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Lift off template and draw a wavy line for the snow.

Color in the snow. Make dotted lines for tree trunks. Draw branches. Place picture in box to protect the area from paint splatters. Seems like a lifetime ago that I had that "other" career. The one so different from the one I have now. Catering Director for a hotel. Not just any hotel, but a beautiful one with grandeur reminiscent of a palace. Christmas at the hotel was a special time indeed and every year would involve new ideas and themes for the holiday decorations. By far, my most favorite year of all, was the year I decorated the "Library" with teddy bears. From the Catholic League's Press Release: An ad criticizing the Catholic Church for its teaching on contraception was placed today in Italy’s largest newspaper, Corriere della Sera. I doubt I will hear from any of you. If you grew up with Bedtime for Frances, as all children ought to, you might remember this line: And all of a sudden, she was tired. Well, so am I. So. It was a good exercise for me to put it all into words. Got an email from Brett: He said I'm a bad influence. he went ahead and got his first riding horse as well. She rides, drives, does it all. Brett said he'd been putting off getting a horse for a while, because folks told him he should. But he saw Merlin and I, me taking the dive, and felt foolish enough to grab the reins as well. They'll be riding into the sunset in no time. Hello my friends, Summer is going on very well here on lago Maggiore! We are having such beautiful sunny days!!! Perfect days for dyeing my fabric, so here the results of my dyeing. Lovely colors for Primitive Projects. Sono stata gentilmente invitata a partecipare da Tania del blog Atmosfera di casa.

Avrò modo di esporre le mie creazioni accanto ad altre creatrici e simpatiche amiche 'bloggine'.

non vedo l'ora e. voi. Source: sannaochsania. blogspot. fr via Susan Freeman on Pinterest Source: ana-rosa. tumblr. tumblr. co. uk via Susan Freeman on Pinterest Source: ladylimoges. tumblr. by Phil Johnsonhe message I gave at the Shepherds' conference three weeks ago on the pornification of evangelical pulpits continues to generate e-mail and questions. So I answered three or four of the best questions about it HERE two weeks ago and hoped we could move on to other topics. But a new wave of questions followed that post. In fact, the volume of feedback I am getting seems to be increasing. g.