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So Dad and I left a wedding on Saturday night, and drove across the Texas Panhandle and the Oklahoma Panhandle to end up in Colorado, at a blogmeet first proposed by FarmGirl, and hosted by her whole family. "Mountains!" you're thinking. Nope. We were in a part of Colorado where the terrain is less geographically interesting, though I liked it. The people there are quiet, and fiercely independent. Plump woman at the Loaf 'N' Jug? That's a small auto on her belt. Audio recording of Fr.

Fryar's sermon on "Politics and Virtue" at St.

Okay- Back to normal In my last update on the Snow dog I stated that I needed a new seat post. Well, I got an old salsa "Shaft" post that was long enough and it went in there. Now the leg extension is perfect. This really makes a big diffrence to me in how the bike feels. Now it feels "back to normal" again. I also mentioned that I was interested in the larger rear cog for a front derailleur free set up. I think I have something in mind for that which will wait till later. I have looked at all the carbon stuff, and it is very nice, but I think I will be sticking to aluminum, unless Salsa Cycles or Surly has something new up their sleeves. They should, you know. A bunch of new stuff to test has hit the door of late and I thought I would introduce some of it here for your enjoyment and information. It should easily hold a small digital camera, a cell phone, and some nutritional products all at the same time with ease. Or. View the entire collection here. Director: Yoann Lemoine, Production: Wanda, Agency: TBWA. Check out the shirts in the round up for a quick upgrade of your summer wardrobe. Wharf Sid Masburn Bonobos Gant Rugger Epaulet Ralph Lauren Gitman Gitman Sunny Sports J. Press Lands End Denim & Supply LL Bean Signature Orvis. Last Fall, while discussing the details over the feature on our guest house, I was asked to join Country Living magazine as a contributing editor. When I told Mike this news, he responded with lots of congratulations, and then asked, "what does a contributing editor do?" I said that I didn't know exactly, but it sounded very important! Needless to say, I was quite honored to be asked as I've been a passionate Country Living reader for many years. So far, I've been helping to develop story ideas and to find beautiful homes to feature on the pages of the magazine. It has been a great experience. I am continually reminded of the passion and spirit that so many people invest to make their homes and livelihoods truly beautiful and special, and also how their lives are enriched by the beauty that they create. There are so many wonderful details that fashion those warm and loving spaces. And that's ultimately what its all about isn't it - to endear those spaces so that we and our loved ones feel embraced by the homes that hold us? I look forward to sharing my experiences through this new endeavor!. Many of the political prisoners now exiled who, in large part, owe their freedom to the Ladies in White took attended and paid their respects. As did many of the Ladies in White now exiled. Some traveled from long distances to pay their respects. Pictures and videos are posted below. The Hoary Puccoons are blooming. The roots of this plant make a red dye. I took this photo in the late evening with it's golden glow just about sunset. As you travel the roads in our area the Hoary Puccoon is easy to see in just about every ditch. It is a Native Wildflower.

We have had frost and freeze warnings.

The days have been downright cool. I should buy some flowers for under the bird feeders. From halftime last night. We are very lucky at B-B-E to have a dance team program!Labels: bbe dazzlers dance team, belgrade-brooten-elrosa dazzlers dance team. fantastic!Artist: lunchbreathMore: View all Core-toonsvia. And the winner, as chosen by Random. This week it has been all about FISHING! Monday we had printables that are sure to make any fishing party a success! Tuesday we discussed great fisherman gifts.

Wednesday we discussed Fishing Party Games and today its all about FOOD! I found some awesome food ideas for your next fishing party! How cute is this Fish Fruit tray from Taste of Home.

A cute way to serve fruit at your next fishing party.

Look at these adorable cupcakes by Southern Blue Celebration. What an adorable appetizer! Dip and Cucumber fish by Hub Pages. What better way to dress up a fishing party with worms! This cool idea by Instructables would be such a fun idea. How about some Ocean Water to wash down your fishing snacks! This recipe by Fake Ginger is so cool! Check out these adorable "fishing rods" by Ashley Thunder Events made with pretzel sticks! This has been a fun week of fishing party ideas. Make sure you check out my Fishing Pinterest Board for more great ideas!. Slice the bananas and use a fork to mash them into a thick paste. Leave some banana chunks to give the cupcakes more bites. Whisk the white sugar and melted butter together for two to three minutes till light and fluffy. "Work Hard," a silkscreen poster by Pasadena-based artist Erin Dollar. The surface of the site is covered with burned red brick- fragments and some intact structural remains - and there are also a few weathered red granite blocks visible. From a story in The Guardian: There is “widespread censorship” of books in US prisons, according to a report submitted to a UN human rights review, which details the banning of works about artists from Botticelli to Van Gogh from Texan state prisons for containing “sexually explicit images”. More at the link. The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles. -William Penn Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which You have stored up for those who fear You and worked for those who take refuge in You. God's love for us is not a love that always exempts us from trials,but rather, a love that sees us through trials. Awhile back I had shared with you that I was going to be participating in a gift exchange. I know it was awhile ago and I'm just blogging about it!! I'm finally getting around to sharing with you what I made for the exchange and received. . Even modern science accepts that behind the structure we know as the material world is a web of energy, and the interactions between different types of energy create the semblance of solidity we call matter.

