tea Leaves Cardigan, at one point so close to the discard bin, is now finished and blocking. It's simple and fun to knit and, best of all, knit from the top down. This is not the first time I've knit one of Melissa's patterns. Last summer I made her Leaf Tee. twice. The green version I wrote about here, but the blue one which I knit in the exact same yarn, I never mentioned. Not because I didn't love it. I did. the world is calling and I am off and running. It is important that PC user knows how to manage the files and folders that store their data. The best way to view the files and folders on the PC is to use Windows Explorer. It is located on the blue Taskbar immediately to the right of the Start button on the Windows Desktop. Look at the Quick Launch Toolbar. Climate scientist addresses misconceptions about climate change"Farmers might have enough rain on average to grow corn in Illinois. But if it is every five years, farmers start seeing impacts on yield and, if the high temperatures occur too frequently, on the viability of corn farming in that area. Next, it's simply filling with your Flower & Foliage sets. Kennedy. A couple of days ago I showed you the chair I painted white for my studio. Well my studio has a bed too. I finally finished painting the bed which was my intention all along. The bed and chair used to look like this.

But everything looks so much brighter and happier now.

I still have to paint the walls and have not decided on the color yet. They are currently beige. The color choices are a soft sage green, an off white or perhaps a pale blue. All of these colors are in the room in some fashion right now as well as pink and spots of yellow. At the moment it is just one of the changes mooted in the draft plan. Whaleoil reports the draft plan for consideration by the elected mob after their "Officials" have attempted to "do what is right", contains no references to the rort that is Taniwha Tax. It is a total mystery that The Special People need additional avenues to make shit up when ever anyone wishes to exercise their basic property rights that have been handed down over centuries. If Slater's blog is correct in what is claimed by the Taxpayer union and the elected morons rediscover their legislated powers it just might be one small step towards reducing the exponential cost rises that are hourly adding to the costs of creating a basic dwelling. I am not that hopeful as there are plenty of misguided pricks who agree with the idiot from new Plymouth, Judd, who think apartheid has some advantages in public affairs. I've been welding on a giant oak desk that I'm pretty sure came from some vacant receptionist position and it was only a matter of time before it bursts into flames. So with a couple of donated legs from my buddy Tim, some leftover square bar and a big piece of free scrap plate that Pat came up with I welded up a somewhat proper welding table. Sorry for the BS posts but we're super busy right now, four bikes under construction in my garage & two down at Pat's shop. This bike thing is snowballing out of control and I'm loving it. g. , A, E, G, H, I, R, S T, is the gimmick of this awkward Tuesday crossword. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, otherwise known as Game of Thrones. During the course of the story, Jon Snow encounters a female Wildling by the name of Ygritte whom is known for two things: her flaming red hair and the fact she constantly says "You know nothing Jon Snow". The central government has cut its fuel shipments to the Kurds as punishment for their announcement that they wanted their own independent pipelines to Turkey. In turn, the KRG has begun to truck oil to Turkey in return for petrol, something Baghdad has called illegal smuggling. This new turn of events not only shows the continued differences between the two sides, but the confidence Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government now has over oil and gas. At an oil conference in Kurdistan, the KRG’s Natural Resource Minister Ashti Hawrami said that his government wanted to build oil and gas pipelines to neighboring Turkey. If they were to be constructed, it would be the first step towards economic independence for Kurdistan, which relies upon Baghdad for most of its money. The central government was upset with Hawrami’s speech, because it has demanded total control over the country’s oil industry and exports. Shravani Cake gets its name from the fact that it is a cake to be feasted on in the sacred month of Shravan.

Aai made this cake to prove that all children in our joint family were equal.

We loved it then and we love it now. My elder bro tells me that mine does not taste as good as Mom's. The secret it she made it in a cooker just like steaming idlis. Whereas I make in the Oven. Add the sugar and beat till dissolved. Birdstone's fee has been the same since he entered stud in. For further information on these Scams, please Read . The particular case involved a patient at an academic medical center in whichIt took three days for the patient's care team to realize that the results entered into his EMR were for a biopsy they did not order of a lesion he did not have. Before the error was recognized, it had caused the patient "tremendous pain and mental anguish. At bottom, the error got as far as it did because of the "medical team" approach - no single person was responsible for this patient's care. We seem to be replacing personal physician responsibility with "systems".