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Listening to discussions of the case, one repeated theme is that there are some things the government should be allowed to keep secret. That is not an unreasonable view, but I do not think it has much to do with the case.

If the government had kept its cables secret, they would never have reached WikiLeaks.

The question at this point is whether when the government fails to keep something secret, when it gives access to its secrets to someone who proceeds to pass them on, it is entitled to put the genie back in the bottle by making everyone whom they have been passed on to, at least everyone with the ability to publicize them, shut up. Legally speaking, the answer is that they are not—as in the case of the Pentagon Papers. I think that's the right answer. If keeping things secret is important, the government should keep them secret, not let them out and then do its best to gag the press in order to keep the general public from learning them. Instead, as best I can tell by public discussions, the U. In addition to the AutoCAD LT Resources available to end users for support, training, and education outlined in our previous blog HERE, there is a growing number of excellent short LT-topic-specific training material found at YouTube. Start HERE. But YouTube posting is free, if you are an LT user of these lower versions perhaps you could post tips and tricks for other fellow users. Carl Morrison, Donald Trump, and Jan A. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine In-Press. Frementle. so nice. this place is absolutely great!!!! Cool archi, great people. Now that I have a hybrid, I am even more conscious of my "carbon footprint", feeling good about my forty miles per gallon but wishing I could do even more to lessen my impact. A job close to home would be the answer, but it just isn't in the cards for me these days. Some day, I promise myself, I'll have a job I can bicycle to. Living in a car-centered society, one cannot help but notice trends. Despite the upward trend of gasoline prices, there seems to be no downward trend in the purchasing of SUVs. Few, if any, are actually used for either "sport" or utility".

Most seem like oversized and expensive status symbols which, by design, have a deplorable carbon footprint.

from Tobago pics, that is. “Fraidy cat…fraidy cat” Am not. I am a fraidy dog! “What is it you are afraid of Chance?” WELL…wind…I shoulda been a prairie dog. “REALLY?” No, not that kind of Prairie Dog a dog that lives in a real house on the prairie with you and Far Guy. “BUT we live in the woods. ” Yes… I know that, where leaves and twigs and all kinds of stuff falls from the skies.

And now there are the daggers of danger.

Another favourite old collection, Enchanted, thank you Susan for this lovely card. Thank you Sue and Andrew I am going to enjoy this very much! Lastly is this stunning card from my cousin Sally which she made using her Cricut machine. The entities that used to be known as the "news media" are practically wearing tinfoil hats. He offered no evidence for his incredible statement, and that's all the article said. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSEDMaybe it's the whole concept of Spring as a new beginning that does it, but I always feel the urge to redecorate during this season. How about you? Do you find yourself wanting to pull the old switcheroo? Rearrange the furniture? Maybe freshen up the artwork on your walls? Or perhaps you want to change it all. I can see that glint in your eye. Sometimes, however, it's hard to know where to begin. What would be the best way to freshen up that room? Do you really have to change everything, or would a few simple changes give you the new room feeling you're longing for? It's not always easy to know. Dr. However, I have to admit I felt more slouchy today than I would've preferred. ah well. I do love this shirt though, so that was about the only thing that saved this outfit for me. YouTube link. H. Hardy, portrayed by Jeremy Irons. A very good movie. Related: List of films about mathematicians. Back when I was a tadpole, our mothers used to broom us out the back door and tell us to roll around in the dirt, eat grubs and play kickball in traffic. We lived by our wits, such as they were. Ultimately, this led my entire generation to engage in a little thing called a "road trip," wherein groups of large children who had obtained sexual maturity, if nothing else, piled into cars and took off for the hills. Maps were free from the gas station, but the cars were guaranteed to fail, telephones were scarce, there were no machines that spit out money, and, for that matter, there were no credit cards. Drugs and alcohol upped the ante. Natural selection worked as it was intended to, and those of us who remain topside are more or less able to think for ourselves. It may not be Chartres, but our little church palapa in Melaque is starting to take form. Turning it into a not-so-cleared lot with a pile of blue-tarped bricks. The bricks are still piled, but everything else has changed. The lot is cleared.

And the palapa is under construction.

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Thank you to Amanda for submitting this Guest Post about her Writing Filofax.

I have written three novels and am currently on my fourth. Why? It could be a summer thing. So this is your chance to read a fun book and then take the three bucks you didn’t spend on it to a yard sale and get something fabulous. So I have been busy, busy, busy preparing for my card buffet this weekend.

Here is how it happened.

To easier explain the ins-and-outs of the one-step procedure, I first need to summarize the more traditional two-stage approach. Tissue expanders essentially act as "spacers". They can either be placed at the same time as the mastectomy or some time later. They are inflated with saline injections to recreate the desired breast size. This expansion process can take several weeks depending on the amount of expansion required to reach the optimal cup size.

Reconstruction with breast implants is therefore usually performed as a multiple-step process and can take several months.

Alloderm One-Step / Single Stage / Direct to Implant Reconstruction Some patients are candidates for a "One-Step" procedure whereby the permanent implant is inserted at the time of the mastectomy. Should see the sun around noon. Light SW winds. Ocean lightly textured. Surf working in both spots. Channel: Waves are about waist high at the groin. Patch: Scattered peaks with mostly rights in the knee to thigh high size. Textured but working as tide fills in. Longboarders and SUPs in the water catching waves. The Lebanese Recipes kitchen presents the World's Most Expensive Countertop Surface. For a truly posh countertop, however, only one stone will do—enameled lava, the most expensive countertop surface in the world. Enameled lava stone is produced mostly in France, where the stone is extracted from a volcanic crater and glazed with either a glossy or matte finish. The resulting material is lightweight, durable and requires very little maintenance. Does this look good or what? It was good. It was great. This is Turkish street food named after a city in Turkey. Think of it as a Turkish hamburger though it is better than any hamburger I've ever eaten. My mother is currently on the road, heading for Skaneateles, New York, and ultimately Salem, Massachusetts.

And so, without further ado, let's begin with a picture of an appropriately-creepy Holiday Inn parking lot.

This year, my girlfriend Lara and I made a vow to pack as much Halloween into this month as possible. I don't like having to decide between a haunted hayride, a haunted house and the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween because I didn't do a better job of planning out my Halloween festivities. Attending Cleveland, Ohio's Cinema Wasteland Horror Fest was our first big Halloween activity of the month. I've always been into all things horror ever since my parents took me to see the Phantom of the Opera musical when I was very young. I was too young to be self-conscious, and showed up in full costume at some fancy theater even though it was probably June. As hot as it is, no one should be turning on an oven. But I saw a recipe for a Shaker lemon pie and I just had to try it. OK.

For further information on these Scams, please Read .

Thirty-one men and women will take the oath that night to uphold the law in Kansas City. This graduating class has the highest percentage of females that anyone on the department can recall.

Women bring unique strengths and perspectives that can be lacking in the male-dominated field of law enforcement, and I’m happy to see them filling our ranks.

Last year marked the first time our department ever has had two female deputy chiefs at the same time, and I am confident that a woman will be chief of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department in the not-so-distant future. We’re not going to take a rest now and celebrate. Obviously, more work needs to be done. Fortunately, this trend is continuing. .