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A simple recolor of the toddler t-shirt, now with a pocket. If you have any issues, please send me an ask here. Big Wil TeamTeam Impact. These plug wires are cotton-braided and lacquered, but have a modern suppression core conductor with silicone insulation for top performance and heat resistance. These wire sets are designed for motorcycles running modern electronic ignitions and will not cause RFI interference.

Made in the USA.

Available in your choice of Black with Orange Tracers, Black with Red Tracers, Oak with Red & Black Tracers or Red with Black & Yellow Tracers.

Pull your head on out your hippy haze and give a listen. Shouldn't have to say it all again.

The universe is hostile.

so Impersonal.

devour to survive. So it is. I missed them. courtesy of mingpao. Some asked Goo Jai, if Lau Ching Wan and Eddie Peng Yu-Yan both fell into the water which one would he save? He joked, "Actually I don't know how to swim, all I can do is call the police!" Since they have worked together so many times in recent years, someone asked if they have ever argued. Ching Wan said, "Actually we are too close. Aside from making movies we don't have much to talk about. We don't have any chance of fighting. " Another asked if they ever thought about singing a theme song together and admitted to missing the Goo Sing sung BOYFRIEND. Goo Jai immediately pretended to look stunned. His eyes widened as he joked, "Friend, are you sick? Don't mess around!" Ching Wan seriously continued, "I don't sing!" Someone also asked about their looks and why they would dress the same way all the time. ".

Tomorrow he will sit down, but with three other speakers, seemingly on only four countries.

What for example about Burundi, amid threats of genocide and a regime request to oust his envoy? What about Myanmar, with ethnic cleansing and no Security Council action at all? Whether the Press can ask those questions remains to be seen. Watch this site.

When Guterres held a photo opportunity and meeting with Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, Guterres joked that having two UN flags and none from Ukraine was "UN chauvinism.

I ran onto an old photo yesterday. My Aunt who used to live in Washington was home for a visit and almost the entire family gathered for a picnic at my parents resort. The In Laws in my Dad’s family. My Grandfather with his son and daughter in laws. Most are gone. but there are a few left. Back Row: Aunt Violet, Aunt Lila, Uncle Stanley, Uncle Otto, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Grace Front Row: Aunt Jenny, Aunt Senia, My Grandfather, My Mother Madeline, Aunt Mia There were two Aunts missing from the photo: Aunt Joan and Aunt Eleanor. BlackBerry might have lost face all over the world, though it is still a dearly beloved brand in the world’s most populous black nation for variety of reasons. The easy-to-use physical keyboard associated with many of the older blackberry models is one of them. Android and Apple devices have relegated the physical QWERTY to the middle ages, it is still a feature loved by so many Nigerians. Please make a donation to support Minutes Before Six By Terrance Tucker To have a bad dream is normal - to have the same bad dream constantly is scary. Well at least it scared me. Being a Muslim I believe that a good dream is from Allah and a bad dream is from Satan, and that you should seek refuge from that evil and never mention the dream unless you find someone capable of interpreting it. For years I kept this dream tucked away in that closet portion of my brain but it kept re-occurring, the menacing shadow was always peeking out the closet door like the bogeyman does to scare children. One day on a visit I opened up and told my old girlfriend. She seemed just as worried as I was. I opened my palms gesturing that I didn't know before I looked away from her strong hazel eyed gaze. The dream stayed hidden for a while after that first confession, and then one night I woke up sweating, and afraid, I sat up in bed and stared around my small dark cell - The bogeyman was back. Image cropped slightly for size from the original at the WTF subreddit, where the location is reported to be Renaissance Festival near Charlotte, North Carolina. Hot. But more humid than hot. If I had to summarize the July weather in Melaque that would be it. It was what I expected. And it was what I got. But it was not a surprise. But let me confess. Almost every expatriate I have met in person or on a message board, lists the weather as one of their top three reasons for moving to Mexico. I am not one of those people. In a little under one hour, my son Benjamin changed my life and removed the frustrations of Gathering e-mails. Now all new info on Gatherings and Oldgreymare updates will be found here. I knew that was going to be my plan for this blog but as soon as I told him what I planned to do he said "here you go Mom" and easy peasy it's done! Check back soon for sneak peeks at projects and all the latest info at Oldgreymare. Scottish Golf is looking to recruit new course rating volunteers, and already have had a lot of folk signing up. The aim is to ensure that lady course raters are being recruited as well as gents so that the best interests of women's golf are served in the course rating process. In the global catalogue of scientific literature, there is no poorer an illegitimate runt than the integrity-free BMJ's Tobacco Control Journal. Unsurprisingly, quite a few had. Not much of a revelation considering many airports have vaping lounges or don't have a policy and - even if ignorance has got the better of the airport's managers - using e-cigs where bans are in place is incredibly easy. Vanishingly few sane people give a stuff enough to report it, you see, even if they are aware vaping is banned and can be bothered to remember such a pointless rule. Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you before the weekend, but lots of personal things to deal. Well, here is the weekly update. Makes you wonder why that was not mentioned. Could it be that the Archdiocese is a bit embarrassed?There was a small box story on the DC Catholic Conference and the loss of voting rights when it can to DC marriage. When it's this cold you need to make things a little brighter. I don't know any instrument as bright as a little tin whistle. It's the Celtic Clarke, and the tone is so smooth and haunting.

