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I have moved to Olean NY and am still waiting to see what I will do next.

So much for the millions they are making by promoting Gay marriage! Here are some pictures from California.

The first is a satellite picture. Notice how the smoke from the fires is just collecting over the state. It's fair bit off of my PR, but that's fine - I'm still early in the process of trying to redevelop my speed. Today was realistically not going to be a PR attempt, but rather just getting used to racing such a short distance again. soon to this area. "Flotation bike"?, you say? Isn't this a "snow bike"? No. Big Bike Parts Posi-Lock Saddlebag Fasteners keep your saddlebags in place. The U-Clip Nut prevents using a wrench or pliers to remove the fastener from outside the saddlebag. bigbikeparts. Well I did manage to short AMZN because it seemed to fulfill the final wave up that I was predicting last week. It has now also printed a black small spinning top doji candle. If it doesn't then good cause I'm still short it. I haven't given up on looking forward to an extreme reversal on the markets. Dechert associate Phil Ducker will present a CLE seminar covering patent claim construction. He will also include an update on recent Federal Circuit decisions on point. DuckerBy: DechertCredit:CLE credit is pending in CA, NJ, NY and PA. Subscribe Now!. In particular, the sales reps point to a Pfizer-sponsored study that said Lipitor in high doses reduces the chance that stroke survivors will be stricken again. 'It's been part of our strategy that we ought to be encouraging physicians to move their patients to the higher doses,' Peter Brandt , Pfizer's newly promoted leader of US pharmaceuticals, told analysts in a recent call. Pfizer also makes more money from higher doses of Lipitor. The theme park quickly became dubbed “the happiest place on earth”. One should be a 'current project' and the other long-term investment project. For each project or event, identify the preferable source of funding. You may not have access to the actual source of funding so limit your paper to the source YOU feel is most appropriate. Then explain why you feel that source is most appropriate. Really very little to say, the days slipping into a deadly weekend routine just now. Still, at least now I can watch it on a big telly. Ho hum. I have a bit of a sore throat and am therefore heading to bed early with a book. When i saw the 青豆饼 in 苏联妈妈 blog, i wanted to do it, but as i could not get hold of green pea powder, i have to postpone it till i get hold of the green pea powder. And also that my blender is out of order, so i can't blend the green peas. At first i went to one of the branch of PH, the staff told me that green bean powder and green pea powder are the same, i walk off, and i went to another branch of PH, the staff told me that they do not sell green pea powder. In the end, i manage to get hold of the green pea powder at SL Trading. Let's get girly and think pink!This home is totally perfect. We definitely need to start bringing back frozen bombes and bonbons. Make it for Father's Day: a pack-a-picnic. A beautiful airplane hangar wedding. I love the idea of turning a vintage thrifted painting into a unique journal. Living in: Lost in Translation, a favorite movie. Such a creative home. The Scrappers Schoolhouse met this past Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Rosa sent me this pictures of some of the lovely pillowcases that are going to Veterans. This is what she wrote me: We were a VERY busy group of eight today. Vickie S.

When Marrilee came to pick up cases she treated the group to some sandwiches for lunch.

There's a bit at the bottom. Due to that, facing the fact that this might not be stop-gap due to local school district pigheadedness but an actual PLAN, I shifted the plan. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, and in moments of clarity when I'm not freaking out, it STILL seems like a good idea. Then the boxes came in the mail.

And also for Thanksgiving, of course.

If you're going somewhere this holiday weekend, I hope you don't get stuck in a mess like this! I also hope you have lots to be thankful for—I know I do. This weekend has been fair-time in Valderrobres, or a feria as it is called here. The main road to Monroyo had been closed off and by-passed and there were stalls lining each side. It is more or less the same every year and even the stalls are in the same positions as they were last year. You can buy just about anything. There certainly is no excuse for anyone in the vicinity of Valderrobres to have a sock with a hole in it or a blunt kitchen knife - there's plenty for sale here. A favourite area of the fair has to be where the animals are on show and there were some good looking bulls, horses, sheep, goats and a pig on show. Although most of the animals were trying to work out what was going on and tended to be rather unsettled these goats were perfectly contented as their cabrero was sitting with his wife outside their pen. The weather has been good and people had turned out in their thousands. Outside the animal marquee, there were some chickens going cheap. Hi guys. I added three new pics of adorable Cesc Fabregas to the sidelines section of the brflines site. I hope you like them. Bye!. The Paper Players have a wonderful CAS challenge this week - just what I needed to get a jump start on those baby cards for my daughter! Pool Party did not lead me astray like Marina Mist did last time when I ended up with a Valentine. I should have plenty of time to make a few more in the next few days as we are in the midst of an Arctic Blast here in upstate NY. I just learned in reading the Parish Times, that St.

