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When I think of Valentines Day cards I think of time spent cutting hearts out of construction paper and decorating each one with something special- maybe this is because I stopped celebrating Valentines Day when I was eleven!But surprisingly there really is something delightful about spreading out your supplies and creating valentines for loved ones.

I decided this year to go back to basics- just construction paper and a few supplies to create little valentines for family and friends. I started with a few packages of construction paper. I must admit this brought back memories- the feel of the construction paper in my hands, the process of cutting out a heart- it was like I was in grade school again!I used my drawing pens to create a pattern all over the surface of the hearts. Some of the valentines I only used penswhile others I used watercolors to fill the surface with color. From David P in SC. by Phil Johnsonast week I promised to draw out some practical lessons and underscore a few other things to remember from Elijah's experiences in Zarephath. Here are some lessons that stood out to me as I read over that episode:Providence is characterized by many unexpected twists and turns. This reminds us that God's ways are mysterious and beyond human scrutiny—so that all we can know for sure about God's sovereign dealings with us is that His purposes are always righteous. Often He intervenes in our lives in ways that don't instantly appear good to us. When the boy died, Elijah was clearly as shocked and dismayed as anyone about it. Hi everyone. I'm fine, I've just had a couple of hectic days. Even though we may seem removed from the goings on of big business, it has the potential to really impact on our daily lives. We need to be cautious. While it's impossible to write a post that will cover everyone's situation, I think, in general, it would be very wise for all of us to think carefully before we spend on any non-essentials. It's time to go into squirrel mode - we need to be saving our money and conserving our resources. There are tips here for buying groceries and here for living on a budget. We've talked about these things before but it's often helpful to see a new perspective. Pour le moment seules les chaussures enfants sont disponibles. Je vous remercie de votre patience. Happy week end. BEAUTIFUL!! You can learn the technique HERE Stamps: Secret Garden, Delightful Dozen Paper: Midnight Muse, Marina Mist, Very vanilla, Watercolor paper, Print poetry dsp Ink: Gumball Green, Black Stazon Accessories: Midnight Muse marker, Secret Garden framelits, pearls. Trump has raised the Birther issue with respect to Ted Cruz, his political rival.

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