Special thanks to my tripod/beehive for filming.

I played it through those few times and did add a slight echo and some wind reduction, but that is what a tin whistle sounds like, through and through.

I'll pick a winner Friday Night and post it in this very post.

photographs of C. Z. Guest by Slim Aaronsa summer classic- the book-the wicker chaise- the all white wardrobe & the water. eenews. This is my card for our theme for this month. You will see a bunch as I post them in the next few days. Here is the recipe for my card,Cardstock: Pretty in Pink, Very Vanilla, Basic BlackInk: Basic BlackAccessories: DSP Newsprint, Scallop Punch, Oval Die, Dazzling Diamonds GlitterStamp Sets: Easter Blossoms, Your a GemAll can be ordered HERE. So many books, so little time. Here are just a few of the titles that I am looking forward to exploring. Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer This book from Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen looks like it will be a reference guide to refer back to again and again. It is hard-covered and spiral bound, so it will lay flat. I received a second ARC of Guy Gavriel Kay's Children of Earth and Sky, so I'm giving it away to one lucky winner! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Here's the blurb:The bestselling author of the groundbreaking novels Under Heaven and River of Stars, Guy Gavriel Kay is back with a new novel, Children of Earth and Sky, set in a world inspired by the conflicts and dramas of Renaissance Europe. Against this tumultuous backdrop the lives of men and women unfold on the borderlands—where empires and faiths collide. From the small coastal town of Senjan, notorious for its pirates, a young woman sets out to find vengeance for her lost family. As these lives entwine, their fates—and those of many others—will hang in the balance, when the khalif sends out his massive army to take the great fortress that is the gateway to the western world… The rules are the same as usual. When will they ever learn? The screaming idiots in the peoples republic are going to rebuild QEll on the unstable land at Burwood. I do not know how many Hectares of land is available west of the City on the gravels of the old Waimakariri fan but that decision is absolute insanity. For fucks sake Liarnne it has already cost enough why not follow the people west and get onto the stable land to the west. Rolleston town was close to the First quake and came through well. QEll was in the gun for the second big one and was destroyed. On the eight day of December. I started with the basic idea and recipes found on Love Your Body, and then tweaked them to suit my preferences. I'm not even going to note the proportions that I used for a second experimental shade of brown, which called for nutmeg. That one made me nervous. Tip: You can increase the amount of arrowroot powder for lighter shades and add more of the other ingredients for more vibrant and darker colors. Fall means lots yummy flavors, and a particular fall favorite in our household is apple cider. While this recipe is not exactly one of the kids' preferences, it is growing on them, and I think the cider is the reason. It makes this stew both savory and sweet. Also, my apples are usually a bit larger. No one who retains even the smallest vestige of sanity, and who is still capable of grasping facts and their significance, should have even a scintilla of doubt as to who the indispensable ally of our enemies is: it is, of course, the Bush administration and its foreign policy of viciously aggressive, non-defensive, immoral war and occupation. Some people, those who are informed and perceptive, noticed this quite some time ago. S. government laid out a stark analysis of how the war has hampered the campaign against Al Qaeda. Not only, they point out, did the war divert resources and attention away from Afghanistan, seriously damaging the prospects of capturing Al Qaeda leaders, but it has also opened a new front for terrorists in Iraq and created a new justification for attacking Westerners around the world. "If Osama believed in Christmas, this is what he'd want under his Christmas tree," one senior intelligence official told me. For the sake of argument, I'm assuming a far more skeptical viewpoint than I myself endorse. But I'm doing that because I'm responding to Scripturalists on their own grounds.

Mind you, I don't mention the Cartesian demon purely for the sake of argument.

Thought-experiments like that demonstrate the limitations of proof. But that's only a problem if we equate knowledge with proof. I deploy the Cartesian demon as a limiting case to illustrate the consequences of defining knowledge too restrictively. g. For them, to count as knowledge, belief must include second-order knowledge. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. .