Jude's is now a regional school, and no longer solely a parish school.

In addition, there is a slight name change "St. Jude Regional Catholic School," which of course gives those who fought to keep the name of St. Jude a win. Francis of Assisi Parish in Derwood and Our Lady Queen of the Americas in Washington, DC. This agreement formally establishes St. Petersburg, Florida. The prelate then concluded his remarks by criticizing CHA and Sr. Keehan, saying they have created the dangerous precedent of a parallel magisterium to the bishops. Now, for those of you who supported her visit to Gonzaga, hopefully this will change your mind. It is my hope that she will no longer be allowed to speak in this Archdiocese. It is time for our Archbishop to use the rod, as Pope Benedict has said, because whatever carrots he is using, simply does not seem to work. Do you ever try to analyze why you wear what you do? In my Beachy-Amish younger days I was taught that following the fads and fashions of the world was a very bad thing, and so we had a very specific, prescribed style of dress that we wore which was simple, modest and economical and most definitely did not follow the fads and fashions of the world. Except it sort of did, what with polyester doubleknit when that was about the only fabric you could buy, and all the little details we tried to get away with when those were "in" in worldly garments. Which meant that the church fathers' purposes were kind of defeated, because if you got a grocery sack full of hand-me-down dresses, it was OBVIOUS which ones were from ten years ago, even if they were all solid colored, with capes, and you didn't wear them unless you were desperate. So I wore the dresses the church prescribed with whatever embellishments I had the patience to sew, that I thought I could get by with. Fast forward. Today I am in an admittedly-boring groove with clothes. Mostly I wear what I do because it's affordable, durable, warm, reasonably pretty, appropriate for the occasion, and of classic style to wear until it wears out. And did I mention warm? Warm is important. I wear a lot of long denim skirts, long khaki skirts, long-sleeved t-shirts from Lands End, and corduroy jackets from Christopher and Banks. Or sweaters. Have taken over my life this week.

Poppo the Hippo? paper toy, an original character designed by Tonchat jaizue.

The feminine and creative side. When I was a young girl in school I was often so bored with the lessons that my mind would wander off in all directions. Of course I was always called back into reality by my teacher. In truth, there are some very good reasons to daydream. The left side of the brain controls the concrete solutions. The right side of the brain is the creative side. I am Dave Dangerfield. I currently provide professional appraisals to individuals, do public speaking events discussing antiques and collectibles, conducct public auctions and of course buy and sell antiques / collectibles. My speaking events usually cover a broad range of discussion on antiques and collectibles, I often include stories about the successes and failures that I have experienced in my adventures in being a dealer / auctioneer. This blog is designed to help you in gain insight into the antiques and collectibles business. So stay tuned and send your photo's and questions to find out if you should CASH IT, STASH IT OR TRASH IT!!If you have any questions about something that you own email me at dave. Meryl, one of the volunteers I work with picked it up too. I have to apologise for mucking you around. When I went to change a setting on the old one yesterday, I found they send advertising with the email. I won't be a party to that. It's the eve of Shomer Shabbos and all is calm in town. Grab the family and head on out to the beach before sundown when driving ceases.

Still experiencing just localized NW windswell and a very small background S in the water.

Just enough wave action to convince yourself to get wet. Leave the shortboard home. Bring the log and take a dip. CHANNEL: Still heading to another low tide morning with plenty of beach to walk or run the dog. Glassy and sunny little lefts spinning off the Groin bar in the knee + size. Good enough to take a chance and more water will help. -Texture due to wind. This will be useful for those of you who may have missed something on this date.

This list will also be continuously updated as more posts arrive for this date.