Thought, then, as a form of energy, has the same power.

This is why in so many traditions there are admonitions about controlling the thought process, while thinking and doing are still different things, thinking does have its effects. These thoughtforms exist beyond simply when they are thought – they take on an independent existence within the mind of the thinker. A couple of Bull Tub pictures for Chic. "Daniel's preoccupations returned to religion. While his church preached that the Bible was absolute truth, sometimes its members didn't follow Jesus's teachings.

Some of the Brethren, like Mr.

and Mrs. Hatch, who donated the new Sunday school building for the plain stone campus in a working-class Denver neighborhood, arrived in Cadillacs, fur coats sleek in the winter sun. Hatch was opening the massive car door for his wife, an odd-looking character walked down the street: long hair, faded blue jeans, a Mexican blanket draped over his shoulder. A hippie, is what Daniel's father called the type. The hippie walked right up to Mr. and Mrs. Izithakazelo Zakwa Zikhali Sangwani, Hlongwane, Ngwane!. TGIF!Today is FRIDAY.

you get a BIT of EVERYTHING in this FUN kitBITTY BACKGROUNDS is on SALE.

TODAY ONLY. Modern behaviours have rendered a much valued trait of days gone by to a status that is rapidly going out of importance as desirable. One very reliable marker of such an admirable trait could be found on a sports field where vagaries of what the eye could discern by umpires/referees/judges would be over-ruled by the player at the centre of a maelstrom immediately putting it right. Never more poignantly demonstrated than in the game of cricket, the game full of legendary acts of self destruction when batsmen who knew they had touched the ball with glove and or bat, saw the wicket keeper take the ball and "walked". My first encounter with a seriously unsporting act by a cricketer came with an "Aussie" by the name of Matthews who claimed a boundary catch with his foot clearly on the boundary rope in a game against a NZ team. Such is a growing attitude that the wearers of The Baggy Green have since made an art form while a more cynical person might have dismissed his action by saying it was just 'not cricket'. So I was at this sale on Saturday, and I noticed that some of the items had handwritten notes on them. Not everything, just a few items. The sale was for an elderly lady moving into an assisted living place and having to downsize her belongings. Guess she couldn’t be there to tell the stories of her favorites, so she wrote them down. I noticed a rolled up rag rug with one of the notes. Fell in love with the bright blues and greens and the thickness of it, so I bought it. When I got home, I read the note. I spent most of last week at Convetion in Utah.

what a BLAST!!! SU outdid themselves this year.

I got so much stamps for free I had to ship a HUGE box home! WOW WOW WOW!! Some Highlights in pictures: Teammates & I that earned the Disney trip!thanks Beth ann for Sharing the pic!Kathy & I both earned Founders Circle. FUN!and My Stampin Sister Meg. laugh. love. I used the Stampin Up! Alphabet simple letters. Decor Elements Upsy Daisy in Rose red on the front of the glass. "Don’t be naive about these things. I will destroy your life.

you're not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

And you say, “No. FISCAL. ENTITY. And if anybody has any explanation other than that, I would love to hear it. And again, I would just encourage you to look at the people who are populating the United States government, the bureaucracy, the federal reserve banks. And look at their CVs. Witness the rational behavior of Capretta vs the raging insane circular "logic" of a sleaze ball libtarb who's equally sleaze-ball brother, Tiny Dancer, is wreaking havoc on Chicago. The arrogance spilling forth from Emmanuel, who obviously considers himself one of the elite, is stunning. I'm going to say this again: Employers have no business providing health insurance to their employees. All insurance should be provided by the individual to the individual. Period!And let me repeat this: If the majority of people are shuffled off to the Medicaid plantation, we can be confident in calling that single payer. Notice how the conversation has changed from "get rid of Obamacare" to "let's delay for a year?" Want to get rid of it? Don't sign up! It's as simple as that!. Oh how good it is When the family of God Dwells together in spirit In faith and unity.

Where the bonds of peace, Of acceptance and love Are the fruit of his presence Here among us.

Oh how good it is On this journey we share To rejoice with the happy And weep with those who mourn. For the weak find strength The afflicted find grace When we offer the blessing Of belonging. When we live as one We all share in the love Of the Son with the Father And the Spirit. The most successful of the former was in Ramadi where the joint forces were making their way towards downtown. IS on the other hand went from probing actions against the Kurds to large scale attacks against them in Ninewa and Kirkuk. Despite that the momentum continued to be against the insurgents. .