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Karnini tok tutar, daha uzun! uyur belki diye icine muz rendeliyorum, genelde pirinc unundan yaptigim muhallebileri yediriyorum ama bana misin demiyor. Take my mind off of our imploding federal government, I bring you pictures of local "wildlife":Mangy red squirrel who visits regularly. He/she needs a name. Feel free to suggest. One of the resident mourning doves!My friend got a new horse and a new LLAMA this week!Bucky is eight years old and quite sweet. The turkeys were out in force last Friday. This pic is from our bedroom window. Not the greatest, but you get the idea!And now, the scariest wildlife of all: it's not local, but. I got started on the May Baskets. Last week I searched for an idea. I found one here for a Bee Bouquet. I headed to the local “Dime Store”. I am not sure why I call it that. nothing there costs a dime anymore. I needed colored paper and pipe cleaners. 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As always, there are a variety of projects. Savories and sweets will nourish us and a little bubbly will lift our spirits. It is a day of rejuvenation. Good morning, fellas. I’d like to inform you that I added three new pictures of blonde Russian hottie, Dmitry Tursunov to the brieflines archive this morning. I haven't posted a recipe on my blog for a while, but I had to share this one!! Last weekend my husband smoked ribs and brisket and what better to go with BBQ than banana pudding? I found this recipe from Paula Deen and it was the best banana pudding I have ever had!Instead of using vanilla wafers, the recipe calls for these Pepperidge Farms Chessmen cookies. Fold the whipped topping into the cream cheese mixture. Add the cream cheese mixture to the pudding mixture and stir until well blended. Pour the mixture over the cookies and bananas and cover with the remaining cookies. Refrigerate until ready to serve. A Dreamer Looks At AugustAnd now is the month for hiding away. The heat rises long before we do and places a wet hand on our doors and our windows, ensuring that we stay inside. The tea is iced now. The flowers are gold. This is the month to explore old ideas like an archaeologist, carefully dusting them off, holding them up to the light, deciding which ones are priceless, which ones can be tossed over our shoulders, back into July. It is now when it all falls away - the worrisome schedules, the tiresome work - and we simply drift like toy boats on a pond. A hot sun shines its spotlight upon our closed eyelids, creating vivid pictures only we can see, swirls of inchoate versions of our future selves dancing in the orange light. We shall hold it in our hearts as the summer closes. "The Earth Laughs in Flowers" Ralph Waldo EmersonWe had a dinner party last week, which is always a treat for me. Lot’s of work, I know, but still a treat. Choosing the menu, the table settings, the music, who sits next to whom, all to best suit the guests that are expected. And the very best part? The flowers! Winter parties unsually entail a visit to the flower market where, in the icy chill of the cooler, I proceed to lose my mind over the vast array of temptations spread around me. The holiday green of fir branches, the velvet aubergine of calla lillies, the quintessential red of Christmas roses! Lord have mercy, it does make my heart beat faster when I visualize these placed all around my home and I ususally leave the market laden down with a rainbow of selections and nursing a numb-struck case of sticker shock. But in the spring, summer and fall I am the luckiest girl in the world. Last week I almost felt guilty in my riches when I went out, early on the morning of the party, to cut some for my vases.

Choosing just the right flowers for the right vases and later, to wander through the house and view all of these blowsy beauties gracing my tables? Well it just made my heart sing.

I found this cute pink and white gingham shade at a thrift shop. I thought it mightlook good on a lamp base I found at a different shop. I added some white ball fringe and some buttons too. Now it's allpimped up. Now, I wonder what I should do with the pink pillows I found?I guess you'll have to wait until next Friday to find out. Sorry for the lack of posts blog world, but I have been hit up- down- and around the corner with the strep throat stick. What a nasty illness to have. Needless to say, I do think that I am on the up and up. I am having to take these horsepill size antibiotics and I am not having any kissey kissey moments with my husband or sweet cheek baby! So sad!! Besides the sickness, we have had a few other things go down at casa de Foresee. After letting our laundry pile up to a small hill in the laundry room, I decided to tackle our laundry. What a fiasco. I was putting things away and rearranging the other day when I rediscovered my Queen Bee paper pad by Pink Paislee. Boy, does this collection ever call my name! I just love the modern elegance of the colors and the trendy patterns. Today's card is my sample for Jen's Sketch For You To Try. The punched border along the vertical strip was punched with the Martha Stewart Optic Dots punch set. Next, I added some Pink Paislee pleated twill for the horizontal strip and secured each end with a black button. The circle focal image panel is cut with Spellbinders dies.

Last, I added the sentiment circle, which was stamped with one of the sentiments in the Fanciful Flourishes set.

So I made some presents for her these days. One is this pants. I made it with my favorite cotton linen and flower printed cotton. I don't know the actual size of her, so I wonder if it fits her well. Then, I made this handkerchief. I thought the handkerchief didn't have to be square. So I designed it as a bird. Just Zip It hardly looks outclassed here, but will need to step it up against winners, despite the drop back to state-breds. Jockey Jose Espinoza also may want to think about a change of tactics back to her closing/stalking ways, as a repeat of her wire-to-wire win may be difficult in this field, especially with the aforementioned Aegean Breeze, who outclasses the rest on the Moss pace figures. Elvis Trujillo was knocked unconscious, and is thought to have fractured his wrist. I have to admit that I totally overlooked Einstein in the GP Turf, mistakenly thinking that he was past his peak form. The Blog Tech and I went to an apple orchard this past weekend and bought baskets of honey crisp apples which means it's time to bake apple pies. I made pate' sucre for the crusts. This means not using too much sugar. of salt. Line your pie pans with the dough. .