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Hubby is still not able to shovel heavy stuff - so I am in charge LOL! I haven't shoveled in years! I mean.

I've been a busy little bee here at the farm.

Just sent off my next batch of work for my next book.

If you want to be first to know what they are, sign up for my "Once in a While Newsletter" up on the top of the right sidebar. I have finally tossed the last peonies from the jugs and vases in the kitchen. Hey kids! It's time for another brflines site update. I've added one new pic of Luis Horna of Peru to the site. Enjoy!. While there, Obama quoted Scripture, referenced Jesus’ “nail-scarred hands,” talked about America’s past racism, and predictably made a few jabs at perceived critics.

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Can't wait to see you there!.

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