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I'm currently working on switching some things up in our family room.

Which is sort of insane, because I feel like I just recently "finished" the family room!! Here it is currently: I've also had this artwork and table skirt in a corner of our family room for a while: Ironically, a client of mine has a similar color palette of blue and magenta/mulberry purple. She has been wanting a piece of art for her space, and I've also been craving a bit of a change and something a little more neutral. I also got a new table skirt! The colors in the above picture aren't too accurate, the new piece looks more like this: I love it!! It still has some beautiful, rich colors. but a lot more muted. I came across this image from Pinterest recently and it reminded me of the new color palette I was striving for: Luckily, our green ottoman still works with this new palette. I have my sights set on new pillows, though. I'm looking to bring out that bit of purple in the painting. 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