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The toile wing back chair, also found at an antique store.

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I wonder if they all kept their tickets? A similar shot down Main Street showing Town Square decorated for the festivities.

Another shot of the forklift method for the camera. I believe they are testing the camera and the set up. Banners made with Christmas lyrics and Bible quoteswere used throughout the store. On Thursday night, Curious Sofa celebrated our Tenth Year of Christmases!! For months we unpack, for weeks we prepare, and for two days we close the store to transform the shop into what you are about to see. This year our holiday decor did not have any particular theme. Champagne, food and music are flowing as they get a sneak peek at the goods. During all of this, my incredible staff is still standing, smiling and helping after a grueling week of getting everything together. m. , after the doors close, we are all spent. What is that?Laundry!Don't think I'm a strange bird, but I love doing laundry. Did you just say, "You didn't know it could be so fun?" Well, my problem is that I HATE putting it away. Dress: Tahari.

Sweater: INC.

Skirt: Express. Tights: Hue.

Red Suede Shoes: Quipid.

Boots: Chadwicks. vs. Pink Sweater with Back Tie: Gap. Pinstripe Wide Leg Pants: My Michelle. Suede Flats with Bow Detail: Banana Republic.

Red Leather Bag: Mondani New York.

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I was thrilled to play last summer when it was The Duncan Garage Showroom, but since the closedown of that Longevity John Falkner has gone ahead and opened another venue.

Rick Salt, will be on Guitar. I'm a big fan of needle felting. my moms been working with this process for a while and I haven't seen anyone use it as well as she does until I ran across these oddly wonderful pieces by Ruth Rivers aka Miss Bumbles. Check out her Etsy Shop for more ridiculous cuteness. See a handful of my Moms beautiful birds on her website or here in the mobile she made for Claude. Photo: Treasure chest recipeNeed ideas for a kids' party? The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen invites you to try Treasure chest Recipe. Enjoy a stunning collection of kids party food any kid would be impressed by. Make cake according to packet directions. Spoon mixture into prepared pan. Start off by making some rice. I used sushi rice for this and think it is the best choice as it holds together so well and makes eating this dish easier. Put some garlic in the bowl of your food processor. .